Thursday, September 1, 2016

Animal Cruelty & Animal Crime Weekly Reports!

Animals Left to Die at Darlynn’s Darlins ‘Rescue’

Hi! We're Lily Woods and Raime Mckellip. We're 12-year-old Care2 members from Colorado Springs. After seeing the tigers at Denver's Downtown Aquarium, we started this petition to release them to a sanctuary.

Circus Cruelty EXPOSED: 

No bears should ever be forced – often through violence and intimidation – to jump over objects, walk on their hands, or perform other confusing tricks.

Circus cruelty EXPOSED - Bears
No tigers should ever be threatened with whips or confined to a barren cage so small they can barely turn around.
Circus cruelty EXPOSED - Tiger
No monkeys should bear the weight of heavy chains around their necks or be dragged around by a rope as they frantically try to escape.
Circus cruelty EXPOSED - Monkey chained
For the first time ever, a PETA Asia investigation has exposed these and many other kinds of cruelty endured by animals on a massive scale in the Chinese circus industry. Investigators found bear cubs crying out as they were forcibly taken from their mothers and chained up by the neck to teach them to stand on their hind legs. They saw tigers and other big cats hit with metal poles and forced to jump through hoops. They documented that monkeys paced endlessly in small, barren cages and exhibited other signs of extreme distress.

The disturbing photos seen here only scratch the surface of the overwhelming misery and abuse that PETA Asia uncovered at circuses and animal-training facilities in China.
Please support PETA's work to stop the abuse of monkeys, tigers, bears, and other animals by making a generous gift today.

This kind of harsh training and degree of suffering aren't unique to Chinese circuses. This is how most animals are taught to obey and perform painful tricks. Circuses around the world confine animals to cramped cages and use violence and intimidation, like that found during this latest investigation, to force animals to perform repetitive contortions that, to them, are baffling, uncomfortable, and even physically damaging. Despite promises to ban wild-animal circuses by January 2015, David Cameron failed to take any legislation to Parliament. Now we're putting pressure on Prime Minister Theresa May to bring England and Wales in line with Austria, Bolivia, Mexico, the Netherlands, and many other countries that have outlawed animal performances.
These three photos are just a small example of the abuse that goes on in circuses. We are determined to put an end to it—are you?

Donate to PETA today and help strengthen this and all of our vital work for animals.

You Helped Put an Animal Abuser Behind Bars. Everything the Animal Legal Defense Fund does is motivated by our belief that animals deserve legal protection and justice, and we know you feel the same. When you support us, we’re able to make sure justice is served in more cases.

Just recently, the reward money you helped us offer for information about the torture and death of an innocent puppy named Angel Star resulted in a tip that led police to Willie Bee Turner. A few months ago, he was sentenced to three years and eight months in prison, and prohibited from owning an animal for 10 years. You did that. Thank you. Please make a tax-deductible donation today
What happened to Angel Star was heartbreaking. Only two months old, she was just being a normal puppy, but Willie Bee Turner was angry with her for making a mess. He doused her with bleach and then set her on fire.

Nothing will bring Angel Star back, but the violent criminal who killed her has been brought to justice. Many others who have abused, tortured and killed animals are still on the loose. We have a reward out right now for the person who shot and killed a German Shepherd dog named “Bo,” leaving his body in a ditch.

With your help, the Animal Legal Defense Fund will continue to seek justice under the law for Bo and other animals like him.

Dog Whose Throat Was Slit After Being Tortured Deserves Justice.

Target: Allen Campbell, Bastrop Police Chief. Click to sign

Goal: Pursue the maximum penalties for men who reportedly tortured a dog before slitting its throat on video.

A dog was reportedly tortured by two men who put him on the back of a horse before later slitting the poor animal’s throat. A social media video, which shows the dog being tortured and stabbed repeatedly, was reportedly filmed at a horse kill pen. One of the men apparently wraps a rope around the dog’s neck. A man is then shown riding a horse with the dog hanging off the back choking. Then one of the men is apparently seen slitting the dog’s throat with a knife, after which the dog bleeds to death.

One of the men can be heard bragging that “Michael Vick has nothing on me.” Someone else in the video yells words of encouragement as the man continues to slit the dog’s throat.

Boots Stanley and Steven Sadler have since been charged with one count each of aggravated animal cruelty. As the video appears to show, these men seem to get pleasure from destroying an innocent animal in the most savage ways imaginable. Anyone who enjoys torturing and killing animals is sadistic and poses a serious threat to the lives of others. Please add your signature to this petition to help bring this poor dog justice by demanding the most severe penalty possible for the dog’s killers. Click to sign