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This Week at Rescue TV

These Heartwarming Before and After Pictures of Adopted Rescue Animals Will Make Your Day. Our pets bring us joy and happiness every single day. They help us get through the bad days, and are happy to be there for the good. Sometimes, however, these animals need our help before they can show their true, awesome personalities.

The subreddit, Before N After Adoption, has shown the miraculous effect people can have on their animals. People across the world are posting pictures of their pets before they adopted them, next to pictures of their pups now! The change is incredible.

Dogs at rescue shelters are often scared and nervous, this can present itself in shyness, neurotic tendencies like barking, or sulking. Once you get these animals out of that uncomfortable living situation, though, the happiness can shine through. No one will be able to doubt the power of a forever home after looking at these pet’s smiling faces!

Annabelle was rescued from animal control by Blue Grass Boxer Rescue in Kentucky. She now has a happy life with her family in Tennessee.
These Heartwarming Before and After Pictures of Adopted Rescue Animals Will Make Your Day
Bella had been passed around from family to family for months. This family was happy to take her in and giver her a loving, forever home.
These Heartwarming Before and After Pictures of Adopted Rescue Animals Will Make Your Day
Betty was found living on the streets. Though she can’t use one of her back legs due to an injury, she now has a comfy bed to rest on between runs.
These Heartwarming Before and After Pictures of Adopted Rescue Animals Will Make Your Day
Frida was found by a worried pet parent. Although this kind person couldn’t take Frida in, she helped find this girl a forever home and shared Frida’s amazing transformation.
These Heartwarming Before and After Pictures of Adopted Rescue Animals Will Make Your Day
 Adoption day can be a little nerve-wracking for pups. Loretta was no different. But now look at the happy girl!
These Heartwarming Before and After Pictures of Adopted Rescue Animals Will Make Your Day
 Lily was rescued from a shelter in North Carolina. She now spends her days playing with her family in Virginia.
These Heartwarming Before and After Pictures of Adopted Rescue Animals Will Make Your Day
Mr. Whiskey Party was “so scruffy and sad” at the shelter said his new parent. Now he is living the life, spending his days fetching tennis balls.
These Heartwarming Before and After Pictures of Adopted Rescue Animals Will Make Your Day
“What a difference a day can make,” posted Spokey’s new parents.
These Heartwarming Before and After Pictures of Adopted Rescue Animals Will Make Your Day
According to Leo’s dad, he has “grown up into a handsome dude.” We Agree!
These Heartwarming Before and After Pictures of Adopted Rescue Animals Will Make Your Day

Cece is a survivor. She came to an SPCA in New York where they made it their mission to rehabilitate her. Now Cece is recovering and has her own Facebook page.
These Heartwarming Before and After Pictures of Adopted Rescue Animals Will Make Your Day
Seeing these amazing transformations is sure to warm your heart, if you are considering bringing a pet into your family please be sure to always adopt and never shop for a pet! Lead image sources: Gniwa/Reddit

Alto and ApacheA few days ago a small kitty showed up at my doorstep and refused to leave. I called her Apache and I introduced her to my young shepherd, Alto.
To use this video in a commercial player or in broadcasts, please email They're so cute together! More pictures on
Hoke Rescue ASPCA Assists in Rescuing More Than 120 Animals in Raeford, N.C.

The ASPCA deployed to Hoke County, North Carolina, last Friday to assist in the removal and care of more than 120 animals from a neglectful rescue. Get the details and help support our life-saving work for animals.
Cute seals! Baby seal stuck in fishing net, Sammy the seal passed out in ladies bathroom. It’s been a week of seals getting into sticky situations in the land down under. 
On July 19, a group of tourists on Manyana Beach stumbled upon a baby seal trapped in a green fishing net, alone and scared. The tourists quickly found help in the form of some local surfers, who grabbed a knife and managed to cut the seal loose. 
The moment he broke away, he bolted for the ocean and never looked back, much to the delight of his rescuers. 

A week later on July 26, a 265-pound male seal was found sleeping in the women’s bathroom of a cemetery in Tasmania. Wildlife officers, who named the seal “Sammy,” think he likely swam up a creek from the ocean roughly 500 meters away. 

After being sedated and transported out of the bathroom, he too was returned to the water.
Belle’s Story From Rescue to Rehab: Belle’s Story

Belle was fearful after her rescue, but the ASPCA Behavioral Rehabilitation Center helped her heal. Read the story of Belle’s incredible journey from rescue to recovery and see photos of her new life as a beloved pet.
Dog meat in China: 320 dogs saved from slaughter by local Chinese activists
320 dogs on a truck bound for slaughter in Jilin, China’s second largest dog meat market, were rescued this week thanks to the determination of animal activists who simply refused to get out of the way. 

On July 23, as the truck was driving through Qinhuangdao, with the dogs crammed together for at least 12 hours in hot conditions without food or water, the activists spotted the vehicle and quickly coordinated a plan with local netizens to tail the truck and call in the police. 

Eating dog meat is legal in China, but health certificates must be issued for each animal to be slaughtered upon request. When the police asked the truck driver to present the documents, none were available, and so the dogs were released into the hands of activist group China Animal Protection Power. Now in a treatment facility receiving medical care, these pups will soon be put up for adoption in the coming days. 
Clear the Shelters “Clear the Shelters” Event Finds Homes for More Than 46,000 Animals Nationwide

Thousands of animals found a home during last weekend’s national “Clear the Shelters” event! See how the ASPCA helped make a difference from coast to coast.
See two rescued bear cubs play together in a sanctuary
The two bear cubs we helped rescue in February are growing up fast! It's time for them to learn how to be real bears, so they've moved to their own special enclosure in the World Animal Protection funded sanctuary in Romania. Watch them play and run around in the green grass.
Fox cub rescued from a living room. Foxes seem to need rescuing from some very strange places and one day, Simon got a late-night call to a young fox that had wandered into a families living room.
It had chosen to lie low under the sofa, and was proving difficult to catch. Foxes stress easily and Simon had to make the rescue as gentle as possible to avoid it destroying the room!

Once safely contained, it was just a short trip back out to the garden where the young fox was free once again.

In Simon's words - "That's what we call a rescue-release!"

21 Years Ago, This Kitten Was Thrown in a Dumpster – but Everything Changed Thanks to One Person. It might seem hard to believe but there are currently 70 million homeless dogs and cats living in the U.S. Some of these animals were born on the streets to feral populations but tragically, many others are abandoned and discarded pets. While it can be nearly incomprehensible to us, as animal lovers, that anyone would think to discard their pets, the reality is this happens all of the time. We have seen countless stories of people tossing their dogs on the side of the road or leaving their cats behind when they move and every time it breaks our hearts. As hard as it is to think about all of the cruel humans on the planet who would even think to do that, there are also many, many incredible individuals working to right all these horrible wrongs.

Just take Imgur user Falcorsauntie for example. This awesome animal over shared a photo with the simple caption “kitty,” that tells the story their furry friend.
From being tossed in a box and thrown into a dumpster to happily celebrating their 21st birthday in a loving forever home, this cat has come a long way – all thanks to the kind person who saved them. We tend to forget that in the midst of so much sadness and abuse, we all have the power to make the world a kinder place for animals and all it takes is one simple action.

When we choose to adopt animals, we’re not only adding a new addition to our homes, in most cases, we’re literally saving their lives. This sweet cat is living proof that compassion can go a very, very long way.

So, if you are thinking about adding a four-legged friend to your home, consider adoption. Saving one animal might not change the world, but for that one animal the whole world is forever changed.

Rock on, Kitty – we hope there are many more happy years to come. Image source: Falcorsauntie/Imgur


Watch the Incredible Moment Two Rescuers Free Endangered Whale Shark Trapped in a Fishing Net

This Rescued Chick Might be Free From Factory Farm Cruelty, But Her Body Never Will Be. Chickens are subject to some of the worst treatment on factory farms. Despite the fact that research has shown that chickens are highly intelligent, incredibly emotional, and affectionate, they are treated as nothing but commodities. From the moment they are born, chicks are separated into two groups: “layers” and “broilers,” both groups destined for a life where they will suffer the physical consequences of genetic manipulation. Layers, bred to lay eggs, have been dramatically altered so that they can lay 250 eggs per year, a figure that used to be as low as two dozen per year for their ancestors. Broiler chickens, on the other hand, have been bred to produce meat, breast meat specifically, at an incredibly fast pace. Broiler chickens today are almost double the size of a chicken from 60 years ago, and they reach their fully grown size in more than half of the time. Most chickens cannot even stand by the time they reach slaughter because their legs cannot support their own weight.

Just as the egg industry disposes of male chicks without a second thought, sometimes broiler chicks are seen as “unfit” by the meat industry and simply tossed in the trash can. While many of these disposed chicks never see a ray of sunlight, some chicks are lucky enough to be discovered in the receptacles and saved. This was the case for Alex, a rescued chick who now resides at Santuario Igualdad Interespecie. According to the sanctuary, Alex is an affectionate girl who loves to hang with her two best friends, get rubbed down by sanctuary workers, and share food with her fellow birdies.

Unfortunately, although Alex may be far away from the grim factory farm she was born in, due to her genetics and the drugs she was given in her former life, she is dealing with the physical repercussions of their cruelty. This sweet girl has grown a great deal since her arrival at farm sanctuary and according to the sanctuary, her fragile legs are paying for it.

Look at how much she has grown in just two months! 
Broiler Chick
Alex is a living example of the cruelty present in the current food system. The way her body was manipulated and the way she was discarded truly highlights how little this industry cares about the well-being of animals and the lengths that they will go to to make a profit. Thankfully, since Alex is in the safe hands of the folks at Santuario, she is being helped as much as possible and is leading as good of a life as she can, given the circumstances. Hopefully, one day, no chicken will have to suffer like she has. Image source: Santuario Igualdad Interespecie/Facebook 

Dog with front legs chopped off tries new prosthetics. Cola had his front legs hacked off with a sword because he chewed a neighbour's shoes. Following months of recovery, he was fitted with prosthetic limbs at a specialist clinic in Bangkok and has now been adopted by the founders of the Soi Dog Foundation.
...The Soi Dog Foundation is a not for profit organisation that relies on donations to help Thailand's dogs & cats that have been abused or neglected. As a supporter you will be giving these animals a 2nd chance at life. There are many ways you can help either by donating to our "Magic 1000' club that helps feed dogs rescued from the illegal dog meat trade to "Sponsoring one of the rescued shelter dogs, or one of many other options. Please take a moment to visit our Face Book page at our website at

13-Year-Old Boy Donates His Birthday Money to Help Rescued Farm Animals. The years of adolescence are filled with all sorts of worries – fitting in at school, keeping up with grades, and of course, making friends. With the amount of things young people have to be concerned with, it can be difficult for them to step outside of themselves and consider the struggles of other species, especially those that are out of sight and out of mind. While having a dog or a cat as a companion animal around the house certainly teaches young kids about responsibility, the needs of non-human beings, and compassion, it still leaves animals like cows, pigs, chickens, lambs, and sheep, completely out of the picture. And sadly, this means much of the time the only interaction children get with these animals, is on their plates.

Considering all of these factors, when we see young people showing true empathy, sensitivity, and kindness towards farm animals, and even lending a hand, we can’t help but feel inspired. That’s why our hearts were truly warmed when we heard about a young man named Jack who decided to spend his thirteenth birthday at Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary and even donate all $200 of his birthday money!

From the smile on his face, it looks like Jack is pretty happy with his decision!
13 year old birthday
Sometimes it can feel like the problems facing farm animals are so great that if we don’t run an organization or make huge donations, we’re not really making a difference. The reality, however, is that if everyone were to donate just a little bit, an incredible impact could be made. Even those who can’t donate can raise awareness and help open peoples’ eyes about the unique and important lives of farm animals. Jack and his monetary gift will surely go to provide some care for the sanctuary residents, but the message he is sending with this kind gesture will last even longer. Image source: Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary/Facebook

Orion isn’t dead, he just didn’t have the strength to go any further. Found on May 16th, his body was barely more than a bag of aching bones, waiting to pass away.

The starvation, dehydration, and wounds on his body tell a story of a nation leaving its animals behind. He is one of a million dogs suffering in Greece today, and was close to his final breath when our partners at Ghost Dogs of Aspropyrgos rescued him.

Network for Animals have been supporting Ghost Dogs since the BBC reported on their plight in 2015, and you can watch our latest video update here. This amazing group of volunteers spend their last pennies on food, veterinary treatment, safe houses for animals, and on beginning the adoption processes to bring abandoned dogs to countries where they will finally be safe.

For dogs like Orion, this means the arms of a volunteer were able to pick up his ragged body, take him to a friendly vet, put him on a drip to re-nourish him, and treat his wounds. Without this, he would literally have died in the street, alone and helpless.

Supporter, you and I are dog lovers. We feel for the pain they suffer. No matter how small, please do make a donation today. Show Orion, and the thousands of Greek dogs suffering with him, just what it means to be cared for.
As a puppy, Marley was rescued from the war-torn streets of Kabul, Afghanistan by Jonathan Jones, a military veteran. Jones brought the puppy home and Marley quickly became an integral part of his life, until a recent accident tore Marley away. Now Jonathan is fighting the Bay County Courts to save Marley’s life and bring him home.

The incident occurred when Marley intervened in a game of cops and robbers between his girlfriend’s sons. He bit the older boy, who was wearing a mask and carrying a toy gun. Marley was instinctively protecting the younger boy from what he thought was a threat. Unfortunately, the neighbors called animal control and Marley was sent to the local shelter where he has been for the last 10 months.
Marley has been deemed a dangerous dog, and Jones and his family are waiting to hear if Marley will be euthanized. We cannot let this happen! Marley has already been through so much and needs to be with the people who love him.

Please join me in asking the Bay County Animal Services to return Marley to Jonathan Jones immediately. Petitioning Bay County Attorney Jennifer Shuler and 5 others

Applaud Compassionate Student for Saving Lamb from Slaughter. 
To: Leslie Torres, Future Farmers of America (FFA) student. Thank student for having a change of heart and allowing her lamb to be adopted rather than auctioned off for slaughter.
Like most animals raised as projects for Future Farmers of America, Lily the lamb was destined to be slaughtered after being auctioned off at the county fair. Fortunately for Lily, her owner, high school student Leslie Torres, was struck by compassion for this animal that she had raised and grown unexpectedly attached to. Realizing that she couldn’t bear the thought of Lily being killed, Torres opted to have Lily adopted rather than going through with the auction. Just in the nick of time, Torres found an animal sanctuary that would welcome Lily with open arms. Now the lucky lamb can live out the rest of her life in peace rather than face a grisly death.
Leslie Torres’ act of compassion should set an example for all Future Farmers of America students who have felt conflicted or guilty about auctioning off their animal projects. These animals are not mere commodities, but living, breathing, feeling beings, and respecting their sentience and desire to live is a truly commendable act.

Adorable Rescued Farm Animals Teach Us the Importance of Compassion and Friendship.
Farm animals suffer some of the worst atrocities imaginable. They lead short lives in horrible, cramped conditions and many get to experience life outside of this fear and pain. Luckily, a few of these animals get to live freely due to the hard work of animal rescue organizations.

This video shows pairs of rescued farm animals from Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary who relied on each other to get through the tough times and worked their way, together, from rescue to recovery and full rehabilitation.

It’s amazingly cute, but it carries an important message. Animals form relationships and feel love for one another just as we do. They deserve to be treated like the thinking, feeling beings that they are. Edgar’s Mission gives these farmed animals a chance to live life on their own right and enjoy the simple joys of friendship and companionship that we all cherish.

Twenty-seven Pitbulls rescued from home in Riverside. Twenty-seven Pitbulls were rescued from a Riverside home Wednesday afternoon, but at least 11 dogs were found dead.

“It was like Silence of the Lambs, it looked like that inside the property,” John Welsh, Riverside County Animal Services, said.
Credit: Riverside County Animal Services
Credit: Riverside County Animal Services Twenty-seven Pitbulls rescued from home in Riverside
Officers were called to this three acre property on Avocado Lane after a neighbor reported a bad smell.
Credit: Riverside County Animal Services
“We were stepping over the carcass of a Pitbull and it was just horrible,” Welsh said. “Animals should not be treated in this manner this is a disgrace.”
Credit: Riverside County Animal Services
The dogs that were found alive were malnourished and thirsty.
Credit: Riverside County Animal Services
Officers with Riverside County Animals Services opened up their own water bottles so the dogs could drink, while other dogs that were took weak to walk on a leash had to be carried out.
Credit: Riverside County Animal Services
Neighbors said they hadn’t seen anyone at the property for at least a week, but always heard barking.

“Can you imagine with the heat wave that we are having in the next few days what it would be like for the dogs that survived,” neighbor, Rita Chenoweth, said. “Thank goodness they got in there and was able to save them.”

Investigators are now trying to track down the man who lives at the home because they believe he’s responsible for the cruelty. He could face multiple felony counts of animal neglect after the case is turned over to the district attorney’s office.

“There were signs in side the property hanging that this guy whoever he is was probably breeding these dogs for profit at one time,” Welsh said.

Officers said the rescued dogs friendly, but it will be awhile until they are healthy enough for adoption.

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