Friday, July 8, 2016

Dolphin Outlook

I wanted to send you a quick update to let you know I met with the CEO last Friday, and told him your concerns about dolphin captivity face to face.
I also handed him the petition including your signature - along with a huge stack of 10,000 names! The CEO was overwhelmed, and told us he has also been swamped with 1,800 emails from caring supporters like you.

Your voice has definitely been heard!

The good news is, the CEO said he personally doesn't want the aquarium to have dolphins. But we still need to keep the pressure on until we get a formal pledge.

I also met with the Minister for State Development and the Minister for Natural Resources and Mines to ask for a written commitment the new aquarium will not have marine mammals or whale sharks. They read our brief explaining how these animals die much younger in captivity and promised to personally urge the aquarium developers not to keep them.

You have my word. I will continue to knock on doors and talk to anyone who will listen until I am 100% sure this aquarium will not exploit precious marine mammals for entertainment.

Thank you again for adding your voice to help beautiful dolphins. Because of you, the aquarium is finding out just how much public opposition there is to dolphin captivity.

And I know you will convince them not to have dolphins.
Let's stop this cruel live dolphin export!

Finland’s last marine park is finally closing down. After years of performing, the park’s hardworking dolphins, Delfi and Veera, and their two babies deserve to be retired to a sanctuary.

Instead, there’s talk the family is going to be sold and flown to a notorious dolphin death park in Greece.

Transporting dolphins by plane is a traumatic process and many die from stress. We can't let it happen. Please use your voice to halt this cruel live export:

The Greek marine park needs new 'stock' because 5 of its dolphins have died. This is the same park where the dolphin show was so awful it was shut down by a Greek court.
Fortunately, there is a group with the power to stop the sale: the Alliance of Marine Mammal Parks and Aquariums (AMMPA).

AMMPA has an obligation to stop dolphins being sent to unaccredited facilities, like this one in Greece.

The even better news is, a more humane dolphin sanctuary is already under construction in Europe. It’s possible the dolphin family could be given an ocean home there.

Please, tell AMMPA not to allow this beautiful dolphin family to be crammed into tiny crates, loaded onto a loud airplane, and shipped to a cruel marine park.

(Or, if you don’t have Facebook, send a message via email to the director of AMMPA at
Dolphin-inspired sonar technology helps researchers with ocean exploration
Disney World: Retire Your Dolphins.
Many families grew up watching Disney’s magic on the screen and going to Disney theme parks. The company has delighted, entertained, and sparked our imagination for decades, and has also kept up with increasing entertainment demands. One of the ways it has managed to grow is by providing visitors to one of its parks with a dolphin exhibit. Popularity for this exhibit has been fueled by movies like Finding Nemo, and while this educational experience feeds into the wonder of Disney, it is at the expense of the dolphins’ well-being.  

At Disney World in Orlando, visitors to the dolphin exhibit are able to spend three hours learning and swimming with these remarkable creatures. Recently, organizational and public outcry on keeping cetaceans, like orcas and dolphins, in captivity shows it is no longer appropriate to keep dolphins confined and forced to entertain or interact with the public. Through scientific discovery we know that dolphins and other cetaceans are incredibly intelligent, are far-ranging, and are highly social.

The National Aquarium just announced they are going to retire their dolphins. It’s time Disney does the same. Disney should give their dolphins a chance to live in a more natural world better suited to their needs. Like Nemo and Dory, Disney’s dolphins belong in the ocean.

This petition will be delivered to:
The Walt Disney Company: Walt Disney, Chairman, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, Robert A. Chapek and President, Disney World Resort, George Kalogridis