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This Week at Rescue TV!

Donkey grinning after being rescued from flood; Dog keeps watch over trapped friend
Baby Goat Found Wandering Near A Busy Street Is Saved by Good Samaritan
Orangutans orphaned due to deforestation and palm oil production released back into wild
Kind Holidaymaker Helps Dolphin Back Into The Sea
Save The Amazing Boardwalk Cats of Seaside Heights NJ!
The Seaside Heights Animal Welfare Organization has cared for the majestic cats of the Seaside Boardwalk by creating a colony system, which provides well maintained shelters and feeding stations since 2012. Through grants and individual donations, over 300 cats have been trapped, neutered and released at no cost to the tax payers. We all love to see the cats under the Boardwalk but the way they control the rodent population in this tourist hot spot is of huge importance. Recently, the board members who work tirelessly each day to feed and maintain the colonies, have been stripped of their positions leaving the cats without the care they are used to or supportive people who would do anything to protect them. Please sign this petition to help the Mayor of Seaside Heights understand how important these cats are to the public who visit this town regularly and love seeing them. Further, to see how the team leading SSHAWO need to be reinstated to their established place helping the cats in a hands in way. With the upcoming camp outs on the beaches-the cats are of critical importance against rodents that might move in. TNR works and this group is a wonderful part of the town of Seaside Heights. Please sign and share with anyone who comes to the Jersey Shore.

This petition will be delivered to:

State Senator, James Holzapfel

State Representative, Gregory McGuckin

State Representative, David Wolfe

Governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie

Mayor of Seaside Heights NJ, Anthony Vaz

How to Get Bugs out of Your House Humanely
Hiker Does Detective Work To Reunite Lost Dog With Loving Family. Imgur user hrousr proves that rescuing a dog doesn’t always mean nursing it back to health or adopting it. Sometimes, it’s as simple as taking the time to figure out who the loving family is that lost it!

As she was driving in the countryside to take a hike in the Utah mountains, this college student met an unexpected friend.

dog 1
There was a beautiful, fluffy Golden Retriever–whom she affectionately refers to as a “floof”– sitting on the side of the road.

“She was by a cattle looking gate that looked like it lead to someone’s house in the distance,” the poster wrote on Imgur. 

dog 4
“She began to follow my car as I passed so I pulled over and got out to pet her. She was a really friendly pup and tackled me and slobbed all over my face multiple times.”
dog 2
The dog stood next to the hiker’s car, blocking the door when she tried to get back in. But she assumed that the Golden belonged to the house beyond the gate. Not wanting her to stray too far from home, she tossed some carrot sticks she’d brought for a snack to distract the dog while she continued on her way.
dog 9
“I distracted the golden floof with carrots.”
dog 3
But when the hiker continued toward her destination, she looked back and saw a pitiful sight.

“I felt absolutely awful when I saw her in my rear view mirror because she started to run after my car once she was done with the carrots, but had realized I had left. My heart broke when I saw her slow down and she just sat in the middle of the road staring at my car as I drove away.”

When the Imgur user drove back by an hour later, the Golden girl was still there, as if she was waiting for her friend to return. That’s when she realized that the dog may not belong to the nearby house, after all.

The hiker figured that the dog, who loved attention and was  in good shape, must belong to a loving family who had lost her. She inspected the pup’s tags and discovered that she was registered, then called  the accompanying phone number. The hiker learned that the dog lived somewhere in the area, and they were going to try to contact the owners.

“I couldn’t bear to leave her again so I just decided to chill with her until I got a call back.”

dog 5
As they waited, it became apparent that this poor dog was incredibly hungry! Luckily, this healthy hiker had packed some snacks that were safe for pup consumption!

“While sitting on me she saw that I had some rice cakes in the passenger seat and reached over and started snarfing through the package!”

dog 6
“Eating the rest of the rice cake crumbs she spewed all over.”
dog 8
Finally, they received a phone call from the dog’s relieved owner.

“She went on to tell me about how their family had lost their young pup 3 WEEKS ago and still had no sign of her, ultimately thinking she had passed away. She also told me about how they had an older dog who was best friends with this younger pup and since this one had gotten lost, the older one began to show symptoms of depression and stopped eating,” the hiker wrote.

The dog’s owners–a mom and littler girl–rushed to reunite with their long-lost pup! When they saw each other, EVERYONE was all smiles!

“I have never seen someone so happy.”

dog 10
“The mother was bawling and the younger girl wrapped her arms around the floof and sobbed with joy. It was the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen. I’m just glad that I was there at the right time to be able to help someone get their amazing dog back,” she posted.

Said hilarious Imgur commenter bawjaws2000: “Golden Retrieved.”

Hooray for happy endings! Thanks to Imgur user hrousr for doing the right thing by locating this dog’s rightful owners. Good thing for ID tags, and although they didn’t need to scan for a microchip, here’s another example of why your dog should have one! Original story: hrousr via Imgur.

Prince is learning the basics

GoPro- Baby pigeons rescued from a grizzly fate
As ever, things have been busy here at the shelter, but I just wanted to take a few minutes to update you on the latest happenings.
Firstly, I’m sure that you will be as touched as I was by the story of the puppy who had never been cuddled, and the difference people like you have made for him. I also couldn’t be happier that one of our long-term residents has finally found his forever home, after years of waiting.
On that note, I’d like to introduce you to a very special girl who has also been waiting years to be adopted – 6½ to be precise. Perhaps you’re the very special person who will give her a chance?
Finally, I’d like to tell you about two schools we recently worked with, helping to educate the next generation on animal welfare and responsible pet ownership. I believe that the needless suffering of animals can only end through education and I’m very grateful to these schools for their participation.

The difference you can
make every day

Chai Klarng arrived at our shelter not knowing what it was to be cuddled. Just a few months old, he had lived on the streets for all of his short life and was terrified of the human touch.
He had succumbed to a horrific case of mange, which had caused most of his fur to fall out. His skin was red raw from his non-stop scratching.
Every day, your support changes the world for suffering dogs like Chai Klarng.
Your donations fund essential medical treatment that none of these animals could receive otherwise.
People like you are the reason he has become the healthy, happy dog he is today.
Chai Klarng is fully healed now and barely recognisable as the pitiful creature I first set eyes on a few months ago.
These photos of him speak volumes and show the power of a monthly gift from someone like you.
Chai Klarng on arrival
Only YOU can save thousands of suffering animals like Chai Klarng. To give these animals a fighting chance, please join the Emergency Response Team.
You can save a life today!
If YOU want to save more animals like Chai Klarng, will you please click here to join our Emergency Response Team now?
Chai Klarng After Treatment
After several months of treatment, Chai Klarng is now a healthy and happy pup. This is thanks to people just like you!
 After over 5 years in our shelter, See-Nin is finally home
In my last newsletter, I told you about See-Nin, who had spent over 5 years in our shelter. Despite numerous adoption pleas in that time, for some reason, he seemed destined to never leave. That is, until Judi in Canada spotted his handsome face.
Finally, after years of waiting, the day we thought we might never see finally arrived. See-Nin (now re-named Cecil) left our shelter for his new home in Toronto. He has settled in well and according to Judi, has discovered a new-found love of cookies!
I hope you enjoy these pictures of Cecil leaving the shelter and after arriving at his new home as much as I did. Thank you for helping us care for him for the last 5 years.
See-Nin Adopted
Many tears were shed saying goodbye to See-Nin at the shelter, but we are so happy to see him in his new, loving home.
 6½ years in our shelter: the dog nobody wants
 When she first arrived at our shelter as a tiny puppy, she was named after her dramatic colouring. We did not think then that 6½ years later, our beautiful Football would still be here.
She was found dumped in a cold, damp drain, where she had clearly been left to die. Thanks to people like you, we were able to care for her, and watched her grow into the beautiful dog she is today.
Football is a firm favourite with our volunteers and nobody can understand why she is still here. This girl desperately deserves a home of her own, with an owner who can give her the time and attention she needs. Is that you?
If you can give a home to a dog that has never known life outside a shelter, please email all questions to or click here for more information.
Football needs a loving home.
Can you find room in your home and your heart to offer Football a home to call her own?

Hope for the future

This month, Soi Dog Foundation had the pleasure of meeting pupils from two different schools, who were interested in learning more about our work and how they could help.
Two staff members from Soi Dog gave a talk to the pupils at Kajonkietsuksa School here on the island of Phuket, where they explained the work of Soi Dog and talked to the children about how to care for not just their pets, but the street animals in their community.
Prior to the visit, the children had been very busy collecting donations of food, toys, and blankets for use at our shelter, which our team was delighted to accept.
The following week, we welcomed students from Cha-uat Wittayakarn School in Nakhon Si Thammarat, in southern Thailand. The children were given a tour of the shelter, where they learnt more about our work and had an interactive session on responsible pet ownership.
The day before their visit, the children had been very busy street fundraising for Soi Dog and handed over their kind donation at the end of their visit.
I am very grateful to the staff at these schools for reaching out to us. It is my hope that through education, future generations will be better equipped to understand and help end animal suffering in Thailand.
Lantana After Treatment
Soi Dog staff give a presentation at a local school about the work done by Soi Dog, and how to look after street dogs and cats.
 Your support makes wonderful things happen for some of the world’s most neglected animals. Once again, I thank you for being there for them when they have nobody else.

This flicker was only two days old and had been without food for a whole 24 hours when he arrived at Hope for Wildlife. We didn’t think he would survive through the night but to our joy he did and through the hard work and dedication of our volunteer Gail, within 2 short weeks he began climbing, hanging, preening and catching imaginary ants!
Second chance for RTA swan

Three Horses Saved From Starvation

In Defense of Animals
Last month, In Defense of Animals' Hope Animal Sanctuary received a call concerning three horses who were so thin that the caller feared they would soon die of starvation. From the description, our sanctuary Operations Manager Sharon Stone realized the horses' "guardians" were a family that had been previously investigated for horse neglect.

Aided by concerned citizens who were willing to testify in court and because of the history of prior abuse, a seizure order was obtained and all three horses have now been removed from the property. The horses have been given proper veterinary attention and are in the care and custody of the same concerned citizens who were willing to speak up for them.

Their poor condition means it will take many months for them to gain weight and begin to be healthy once again, but their new guardians are committed to helping them be the happy, healthy horses they should be. The original "guardian" made an agreement with the judge which stated, in exchange for not appealing the seizure of the horses, he would not be charged with neglect.

If you see animals in distress, please speak out for them.

How We’re Saving the Stray Dogs Left Behind in the Wake of Sierra Leone’s Civil War. Sierra Leone’s eleven-year civil war left the country devastated. As people were forced out of their homes to seek refuge from the violence, their dogs were left behind.

Just as the country started to get back on its feet, the 2014 Ebola epidemic hit. And again, dogs were the forgotten victims. Myths circulated that dogs could transmit the disease, meaning people threw their dogs out onto the streets to fend for themselves.

The civil war and Ebola epidemic have left Sierra Leone’s capital, Freetown, with one of the densest stray dog populations in Africa.

Rabies Has Become Rife Among Dogs and People

Estimates suggest that there are over three human rabies cases for every 100,000 people – one of the highest rates on the entire globe. It seems everyone in Freetown knows someone who has been affected by this horrific – yet preventable – disease.

And with this density of dogs comes other community conflicts: feces on the streets, dogs scrapping over food, traffic accidents, and dogs biting people and livestock. The situation is reaching boiling point. The risk of communities putting pressure on local authorities to eliminate dogs through inhumane culling is higher than ever.

Culling is Never the Right Answer

Not only are the culling methods often inherently cruel, but it also does nothing to address where the stray dog population is coming from in the first place. As well as the spiraling number of stray dogs on the streets, unwanted puppies are often dumped by owners, and some let their dogs out to scavenge for food in the local area during the day. These kinds of actions mean problems will arise again … and again … and again.

Right now, stray dogs are high on politicians’ agendas. Our team is getting in there and making sure politicians know we have the solutions they need.

We Must End Rabies

First of all, we will be continuing to work with local and national governments to eliminate the immediate threat of rabies, by vaccinating 70 percent of the total dog population. This will improve tolerance for dogs, and protect them from both rabies and the abuse and cruelty that happens in its name.

After the rabies threat is reduced, we will support authorities in introducing a dog population management program to address the number of dogs on the streets. This will target dog guardians to stop the dumping of puppies, and that dogs are looked after properly so they don’t come into conflict with the local community.

We want to show that our approach works. We’re a planning a pilot project which will include vaccinating dogs in a part of Freetown in collaboration with local authorities and our friends at the Sierra Leone Animal Welfare Society. Together we can create better for lives Freetown’s 100,000 dogs, and ultimately for all dogs in Sierra Leone.

Help us protect Sierra Leone’s dogs and communities today by clicking here.

This post was previously published on World Animal Protection’s blog.

With your help, Defenders of Wildlife works to protect all kinds of imperiled wildlife – the furry, the feathered, the scaly and more.
But we understand that you might connect with some animals more than others.
That’s why we want you to choose your own wildlife adventure.
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Rescue the Vaquita
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Rescue the Florida Panther Rescue the Sea Turtle
For more than 70 years, Defenders has led the charge to protect and restore wolves and other vulnerable wildlife. We could not have come this far without the generous support of people like you.
You matter to the Mexican gray wolves, the Florida panthers, the sea turtles, the vaquitas and other imperiled wildlife.

No matter which species you choose, rest assured that your generous donation will go to protect and restore the wildlife you love.