Saturday, September 17, 2016

Dolphin Outlook Weekly

OK. It has been a very bad week in Taiji, Japan
38 bottlenose dolphins were taken captive today. The rest of the pod as well as the pilot whales are awaiting their fate, which likely will be determined tomorrow morning.

On 2016.09.17, Captive selection continued...Between 20 and 24 bottlenose dolphins have been taken captive so far. The captive selection was in process. 12 dolphins have been taken captive so far and on 2016.09.15, a pod of approximately 80-100 bottlenose dolphins and about 15-20 pilot whales are netted into #TheCove.

Watch video of it happening day by day this week, see photos of it and tune in for the live streaming here too.

Dolphins can speak and use words almost like humans, say researchers

In Defense of Animals
Stop Hawaii Dolphin Harassment
Along Hawaii’s beautiful coastline, trouble is brewing for dolphins. Ann Garrett of the National Marine Fisheries Service recently appeared on NPR's Morning Edition show to raise the flag on harm being done to dolphins by Hawaiian tour operators. Relentless intrusions of fleets of sightseeing boats and swim-with-the-dolphins tours have been significantly impacting the dolphins’ ability to rest. This is terrible news for the dolphins, whose way of life is being put in danger to make a few bucks. Speak up for the dolphins now, before they are pushed over the edge.


Cove Monitor Threatened by Japanese Extremists
Extremist Threatens Cove Monitor
Less than two weeks into the 2016/17 dolphin hunting season in Taiji, Japan, Dolphin Project documented the first lives lost – and another threatened.

On September 9, in an eerie resemblance of last year, almost to the day, the dolphins’ luck ran out when a pod of Risso’s were driven into the cove and slaughtered. As Dolphin Project live streamed from the cove, the world watched in real time as this once-robust pod of approximately 19 dolphins were killed, their lifeless bodies hidden underneath blue and gray tarps. The remaining Risso’s also watched, awaiting their own slaughter as the skiffs went by, dragging dead pod members.

Two days later, one of our Cove Monitors was stalked by a Japanese Nationalist Group, subjected to repeated aggressive and threatening gestures lasting over an hour. Local police attempted to act as a buffer between the two, but one individual managed to open her car door, hit her vehicle and scream, "Yankee — get out!"
"As a U.S. citizen she has a right to be there and stalking is a serious crime in Japan. We question why the police are allowing them to do this."
~ Ric O’Barry, Founder/Director of Dolphin Project
Dolphin Project Cove Monitors have visas to be in Japan and are not breaking any laws. Local law enforcement should know that stalking is illegal in Japan. Making obscene gestures is also illegal, and yet the perpetrator/s were not arrested or charged. We are happy that she was unharmed, and will continue her vigilance for the dolphins.
Dolphin Project will be on the ground in Taiji during the entire killing season, live streaming, blogging and disseminating information for the world to see. Your support has never been more crucial. Any donation you can give is greatly appreciated and needed.
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