Friday, March 25, 2016

This week's Dolphin Outlook!

Blood Dolphin$ is a 2010 three-part miniseries from Animal Planet, continuing Ric’s journey advocating for dolphins across the world.

Activist Ric O’Barry first shocked the world by exposing Japan’s annual slaughter of thousands of dolphins when the Academy-Award winning documentary, The Cove was released.  Now, O’Barry returns to Japan with his filmmaker son, Lincoln O’Barry, appalled to discover that even with the worldwide attention The Cove garnered, the brutal dolphin hunting continues.

 First, the O’Barry’s return to Taiji, Japan — site of The Cove — and then head to the Solomon Islands, where they try to put a stop to a lucrative and inhumane captive dolphin trade.

“The most important thing I can do…that my son can do…is show the world through projects like Blood Dolphin$ just how threatened dolphins are so we can all do something about it,”  Ric O’Barry
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Ep 1            Return To Taiji

Ric and Lincoln O’Barry use the power of international outrage to attempt to stop dolphin hunting; the hunt is delayed, but a phone call brings the team rushing back.

Ep  2          The Solomon’s Mission

Ric and Lincoln go on a mission to the Solomon Islands to protect dolphins.

Ep 3            Saving The Solomons

Ric and Lincoln’s mission to the Solomon Islands continues; they must confirm the true intentions of a former dolphin dealer; they make inroads with the indigenous people still involved in dolphin hunting.
Help end the dolphin drive hunts.

Hunters kill hundreds of dolphins every year in brutal drive hunts in Taiji, Japan. Global demand for dolphins for ‘entertainment’ fuels this slaughter.

Captive facilities select live dolphins from the bloody waters. These dolphins are flown to theme parks in Japan, China and around the world.

Airlines must stop carrying dolphins caught in drive hunts.  You can help - sign our petition now.

Most airlines belong to one of three alliances. We want these associations to encourage their members to stop transporting dolphins.

We’re starting with Star Alliance. We’ve asked all its member airlines for their position on carrying dolphins. You can see the ‘good' and ‘bad' lists below.

Sign the petition now. Ask Mark Schwab, CEO of Star Alliance to issue a policy against transporting live dolphins.

Stop airlines transporting dolphins
<p><a href=""><img src="" alt="Stop airlines transporting dolphins - WDC Infographic" title="Star Alliance airlines = stop transporting drive hunt dolphins - WDC Infographic" width="600" height="1600" /></a><br/>Ask Star Alliance airlines to stop transporting dolphins from drive hunts. <a href="" title="Stop Star Alliance airlines transporting dolphins from drive hunts">Please sign our petition today!</a> Visit our campaign page and help us stop airlines transporting dolphins from drive hunts to marine parks.<p>

The hunters hide the bloodshed from the public, but we obtained footage from behind the curtain. Please be warned - the method used to kill the dolphins is so cruel that the film is hard to watch.

Sign our petition now at: and at

Brand new video evidence of dolphin cruelty. Help us stop the horror behind the curtain.

We are sure you'll be shocked and saddened by this video.

Every year, hundreds of dolphins are killed in brutal hunts in the Cove, Taiji, Japan. Those not killed are sold and flown to marine parks around the world. Large amounts of money are paid for each dolphin and this profit finances the slaughter.

Moment pro surfer Soli Bailey has a DOLPHIN drop in on his wave.

Adopt a Dolphin update March 2016
Just as dolphin sightings around Chanonry Point and the Inner Moray Firth were beginning to pick up, they’ve gone a little flat again. But that’s the fascination of watching and studying wild and free bottlenose dolphins.