Thursday, August 11, 2016

Rally For Nosey This Weekend at GLMF, Ohio! Please Share & Attend If You Can!

Action For Nosey Now is calling on us and everyone to Rally for Nosey this weekend hosted by our friends at Circus Protest Northeast Ohio!

Here's the official public invitation for peacefully protesting on Nosey's behalf on Saturday, August 13th from 12 Noon to 3 pm. in front of the entrance of the Great Lakes Medieval Faire, 3033 State Route 534, Rock Creek, OH. Please share and attend

Event Page

Help ensure a HUGE turnout to show our solidarity for Nosey the elephant! We are needing a commitment from as many people as possible, (not just stating 'I'll be with you in spirit') for as kind as that is, we are looking to seeing people lining the highway outside of the entrance of the Great Lakes Medieval Faire in Rock Creek OH. 

Please do not post Memes, as your answer. Your words are of most importance at this time. If your answer is 'interested' because you want to keep posted on this event, it is understandable. (via cpneohio)

Help us ensure that as many people as possible attend ~ If you're unable to attend, please share the details & the link to the event page far & wide!

Short link to the event page
Huge Thanks to Sandie S (friend of Nosey & us), Circus Protest Northeast Ohio and all involved in organizing this event ~ Action for Nosey Now

Feel free to save & share our graphics below to help publicize this weekends rally!

💥💥💥 This is an important rally - Please do your best to attend and please share and invite your friends!!! We want to make this one our biggest ever!! 💥💥💥