Saturday, April 30, 2016

Gun Safety Weekly Updates

President Obama just announced significant investments in smart gun technology that could save lives. Tragic statistics show just how overdue this technology is. In fact, since the President took action to reduce gun violence in January, there have been 71 unintentional child shootings in America. [1] We should all be able to support smart gun technology that can reduce these senseless deaths and injuries by making it harder for guns to discharge unintentionally.

But the NRA didn't even wait for the President’s latest announcement before calling him a "lawless, dishonest, and ruthless...third-world dictator." [2] They're wasting no time calling their friends in Congress and urging them to block any common-sense technology that could save lives -- many of them the lives of innocent children.

You and I have fought too long for this progress, and we've fought too hard to let a craven group of gun lobbyists roll it back. That's why I'm asking if you'll sign our petition supporting the President's investment in smart gun technology, and let the NRA know that you won't be intimidated by their lies.
Defend the President's commitment to smart guns
Technology doesn't just improve our lives; it can actually save lives. We've seen this to be true in the development of seatbelts and airbags -- technology that saves thousands of lives in automobile accidents every year.

The NRA has historically blocked attempts to develop safer gun technology by bullying and intimidating any gun company that tries to develop safer firearms. In 2000, gun manufacturer Smith & Wesson voluntarily took steps to develop smart gun technology. The NRA attacked them with their usual extremism, calling for a boycott and nearly driving Smith & Wesson out of business. [3]

That's why we have to be vocal in our support for the President as he stands up to this kind of extremism. Tell President Obama that you've got his back as he stands up to the gun lobby: Sign the petition. 

LATEST NEWS: THE GUN LOBBY HAS ALREADY SPENT ITS FIRST MILLION DOLLARS TO MAINTAIN THE STATUS QUO IN CONGRESSThere’s no doubt it about, we are going to be outspent by the gun lobby this election. For decades they’ve spared no expense when it comes to campaign contributions and independent expenditures. It’s part of the reason they exert such oversized influence in congress and state capitals, even though an overwhelming majority of Americans oppose their efforts to stop legislation that will make us safer from gun violence.

We have a tremendous amount of power, as well. But ours comes from a different source. It comes from millions of Americans standing up to say they have had ENOUGH of the gun lobby’s influence, and that we are going to do everything we can to start chipping away at the stranglehold they’ve had on legislators for far too long.

That’s why Gabby and Mark are fighting to elect a president and a Congress who will put our communities’ interest ahead of the gun lobby’s. And that’s why we have to ask:

Can Gabby and Mark count on you to contribute $3 to Americans for Responsible Solutions PAC to help us win elections and as a way of saying you have had ENOUGH of the gun lobby’s influence on Congress?

This election is underway. We’ve already endorsed our first Champion for Common Sense running in the U.S. Senate, and you’ll be very excited to hear about some of our next steps. The gun lobby has almost limitless funds, but we have each other. And that’s why your contribution is so important.

Prom shooting: teen gunman killed by police after opening fire outside school dance
Ohio execution-style murders: 8 members of same family killed in their homes
A Message by Mark Kelly: When Gabby and I started Americans for Responsible Solutions PAC, we knew that winning even the most commonsense reforms would require a fight. But whether in campaigns or in Congress, in combat or in space, fighting for what we believe in has always been what we do.

We're in a fight this election, and the gun lobby won't give up easy. But I believe if we stand together, we can elect a president and a Congress who will support meaningful legislation that will help make our communities safer from gun violence.

As you can see from the email below, the gun lobby has already spent its first million to stop us. That's why I have to ask:

Your $3 contribution to Americans for Responsible Solutions PAC will go towards our work electing a president and a Congress who will put our interests ahead of the gun lobby's.

If we can pair the overwhelming support of 90% of Americans who support closing loopholes that allow criminals to buy guns with the resources we need to get our message out, there will be nothing stopping us in the year ahead. That's why your contribution matters.

All my best,

Mark Kelly

Ohio family killing: Rhoden family found to have 200 marijuana plants at murder sites
A message by Marilyn Balcerak: Less than one year ago my family experienced a horrible tragedy. My son James took his own life and that of his step-sister, Brianna. James was a smart, independent young man who struggled with autism and depression. After a series of personal setbacks, his struggles turned into suicidal thoughts and violent behavior.

When he threatened suicide, I tried everything I could to get him the help he needed. But I couldn’t stop him from buying a gun -- and I couldn’t stop what he did next. I wasn’t able to protect my children. It was my worst nightmare come true.

It didn’t have to be that way.

I firmly believe that if my state had common-sense gun laws one year ago, Brianna and James would be alive today.

That’s why I’m standing with the Alliance for Gun Responsibility.

Gun violence touches people and communities of all backgrounds, all across America. It’s up to us to give families and law enforcement the tools they need to stop tragedies before they even happen.

But this won’t be easy, Don, and we’ll need each other every step of the way. Will you please chip in $3 or more today to move our campaign forward?

I’m so grateful you’ve joined us. Thank you for stepping up,


A Message to everyone in Cherry Hill, NJ: Turn Cherry Hill orange! The first step to addressing a problem is recognizing we have one. On June 2, millions of Americans will recognize the 91 Americans killed and hundreds injured by guns every day and #WearOrange to mark National Gun Violence Awareness Day.

We want to make this year our biggest campaign yet -- and that's why we're asking for your help to turn Cherry Hill orange.

As a member of Mayors Against Illegal Guns, your mayor has already shown leadership advocating for stronger gun laws. Now, can you ask them to take an extra step and mark June 2 as National Gun Violence Awareness Day?

Can you start or sign a petition to ask your mayor to officially recognize June 2 as Gun Violence Awareness Day? The more cities and towns that sign on, the louder our call for a future free from gun violence will be.
As leader of your campaign, you’ll be in charge of gathering as many petition signatures as possible and delivering them to your mayor. Organizers will be in touch with tips and tricks on how to make your campaign a success.

A group of Chicago teens asked us to Wear Orange to raise awareness, and this June 2, we have an opportunity to respond louder than ever before. Last year was the first National Gun Violence Awareness Day. This year, with your help, big cities and small towns from coast to coast will mark the day and honor the 91 Americans killed and hundreds more injured by gun violence every day.

Turn Cherry Hill orange. Ask your mayor to officially declare June 2 National Gun Violence Awareness Day -- or add your name to an existing petition.

Thanks so much for your commitment to our movement.

Hold the gun lobby accountable: In all the talk and excitement of a Presidential election, it’s easy to to forget the real reason we organize -- the real reason we’ve worked so hard to build a grassroots movement to end the plague of gun violence in this country.

That reason is simple: Every year, 30,000 Americans are shot and killed with guns. And yet, gun dealers and manufacturers get special protections from liability that no other industry receives -- they get protection while their products are used to kill and maim in our communities every single day.

That’s just plain wrong and we need to make sure Congress knows it, so we’re delivering your signature right to their doorstep. Add your name today:

It’s important to remember that these aren’t just statistics. These are real people, real families -- real communities -- and when the weapons of war are used to maim and kill in our neighborhoods, the people who profit from these weapons should be held responsible.

Victims of gun violence deserve their day in court.

Call on Congress to demand they hold the Gun Industry accountable:

Here’s what you need to know: a Florida environmental agency was winning a lawsuit against a gun range that had been polluting the water supply for more than 60 years.

But then, a powerful lobbyist for the NRA got a state legislator, who oversees the agency’s budget, to scare them into dropping the suit -- and it worked.

It’s really pretty simple: The Gun Lobby shouldn’t get to write our laws. But we need your help to stop them.
Help us fight back against the Gun Lobby.
Our elected officials should be representing the interests of their constituents. They should be protecting public waterways -- and protecting our communities from gun violence. But time and time again, we’ve seen elected representatives across the country cower in front of the Gun Lobby and their allies.

Let’s send an unmistakable message to the Gun Lobby: We’re not scared.

Chip in $5 to our Rapid Response Fund right now and let’s take the fight to the Gun Lobby:

Driver shot by child: Woman killed by kid with a gun in the back seat while on highway
Police shooting 2016: Baltimore cops shoot 14-year-old kid carrying a BB gun
Church shooting: Gunman shot fellow worshipper in fight over seat during morning service
Church shooting: Man shot dead by fellow churchgoer at Montgomeryville service

Do you think current laws are enough to protect communities from the consequences of gun violence?
Gun violence is a massive problem in the United States. On average, more than 30,000 Americans are killed with guns every single year.

But, despite this serious problem, our elected leaders are more interested in protecting the gun lobby than they are in protecting their constituents. In fact, the Gun Lobby is so strong that they got Congress to ban the federal government from spending any money to even study the issue of gun violence.

It’s clear that our elected leaders can and must do more to protect our communities from the devastating consequences of gun violence.

But we want to hear from you first. Take our Instant Poll now to tell us where you stand:
Do you think current laws are enough to protect communities from the consequences of gun violence?

Thanks for adding your voice.