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Today on Rescue TV; Includes the Rough Cut of the huge Pit Bull Rescue!

What Happens When a Rescued Sheep Gets Into an Office? A Wild Party, That’s What!

What do you get when you put a baby sheep, a dog, and a bean bag together? The ultimate fun fest!

This adorable video of a rescued baby sheep showing off his moves in Edgar’s Mission farm sanctuary’s office is the ultimate way to start your day. Watch as this sweet, fuzzy pal nuzzles his favorite bean bag chair, jumps on the couch, and plays tag with his doggy BFF. We can’t get enough of this baby sheep and his zoomies!

It’s so heartwarming to see this animal in the care of such incredible people who will make sure he gets the life he deserves, especially considering that most sheep are raised as commodities, simply to be brutally raised for their wool or meat. We’re so happy to know that this little one will never have to experience the cruelty of these industries, and will instead have an amazing life thanks to his loving caretakers and all of the animal friends he’ll make at Edgar’s Mission.

Town's famous flock of black swans rescued from weir.
The black cygnets - only a few days old - found themselves trapped in a water-filled hole unable to get out. Scores of people stopped to watch as they were fished out of the hole by the wildfowl warden. The black swans are well known in the town of Dawlish, Devon, after being brought in from Australia over a century ago.

Jason the ‘Miracle Pig’ Saved From Slaughterhouse Truck – Just Look at Him Now! Bacon, ham, and other pig-derived products are ubiquitous in our society, but people seldom have the opportunity to get to know the living animals behind those products. Pigs are curious, playful, and highly intelligent by nature. They enjoy nothing more than playing around in the dirt, making friends with other animals, and thoroughly investigating whatever happens to grab their attention. While they are often labeled as “dirty” or “stupid,” this could not be further from the truth. Scientists have discovered that pigs are more cognitively sophisticated than dogs, primates, and three-year-old human children. The reason they like to cover themselves in mud is because it acts as a form of natural sunscreen, and helps them to keep cool. Their own skin contains no sweat glands.

Sadly, however, our modern-day factory farming system treats pigs and other animals as mere commodities, inflicts horrendous forms of abuse on them, and deprives them of everything that would normally give their lives a sense of enjoyment and meaning. Farmed animals who are trapped in these places very rarely manage to escape their inevitable fate. Luckily, a sweet pig named Jason was able to do just that after the illegal slaughterhouse in Loxahatchee, Fla., where he was being held, was raided.

In October 2015, he and 765 other animals – 400 of whom were pigs – were saved from the slaughterhouse following an undercover investigation by Richard Couto of Animal Recovery Mission (ARM). Couto worked undercover at the farm for several months, and said that he witnessed workers “boil(ing) pigs alive, drag(ging) a cow behind a truck, and slaughter(ing) horses for meat.” When police arrived, it was discovered that all of the pigs had incurable, contagious diseases … except for Jason.

Palm Beach County Animal Care & Control (PBCACC) helped care for the animals following the raid. Director Diane Sauve was shocked when the Department of Agriculture recommended that the disease-ridden pigs be sent to slaughter and used for human consumption, and refused to comply with this recommendation.”All of the animals had health issues and diseases. I was astounded to learn that you could still send diseased pigs to slaughter for human consumption,” she said. Sadly, the affected pigs’ illnesses were too advanced to respond to treatment, and they ultimately had to be euthanized. However, this was done in a peaceful manner, and their bodies were not sent to be used for human consumption.

Jason, however, is doing very well! He has been nicknamed “The Miracle Pig” by his loving rescuers.
Jason the 'Miracle Pig' Saved From Slaughterhouse Truck – Just Look at Him Now!
Jason was emaciated and extremely anxious when he first arrived at PBCACC, but has gradually learned how to trust humans again. Sauve said, “He was named after one of his caregivers – Jason Cree. Both have red hair and are good-hearted. Jason loves human interaction, and although he is in solitary quarantine, he is delighted when his human friends visit.”

The fact that Jason has learned how to become friends with humans, after everything that our species put him through, is nothing short of miraculous. He has certainly earned that nickname!
Jason the 'Miracle Pig' Saved From Slaughterhouse Truck – Just Look at Him Now!
After one final round of medical tests, the plucky pig will soon be sent to live at Rooterville Sanctuary in Melrose, Fla. This thirty-acre sanctuary aims to provide “rescue, care and a permanent home for hundreds of rescued farm animals of all types.” Here, Jason will be allowed to spend his days playing, foraging in the mud, and enjoying countless piggy delights that are, all too often, withheld from members of his species. Sauve said, “I don’t think there has ever been a good time in history to be a pig, but Jason lucked out. I really believe that angels walk among us. And in this case, it’s a plain, red pig named Jason.”

Enjoy your new life, beautiful boy!
Jason the 'Miracle Pig' Saved From Slaughterhouse Truck – Just Look at Him Now!
Jason the 'Miracle Pig' Saved From Slaughterhouse Truck – Just Look at Him Now!
All Image Source: Broward-Palm Beach – New Times

Kind-Hearted Man Saves Crow Stuck in Fence, Chronicles Whole Rescue on Snapchat! Stumbling upon injured or hurt wildlife can lead to a sticky situation. Sometimes you don’t know whether you should help the animal yourself, call a wildlife expert to come in, or if the situation is even safe for you to intercept. There are many videos circulated on the internet that show citizens kindly aiding our animal counterparts, whether it’s helping them cross a busy highway or reuniting a baby creature with his or her family. While normally we always advise any untrained individual who comes across an animal in trouble to call a wildlife rescuer, what this guy did to help a black crow stuck in a wooden fence is awesome!

The unidentified passerby was walking down the street and spotted the crow stuck between two wooden planks.
Crow 1
With a little careful maneuvering, he was able to successfully get the bird out of this unfortunate position.
Crow 2
Once free, the crow took a much-needed nap, with the rescuer leaving out some food, should his new feathery friend wake up hungry.
Crow 3
After his rest, the crow seemed much more sprightly.
Crow 4
And before the sun even set, the little fella was back in the sky, where he belongs!
Crow 5
But it looks like the rescuer’s crow interactions are just beginning…
Crow 6
If it weren’t for this empathetic passerby, this crow could have been stuck in that fence for hours. We’re glad everything worked out for this adventurous bird!

NOTE: As an important note, do not try to help wildlife of any sort unless you are trained. Find a local wildlife rehabber/rescuer or veterinarian ASAP, or call a rescue hotline. Here are some that might help! All image source: Imgur

JUST AWESOME! Bears lived in the back of a circus truck for many years.
JUST AWESOME! Bears lived in the back of a circus truck for many years. Here's when they experience freedom for the first time :)
More here:

PLEASE SHARE with Friends and Family and spread the LOVE for Animals ♥
JUST AWESOME! Bears lived in the back of a circus truck for many years. Here's when they experience freedom for the first time :)
More here:

PLEASE SHARE with Friends and Family and spread the LOVE for Animals ♥
JUST AWESOME! Bears lived in the back of a circus truck for many years. Here's when they experience freedom for the first time :)
More here:

PLEASE SHARE with Friends and Family and spread the LOVE for Animals ♥

Frank Was Mistreated and Abandoned, But Now He’s the Happiest Dog Ever. Just Watch How He Sleeps!
This is Frank, a 1,5 year old dog that only wanted some love and care to be happy. Now he is so happy that even when sleeping he shows it.

I did this video to show how can one change the life a being with only love and care.

When my wife and I spoke with the previous owner, we were sure that he would die in a few days. He was 5 months old, no vaccines and weighted only 6.6 pounds (3 kg). By the way, the "vet" said that there was no need for vaccines..

When we arrived to see him, we saw that it was even worse: as the owner had no experience in dog caring, he was locked outside in a 50 ft2 (5 m2) ceramic tiles back area, fed only with adult dog food, shedding excessively and unbearable smelly. His only friend was a torn blanket.

We can't be sure, but we suspect that this mistreatment lead to the worse for him: he got totally deaf. We suspect that a overlooked infection did this to him.

When we got him, he was afraid of shadows, glimmerings, peed everything (including himself), no tail wagging and fearful. By the way, until today he runs for his life whenever he sees a broom...

Now, see him enjoying his dream so much that he even wags his tail and realise that we saved a life, bringing him happiness, is moving.

So please, if you can, spread the adoption idea (and this video). You too can safe a life.

Rescued Fox Thinks She’s a Dog. The Love Between Her and Her Guardian is too Freaking Adorable!
This is Dawn, one of the Nuneaton and Warwickshire Wildlife Sanctuary's 6 resident foxes that cannot be returned to the wild. The majority of animals we get in is injured wildlife that is aimed to be returned into the wild, however, Dawn was a young fox that was took into a dog rescue centre as the member of public that found her thought she was a dog! When they realised they bought her into us but it was too late, because she was too tame and this meant that she wouldn't be able to look after herself in the wild. Dawn is not a pet, and we do not recommend any fox or wild animal as a pet

After receiving a tip on their hot line, an expert team from the Humane Society of the United States seized over 300 animals from an illegal puppy mill in Arkansas. These dogs and puppies were living in unsanitary and unsafe conditions, many of them nursing neglected injuries. 
Over 300 Dogs & Puppies Need You
We have the opportunity to help these animals get back on their feet and into loving homes. A donation of just $5 will help us transfer these dogs to an emergency shelter where they can receive the treatments they need. It doesn't take much to make the difference in the life of a dog or puppy! Click here to help out!

Klinger the Starling.
On June 16, 2014 I found a broken birds egg laying on the ground. Surprisingly, there was a live baby bird in it. This is the story of that baby bird from the day he was born to his one year birthday.

Ten Years Chained: A Dog's Happy Ending Rescue Story. Please donate so we can continue to rescue dogs like "Judith":
10 years on a chain. No blanket, toy, or bone. Often no food or water. Animal Advocates Society of BC first saw this abused and neglected dog at night, lying in the frozen mud in her own feces, being snowed and sleeted on. Neighbours said that her owners urinated on her from the porch. Several upset neighbours told AAS that they had phoned the British Columbia SPCA many times, for many years.
The BC SPCA did not seize this dog or charge the owner with cruelty even though it could have used the BC Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act ( to do so. It also could have used the Humane Treatment of Dogs Bylaws (, adopted in this municipality at Animal Advocates' urging, to make the owners take better care of her.

What the SPCA would do for her was to take $50 to kill her. We were given Judith a day before her owners told us they were going to take Judith to the SPCA and take advantage of its "kill for cash" service, one of its sideline businesses.

At that time, the SPCA ignored hundreds of animals so abused that they were near death. But the SPCA did kill thousands of unwanted pets a year for another one of its lucrative sidelines businesses — pet-disposal contracts with municipalities all over BC. It's a good thing the BC SPCA didn't seize this dog, because they only would have killed her.

Finally Animal Advocates of BC was contacted by a distraught neighbour. We went straight to her; documented her misery and then rescued her out of her indignity and loneliness.

When we got her she was emaciated, dehydrated, and barely able to walk because of painful hips. Her coat was weighed down by clumps of caked mud. Her owners had named her "Judas". We changed her name to Judith.

We cannot tell you this story without also telling you the happy ending that AAS guarantees every one of the dogs it rescues...

We found her a home with two very special people, who loved her dearly, and made her a member of their family, which is what every dog wants more than anything — more than food, water, and shelter. And when her old hips gave out, her family got her a cart and took her everywhere. She went camping, and to the lake, and chased squirrels in her cart. And when she died of old age, after eighteen months, she took with her all her memories of pure love, and warmth, and good food, and fun. And the time before didn't count at all.

Please donate so we can continue to rescue dogs like "Judith":

~ Judy Walkem Stone, Founder, Animal Advocates Society of BC

Fox Cubs Saved From Turkey Farm.
These little balls of fur are fox cubs that came in our care after being found in a barn at a turkey farm. The owners were not fond of foxes, and insisted that we had to either take them in or they would be destroyed. In any other situation we would try to reunite cubs that are still with their mother, but due to where they were found and the attitude of the farmer towards foxes we had to keep them in.

Vet Emma and our hospital coordinator Naomi checked over both cubs, and after making sure that they were both fine, we put them in a heated enclosure with food and plush toys!

We will keep monitoring them, and if all goes well, they will stay with us until they are big enough to be released back to the wild!

PLEASE DONATE - Just £3 from every viewer can help us save many more animals! Online: Text Donation: Text WILD3 to 70300 to give £3.00, (WILD5 to give £5.00 and WILD10 to give £10.00) UK residents only. Thank you for your support!

Pit Bull Rescue Rough Cut.
"36 Ghosts IV" by Nine Inch Nails, [CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 US, (http://creativecommons/licesnses/by-n...)]

From Cuba with Love ....
Cuba is an extraordinary country with a fascinating and turbulent history and highly innovative and artistic people. The country has seen remarkable changes recently. As the relationship between Cuba and the United States continues to improve, Animal Balance has been given permission to assist their veterinary community by providing high-volume sterilization clinics and seminars for veterinary students.
In February 2016, we hosted a high-quality and high-volume sterilization clinic with Cuban Veterinarians and students from the Veterinary School at the University of Havana. We systematically trapped cats living in Havana's beautiful La Habana Vieja area. As a result, the Department of the Historian invited Animal Balance to sign a contract to create a comprehensive 5-year TNR plan for the entire city of Havana.

We will be the first United States based NGO to be allowed to work with the Cuban authorities to create a humane animal management program. They have requested that we humanely reduce the population and improve the health of their city's cats. This is a fantastic opportunity to help the communities of Havana help their cats.

Please consider supporting our work by making a contribution today. Every dollar will be used to help the cats of Cuba.

Thank you very much for your generous support of Animal Balance's work.
Dog destined for Korean dog meat market gets prosthetic legs and new life.
Born in Seoul, South Korea, 2-year-old golden retriever mix Chi Chi was slated to be killed in the underground dog meat trade. Every day, she was hung upside down, her legs bound by ropes and wires, as she was beaten by handlers, under the belief that a dog's meat is more tender, when tortured.

At some point, her keepers realized the bindings had cut through her flesh, leading her four legs to become grossly infected. They decided her meat would be too rancid for human consumption, and disposed of her in a dumpster behind the meat market, still alive. Scared and alone, the dog was found by some good samaritans who contacted an animal rescue group,

Who gathered her up and rushed her to an emergency veterinary clinic. There, doctors diagnosed that her four legs had indeed rotted to the bone, the infection spreading to the rest of her body. If she was to have any chance at survival, Chi Chi's would have to undergo a quadruple amputation procedure, cutting off the infection, but leaving her with stubs for paws. While the surgery was successful, it was anyone's guess how Chi Chi might adapt to physically, and emotionally, after all her trauma.

The Los Angeles-based animal welfare group who saved her, ARME, reports that the day after her surgery, she was wagging her tail and already attempting to walk. Days later, she managed to get around on her stumps. Proving to be a good candidate for prosthetics, Chi Chi was fitted with four new legs, and spent the following two months getting used to her new footing.

Through social media, her inspiring story caught the attention of the world, in particular a family in Arizona. The Howells, who have three dogs already, reached out to ARME to complete her journey and offer her a loving home. When she was deemed ready, Chi Chi was flown 6000 miles from Seoul all the way to LA,

Where her new family picked her up, and brought her to her new home in Phoenix this past week. Though the Howells admit she still has a long road to recovery ahead, they hope her story of smiling in the face of adversity will act as a lesson to the world on how to keep moving forward, one step at a time.
Stray Dog Begging At San Antonio Gas Station.
While WA2S Films was shooting stray dog scenes at night in San Antonio with Sony​ 4K night vision, we saw this female begging for something at a gas station. So we stopped to find out.

Sign up & Support the American Strays Project:

Discover more about Operation Houston #StrayDogCity

Deanna Vollano

Producer, Director, Editor:
Tom McPhee

c. 2015 All Rights Reserved
World Animal Awareness Society
818.561.5109 LA

If you like Eldad Hagar Hope For Paws Videos, You'll Love This Video.

This video was made possible in part by Betsy Coville, Tom Baker & Rescue Me Water ( and Field Producer Joni Crimmins​

It's Time to Reunite Mia and Sita with Their "Sister" Rhea. For decades, they spent every day together in the circus. And while the three elephants weren't biological sisters, in every other way they were a family.
So, when we had the opportunity to rescue Mia and Sita last Fall, but found out we could not also save Rhea -- because we didn't yet have the legal permission to rescue her -- we thought a lot about what it would mean to separate this herd.
In the end, we decided that Mia and Sita needed urgent help (remember, Sita still cannot lie down, even now, months after her rescue) and that the opportunity to save them might never come again... or might come too late.

But we vowed to ourselves, and silently to Mia and Sita, that we'd one day be back to rescue their sister Rhea. And now that time has come.

After months of work, we've managed to resolve all but one of the legal complications that once prevented us from rescuing her, and we expect to have permission in hand very soon. we need your help.

Rhea is 53 years old, and has been performing in the circus for more than 45 years! She has significant problems with her feet, an altered gait, and is growing progressively more lame.

Bringing her home, and securing her future, will cost approximately $110,000. We already have a $10k pledge from A Hand to Give, which is a great start.

Our goal is to raise the remaining $100k in the next 10 days. Will you help?

Elephants form very strong social bonds with one another, and have amazing memories. So we imagine that Mia and Sita have been missing Rhea deeply, and wondering where she is. Thank you in advance for helping us to reunite this family.

How cute are these rescued bears after hibernation at bear sanctuaries.

Finally all our bears at FOUR PAWS' bear sanctuaries are awake. Come and visit one of our five bear sanctuaries to get a chance to see our rescued bears in a peaceful surrounding.

Bear Sanctuary Mueritz in Germany
Bear Rescue Center Nadiya in Ukraine
Bear Sanctuary Arbesbach in Austria
Bear Sanctuary Prishtina in Kosovo
Dacning Bear Park in Bulgaria

Three dogs were dumped on the street by their owner. OMG, watch until the end!!!
We received a text on the Hope For Paws emergency line telling us that a person drove to a neighborhood, threw out three dogs as well as a bag of bread in order for them to "survive".
It is clear that both females, Nessie and Dee-Dee recently had puppies, and the owner probably felt like he got what he needed from them and so he dumped them along with the boy, Charlie.

On this rescue, I was joined by Zainab Zakria from the UK who helped me save the trio.

After we got them medical care, they continued to their foster home with Shelter Hope Pet Shop, and they are now looking for their loving forever homes. Please share this video and help them find a home.

Touching Photo Captures the Moment Rescued Puppy Mill Dog Learned That Humans Could be Kind. Many animal lovers will be familiar with the “aaw … I need that puppy” feeling that sweeps over us, when we walk past a pet shop window and witness an adorable pooch staring back at us. However, anyone who is tempted to buy a puppy from a pet store or other commercial location should be aware that the dog most likely emerged from an industry that is anything but adorable.

Puppy mills are large-scale commercial dog breeding facilities, typically run on a “factory farm” model. In these places, the welfare and happiness of the dogs tends to be a far lower priority for the owner than the aim of simply turning a profit. Dogs are usually held in small, crowded wire cages and provided with the bare minimum of care required to keep them alive. Lack of space, inadequate nutrition, poor hygiene, and rampant overbreeding are commonplace in puppy mills, leaving the dogs with a host of health issues ranging from dental problems, severely matted fur, eye, ear, and throat infections, and severe genetic deformities. Only the most good-looking puppies to emerge from the breeding process will be put on sale, while those who don’t make the grade are condemned to remain in cages, being used as breeding dogs until their “productivity” declines … at which point they are killed.

A number of former puppy mill dogs have gone on to become canine “ambassadors” for their kind, raising awareness about the abuse, neglect, and rampant inbreeding inherent in these facilities. These “ambassadors” include Lily – an Italian greyhound whose tragic story inspired Theresa Strader, the founder of National Mill Dog Rescue (NMDR), to launch her movement – and Harley, a sweet one-eyed Chihuahua who was also cared for by NMDR, and sadly passed away recently.

The kind folks behind NMDR, whose mission is to “rescue, rehabilitate and re-home discarded breeding dogs”, have now posted a heartrending image of one puppy mill dog who has clearly gone through hell and back … reminding us that we should always aim to adopt, never shop.

This sweet dog was one of eighteen puppy mill residents who were rescued by NMDR last weekend.
This Adorable Photo Captures the Moment a Puppy Mill Dog Learned That Humans Could be Kind
“On Friday, each of the dogs went through our intake process where, in the loving arms of volunteers, they received a veterinary exam, had their photos taken, many were bathed and groomed, and best of all, they were named,” said their loving rescuers. We hope that the sad eyes of the dog in the above picture will eventually come to be filled with joy, as they learn that there are kind and compassionate humans out there. You can find out more about the organization’s incredible work on their website or Facebook page, or click here to make a donation.

To learn more about the shocking truth behind puppy mills, and why you should always adopt rather than shop, read these posts:

If you are thinking of welcoming a new furry companion into your life but don’t want to support the puppy mill industry, there is no better option than to adopt a dog from a shelter! See the posts below for information and advice.

Image Source: National Mill Dog Rescue/Facebook

Get Ready for Cute Overload! Rescued Orangutans, Slow Lorises, and Bears Seeking Virtual Adopters. Get ready to see the most adorable photos of the day, Green Monsters! These animals have been rescued by International Animal Rescue (IAR), most likely because their rainforest homes have been destroyed by devastating and unsustainable palm oil industry.

Palm oil can be found in about 50 percent of consumer goods, and because of our high demand, a forested area the size of five football fields is cleared every minute on the island of Sumatra to make way for a new palm oil plantation. Deforestation for palm oil has destroyed 90 percent of the habitat that Borneo and Sumatra’s endangered animal species rely on for survival. Tragically, the orangutan species is predicted to go extinct within the next two decades due to this destruction, and the Sumatran tiger and elephants are set to follow close behind.

Thankfully, organizations like IAR are making sure these animals do not meet the fate of so many of their friends. Right now, people around the world (including you!) have the opportunity to virtually adopt one of these amazing animals. Their lives depend on it!

Here’s Gunung. Look at that face! Do you see those EYELASHES?! And that grin! Gunung was taken to the orangutan rescue center in Borneo five years ago. When he arrived, he was extremely skinny, barely surviving since being separated from his mother.
Adorable Rescued Animals Are Up for Virtual Adoption
This is Budi the cutie! When he was rescued, he was extremely ill after living in a chicken cage and being fed only condensed milk. Unfortunately, orangutans are often captured and kept as exotic pets. Thank goodness he was saved!
Adorable Rescued Animals Are Up for Virtual Adoption
Take a look at Nishant! This sloth bear arrived at IAR with poor vision, infected gums, and wounds all over. Now he’s looking great!
Adorable Rescued Animals Are Up for Virtual Adoption
Take a moment to gaze into the eyes of our dear pal Maurice the slow loris. He’s been at the rehabilitation center since 2013 and is a real looker!
Adorable Rescued Animals Are Up for Virtual Adoption
These aren’t the only animals in need. If you’d like to learn about other animals and their rescue stories – and most importantly, how you can help them, visit their website and consider making a donation!

To find out how to reduce or eliminate palm oil from your life, read some of the articles below.
All Image Source: International Animal Rescue/Facebook

Pet Monkey Released to the Wild Gets Attacked. Now She’s Getting the Care She Needs. After receiving a call that an adult leaf-eating Dusky Langur, in need of rescuing after being attacked by a troop of wild langurs, Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand (WFFT) immediately went to save her. They quickly rescued the poor primate and brought her back to their center where they found a few small wounds from the encounter.

WFFT believes this adorable Langur was taken in as a pet, due to her tame and friendly nature, but when they decided to release her back to the wild things took a terrible turn.

Many langurs are taken in as exotic pets, but their keepers soon realize that they cannot care for a wild monkey. After all, they’re called “wild” for a reason!
Abandoned Pet Langur Attacked by Wild Counterparts
A home is no place for a wild monkey to live. Once keepers realize this, they often abandoned them at temples and leave the monkeys to an unknown fate.
Abandoned Pet Langur Attacked by Wild Counterparts
In this monkey’s case, she was released back into the wild. While the wild is certainly where langurs belong. However, after years of captivity and confinement, a langur does not have the proper skills to survive in the wild. Because of this, they’re often attacked and unable to defend themselves.
Abandoned Pet Langur Attacked by Wild Counterparts
Thankfully, organizations like WFFT are doing everything they can to ensure that endangered animals receive the care and protection they need. After all, the exotic pet trade isn’t the only threat that langurs face. Because of habitat loss and poaching for the bushmeat trade, the Dusky Langur is listed as “near threatened” on the ICUN Red List.
Abandoned Pet Langur Attacked by Wild Counterparts
This story proves that wild animals should never be kept as pets. If you’d like to support WFFT’s amazing work, consider making a donation by clicking here. All Image Source: Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand/Facebook.

Abby The Puppy Gets Well.
Here is a short video of a little puppy we fostered for a few weeks. She was very ill when we first got her, but through tender care she got well and thrived! She was returned to The Briggs Animal Adoption Center in Charles Town WV where she was adopted out to a forever home.

Stop India's Stray Dogs From Becoming Dog Meat

In Defense of Animals
A state in southern India has proposed to tackle its large stray dog population by killing thousands of them and then profiting by selling their flesh for human consumption in China and South Korea.

Edakkttuvayal Gram Panchayat President K R Jayakumar introduced the proposal in Kerala, saying, "In my proposal to counter the menace of stray dogs, I suggested that we should utilize the opportunity. We should export stray dog meat to generate foreign money. People in northeast and countries like China and South Korea consume dog meat on a large scale. If we export canines to these countries, we can address the problems of stray dog attacks on humans."

Such a proposal is not only inhumane, but also in violation of India’s Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act and the Animal Birth Control Rules, 2001. The rules direct all areas to manage stray dog populations through sterilization and vaccination, the only proven method to effectively manage numbers and control human health issues, including rabies. Click here to read more and take action.

Poor dog rescued; poor dog left to die; dog saved; dog videos & more - sad dog stories compilation.
1. A picture making the rounds on social media recently, shows the heart shattering moment a 5-year-old girl finds her dog that had been missing for several days.

2. Virginia resident Allison Marks plans to press charges against a Westchester Commons Petco grooming store after her pet dog died of heat stroke at a grooming store. Marks dropped off her two-year-old golden retriever at a the grooming center in Chesterfield County Friday, May 29.

3. A badly bruised and injured dog named Xiao Huang, callously abandoned by his owner in southern Taiwan nearly two years ago, is finally getting medical attention after dutifully waiting in the same spot for two years for his master to return.

4. Two Pennsylvania police officers didn't mind getting dirty if it meant saving Sheila Shorr's pet, Pluto, from a mud pit the dog had been stuck in for almost three days.

5. An army veteran was arrested after he smashed a car window to save a dog from a hot car.

The suffering of one dog is too much for an animal lover to accept. The suffering of a million is almost unfathomable. The BBC reported recently on the dogs of Greece, becoming victims of homelessness and hunger, following years of financial crisis in the country:

“There are more than a million strays in Greece because people are simply abandoning pets they can no longer afford to keep”
Ghost Dogs Greece Lorenzo Capellini 52
Brian Davies led the Network for Animals team into action, rented a van and set to work. We initially discovered stray dogs, wearing collars in the centre of Athens. These dogs effectively ‘belong’ to the city. They are neutered and cared for by city officials, good samaritans, and tourists who visit the areas around the Acropolis, and generally appear to be in good health.

The real issue is on the outskirts, where there are no tourists or city officials to support the dogs. Out here, it was clear that the scale of the problem hadn’t been overstated. In these areas, the dogs roam abandoned industrial parks, old factories, and in struggling neighbourhoods. They are hungry, homeless, and often in need of medical attention.

We teamed up with volunteers from ‘Ghost Dogs of Aspropyrgos‘ who were doing their absolute best, with very limited resources to feed hungry animals, take care of their veterinary needs, and offer hope to animals facing overwhelming circumstances. Every day the volunteer group feed more than 300 starving dogs.
Ghost Dogs Greece Lorenzo Capellini 64
Our volunteer team formed at an abandoned shopping mall and set to work. 80 locations were covered – a pack of roughly four dogs clinging to life in each. This small canine group is the closest thing to a family that most will now experience, many of these dogs having been abandoned by their human families before the financial crisis hit.

Financial Commitment
Network for Animals have committed a total of 50,000 Euros over the next five years to provide:

  • Dog food for volunteer feeders who have seen their wages cut in half and cannot afford to feed the dogs from their own pockets.
  • Veterinary support, for poor dogs like Choco below, who would have died from parasitic infection without our medicines.
  • Assistance in adopting these dogs to other countries, where they can find a loving forever home, and never know loss again.

Ghost Dogs Greece Lorenzo Capellini 114

Ghost Dogs Greece Lorenzo Capellini 54
The dogs’ love of affection reminded us of the lives they might once have had. Many will once have known homes, and loving owners. They now live on the streets and are completely dependent on human generosity. Network for Animals need to do more, and with your support, we will. Please make a donation and help support the ghost dogs of Greece.

For volunteering, please email us your name, address and personal details, and confirm that you will be able to provide your own transport to Greece, as well as food and hotels/hostels. Being able to drive and hire a car is also incredibly useful, as the areas covered are remote.

Please also email us if you are from the UK and interested in adopting a dog from Greece or joining a fostering program, run in conjunction with Greek Animal Rescue.
Lesley Barritt and Big and Akrivi Tsoutsou with Daphne. Both dogs are being treated for a parasitical disease
Lesley Barritt and Big and Akrivi Tsoutsou with Daphne. Both dogs are being treated for a parasitical disease

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Cat Stuck in 100-Foot Well for Over a Year is Miraculously Rescued Thanks to Hardworking Team! When Saad Awais, a man from Pakistan, heard the cries of a cat stuck in a well on his family’s property, he did everything he could to try to get her out. But his efforts were in vain – after all, the well was 110 feet deep! According to reports, the cat had been stuck in the well for almost a year, but Awais only noticed the cat recently. Knowing he couldn’t leave the cat in the well to suffer, he turned to social media to solicit help. He got in touch with Edhi and PAWS (Pakistan Animal Welfare Society) to devise a plan to get the cat out.

This would not be an easy task – just look at that well!
Cat Stuck in 100-foot Well for Over a Year is Miraculously Rescued Thanks to Hardworking Team! (PHOTOS)
In the meantime, he had his employees send food down to the cat every day to keep her alive.
Cat Stuck in 100-foot Well for Over a Year is Miraculously Rescued Thanks to Hardworking Team! (PHOTOS)
Eventually, K-Electric joined the team, providing a crane and supervision. With the three forces combined, they worked tirelessly to retrieve this poor kitty. But after what has been referred to as a “mammoth” effort, they finally rescued this darling cat!
Cat Stuck in 100-foot Well for Over a Year is Miraculously Rescued Thanks to Hardworking Team! (PHOTOS)
“I’m grateful to everyone who helped rescue this cat,” Awais told The Express Tribue. He was particularly grateful for the efforts of the online community that helped Awais rally the troops to save the cat!
Cat Stuck in 100-foot Well for Over a Year is Miraculously Rescued Thanks to Hardworking Team! (PHOTOS)
According to Talha Ahmed, media manager for PAWS, the cat is in good health and is being taken to the vet. Once she’s recovered, PAWS will either keep her in the shelter or help her find a forever home!
Cat Stuck in 100-foot Well for Over a Year is Miraculously Rescued Thanks to Hardworking Team! (PHOTOS)
The efforts put forth by all parties involved is absolutely astounding – all to save the life of this precious kitty! If you were inspired by their dedication and perseverance, visit PAWS to learn more about their amazing work! All image source: K-Electric