Thursday, August 25, 2016

Animal Cruelty & Animal Crime Weekly Report

Response from PETA Asia regarding to shut down the Bandung Zoo now! Click to read it.
Animal abuse: Angry Chinese mob beats up man who live streamed doing it with a dog

Stop The Cycle Of Puppy Abuse
Puppy Mills

Puppy mills are essentially dog-making factories where mother dogs spend their entire lives in cramped cages with very little attention paid to their well-being. When the animals can no longer breed, they are discarded or killed.

The only way to end this abuse is to stop it at the source: people looking for pets. Before you add a puppy to your life, consider the following options:
  • Choose not to buy from a pet store or online site
  • Refuse to buy supplies from any pet store or online site that sells puppies.
  • Always consider adoption first.
Together, we can make a statement that puppy mills will NOT be tolerated!

Save ESA Cease Attacks On Endangered Species ➤

Congress is continuing plans to approve legislation that would strip the Endangered Species Act of its power and place countless populations at risk, particularly wolves. We can't let this happen!
Shark Fins Stop Condoning Shark Mutilation ➤

By allowing illegally harvested shark fins to be sent to other countries, big shipping companies such as FedEx are essentially saying this horribly painful practice is OK. Tell FedEx to ban these shipments immediately!
Chimpanzees Give Chimps A Dignified Retirement ➤

Save The Chimps is an organization devoted to providing primates who once were test subjects in labs with a safe and secure refuge to live out the rest of their days. Sign now in support of their work!
PETITION UPDATE and the Status on Chevy
Chevy is still being held in St. Charles Animal Control's possession. My daughter has hired a lawyer in order to save him and there was a stay of euthanasia. The city council agreed to allow him to go through training and then he would be able to come back home. We are still waiting on the order to be put in place. Thank you everyone for your continued support.
Demand that Baylor football player Ishmael Zamora be kicked off the football team for beating an innocent dog. By: Target: Mack Rhoades, Baylor University Athletics Director. Click to help!

How Can This Cruelty Be Allowed to Continue?

How Can This Cruelty Be Allowed to Continue?
Minks in the wild enjoy an active life for years, bounding across land and swimming both at the surface of water and for some distance underneath. They divide their time among several burrows – always near water – with long tunnels leading to dens that they've lined with comfortable material.

This is a far cry from the miserable life of the roughly 150,000 minks who will be confined to rows of cramped, filthy cages before they are eventually killed for their fur on farms in Ireland this year.

Will you help us do more to stop the suffering of minks – and all animals – by donating online today?

In 2011, Ireland's then–Minister for Agriculture appointed a review group to advise on the future of fur farms in that country. While PETA and other animal-protection organisations contacted the review group and urged the shuttering of these horrible animal prisons, lobbyists for the skins trade also worked to influence the group. The European Fur Breeders' Association (now called Fur Europe), the British Fur Trade Association, and the International Fur Federation all asked the Irish government to continue to allow fur farmers to confine and kill thousands of animals each year.

Of the four-page appendix in the biased final report, three pages outline fur industry claims of humane treatment and environmental responsibility and one page from animal-welfare advocates deals with minimising suffering when animals on fur farms are killed. The ethics of raising and killing animals for their skins is not addressed.

Today, two of the fur farms that existed when that report was written have closed, and now we need your help to ramp up the pressure on the current Minister for Agriculture to ensure that those still remaining soon follow suit. Your gift will immediately strengthen all of PETA's campaigns

It's high time that Ireland joined Austria, the Netherlands, the UK, and other countries that have made the compassionate decision to ban fur farms. With your support, PETA can continue campaigns to educate consumers about the cruelty of the global skins industry – and stop this gruesome trade wherever it occurs. We must persuade more designers and retailers to shun animal skins, and we must offer more free resources on animal-friendly living to people who need advice on how to shop cruelty-free.

Minks and millions of other sensitive animals confined to cramped, dirty cages until they are killed or even skinned alive need our help. Will you take action for them today? Will you please help PETA stop the suffering of minks and other animals by making an urgently needed donation today?

Pashuk - the bear in chains
Fight dogfighting in Mexico
Dogfighting is a gruesome spectacle that pits one dog against another—forcing them to fight until they are seriously injured or worse. This is a highly unpopular event in Mexico entangled with dangerous people and organized crime.

In dogfighting there is no winner. The losing dog is often killed—by his opponent or by his owner— and the “victorious” animal often dies from wounds sustained during the fight.

Please stand with us today by signing our petition to ban dogfighting throughout Mexico »

While dogfighting is banned in several Mexican states, there is no federal law that explicitly prohibits it and it is not typified in the federal criminal code. Not only is this tragic for Mexico, but even in areas where dogfighting is outlawed like the U.S., American-based dogfighters will come to Mexico to participate and avoid law enforcement. It’s time to stop the relocation of dogfighting and instead put an end to this cruelty.
With your help, we hope to pass legislation that criminalizes dogfighting at the federal level while encouraging people to use our tip line to report suspicious activity. We also plan to train local law enforcement to respond effectively to these reports.

Please lend your voice to these innocent dogs by calling for an end to dogfighting in Mexico »

Together, let's work to ensure that this terrible competition is banned and that strict penalties are enforced. Thank you for all you do to help animals.
At the headquarters of the South Herefordshire Hunt, a man lifts a young fox cub from a box in the back of a van.
Screaming in terror and struggling to break free, the fox cub is grabbed by the scruff of the neck and carried into the hunt kennels.
The frightened cub curls up in a futile attempt to protect himself, but the haunting sound of barking and baying hounds soon fills the air…
Minutes later, the lifeless body of the cub is taken out of the kennels, and thrown into a bin.
This shameful scene was filmed using cameras secretly installed around the hunt buildings by a team of investigators working with the League.
It is not an isolated case.
40% of foxes killed due to hunting are killed during the cub hunting months. We urgently need your help to end this cruelty – please donate today.
Hounds don’t naturally kill foxes – they must be trained to do so. And sickeningly cubs serve as easy targets for training juvenile dogs. Right now, hunts are out illegally chasing and killing fox cubs, in preparation for the start of the formal hunting season in November.
We have told the whole country about the discovery at the South Herefordshire Hunt kennels. The footage hit the national news and media in July, but we need to do much more.
Your donation could help us to:
 Investigate cases of cub hunting
 Expose this disgusting practice to the masses
 Work with the police to prosecute the criminals involved
You can make a donation securely online by credit/debit card or via PayPal, or you can make a telephone donation by calling 01483 524 250.