Thursday, September 22, 2016

Animal Cruelty & Animal Crime Report

West Virginia family finds missing pet husky gutted and hanging by the neck outside home

Urge Santa's Enchanted Forest to drop animal shows!
 Please sign to tell Santa's Enchanted Forest owner Brian Shechtman that we want to see animal-free entertainment! Santa's Enchanted Forest is a popular Miami holiday attraction featuring light displays, carnival type rides and food.

Unfortunately they also have a tiger show, sea lion show and a monkey who was spotted picking up garbage from the ground. They have a team of ponies bound to a metal spinning apparatus and forced to walk in circles for hours on end to create a live carousel. 

These animals do not belong at a carnival, traveling long distances from shows or being displayed to the public. 

The public demand for cruelty-free entertainment has grown significantly in recent years. SeaWorld is struggling to stay afloat among concerns about the morality of keeping orcas in captivity and Ringling Brothers is retiring it's elephants due to customer demand. Tigers, sea lions, alligators and other wild animals suffer from the stress of traveling in small cages/containers, being publicly displayed and the loud noises in carnival environments.

We feel it's time for Santa's Enchanted Forest to evolve as well and drop ALL shows and attractions that use live animals. Please sign the petition and also write a negative review on Facebook or Yelp about Santa's Enchanted Forest abuse of animals.

This petition will be delivered to: Brian Shechtman at Santa's Enchanted Forest
Sealwatch 1989. Photo: IFAW Founder Brian Davies and wife Gloria holding an adult seal.
Tonight, the Discovery Channel premieres Huntwatch, documenting much of my 50-year-fight against the Canadian seal cull. Narrated by Ryan Reynolds and produced by IFAW, the film takes a graphic and inspiring look at the decades-long battle for seals, featuring first-hand stories from yours truly, and many of the activists who have followed in my footsteps.

Huntwatch highlights incredible success in 1987 when my team finally provoked a ban on the killing of whitecoats – new-born seals pups – named and recognized by their fluffy, white coats. That victory saved more than 2.5 million seals, and is one of the greatest achievements ever achieved in animal welfare.
Heartbreakingly, the Canadian government still allows and subsidizes hunters to kill seals older than eleven days. Alone on the ice, weaned from their mothers, these abandoned baby seals are an easy target for hunters and are killed violently, clubbed with primitive weapons such as wooden bats and hakapiks – poles with a metal spoke on the end.

These torturous methods leave many seals injured, but not dead. Wounded babies try to escape but become lost under the ice, left to die or drown in agony. Some are shot with long distance rifles, left to bleed to death on the unstable ice. Some are skinned alive.
BD Huntwatch
My fight to end this brutal hunt has lasted for more than 50 years. I ask you Supporter, please do just three things this week and stand beside me in this fight:

1. Watch Huntwatch tonight on Discovery at 10pm Eastern / 9pm Central.

2. Join the boycott of Canadian fish products and share it with the world.

3. Make a donation to help me return to the Canadian ice and end the hunt once and for all.

Together we will end the Commercial Canadian Seal Hunt.