Saturday, September 24, 2016

Global Citizen

Metallica killed it today. Yusef Cat Stevens is so amazing and his music is timeless because in some wild way, still relevant today. I love Hugh Jackman...he's the whole package (Night of the Museum 3 reference)....I am into this Lamr Kendrick dude even though i have never heard a noteof his music till right now....This is good stuff.....I must admit that I also love Cold Play to be honest with you guys and as you all know about me, I have followed the people at MSNBC since day one....but regardless and I want to preface this by saying that I feel this is such a great thing they do at MSNBC and at Global Citizens...I love what they have going and I love the interactive medium they set up over the last few years. Its way innovative and way cool....I wrote the following in my first book (Three Weeks In June) like 10 or 15 years ago...and its not only relevant today, it also should be applied today:

"We continue to eat our lunch. I am pretty sure that we spend over 450 Billion dollars in the Iraq war every year, and that we spend more than 650 Billion dollars in the Afghanistan War. That is about 1.2 Trillion dollars in defense money that we spend every year for these two wars. Now, please bear in mind that for 124 Billion dollars, we could cover Health Insurance for every uninsured family in the U.S., and that 68 Billion dollars would cover the conversion of cars in the USA, from oil today, to run on pure ethanol natural gas. It would then take 30 Billion dollars to cover all primary education for every child on the planet, let alone in the USA, and 7 more Billion Dollars would end all hunger issues in the USA. That total amount needed for the United States to cover all those costs together, is much less than what we spend on war."
In this classic story that takes place on a road trip throughout the United States, Don Lichterman tells of his experiences at an Indian Reservation, the country's largest music festival and a band's final tour. During his journey all around America, Lichterman talks about his relationships gained and lost along the way debating important issues facing the U.S, such as the upsurge in government spending, the job market, the state of the economy, religion, the criminal justice system/laws, the War on Drugs, the War On Terror, the housing bust, the health care systemprivate prisons and private jails.