Saturday, September 10, 2016

Gun Safety Weekly Update

Last week was a banner week for the Gun Sense Action Network, with an unprecedented number of volunteers signing up to call and text voters about the Background Check Initiative in Nevada.
Together, we did it!
1,170 volunteers sign ups. 3,407 texts sent to NV voters. 2,888 calls made to NV voters.

This week's challenge. Much to the relief of parents everywhere, school is back in session! Unfortunately, we know that one of the gun lobby's top priorities is forcing schools -- especially colleges and universities -- to allow guns on campus and in school classrooms. In order to fight back, we need to hear from one of the groups that this impacts the most: American educators.

Share this graphic on Facebook to show you stand with educators to keep schools safe.

Stories we love
Each week, we hear inspiring stories from volunteers all over the country. These stories warm our hearts, keep us smiling, and remind us why we do this work.
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Make 2016 the year of gun safety by committing to be a gun sense voter! If you believe we can do more to keep our families and communities safe from gun violence, vote for candidates who will work to end gun violence. We have more power to take on the gun lobby than ever before, and with your help, this election year will be the tipping point in the fight to end gun violence.
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Intimidation. Dirty tricks. Downright lies. That's what the gun lobby has been up to in Maine. They're bent on defeating the common-sense initiative that's on the ballot this November to require background checks for all gun sales in Maine -- and they're already fighting dirty.

We've got to fight twice as hard to make sure we win this critical gun sense battle. Maine is one of only two states with background check initiatives on the ballot this November -- and winning in Maine would be a huge defeat for the gun lobby.

That's why our partners at Mainers for Responsible Gun Ownership just launched their first TV ad fighting back against the NRA's dirty tactics. Will you watch the new TV ad that's already making waves and chip in $25 or more to our Maine allies?
Help pass background checks in Maine
This year has been filled with sad and senseless gun violence -- from the tragedy in Orlando to the Dallas shooting to the 91 Americans shot and killed every day with hundreds more injured. And yet our leaders in Washington have still done nothing to stop the daily carnage.

That's why this fight is so importantin. We have the opportunity to bypass politicians and take gun safety right to the people. We have the opportunity to send a resounding message to our leaders: When gun safety laws are put directly on the ballot, we win. We are going to pass stronger gun laws with or without Congress's help.

Maine is one of this year's major fights, and it's absolutely critical that people like you from across the country show your support and help this campaign a victory for our movement. 

Watch the new ad and contribute to our allies at Mainers for Responsible Gun Ownership to make sure we win.

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