Thursday, March 24, 2016

Progressive Breakfast: A Corporate/Billionaire Austerity Budget Or A People's Prosperity Budget


You’ve heard people ask, “How come they can come up with a couple trillion dollars to invade Iraq, or hundreds of billions for corporate tax cuts, but say we’re broke when we need to fix our infrastructure so pipes don’t contaminate children with lead poisoning?” The answer is that the priorities of our current rigged “system” lead to choices like these by our current Congress ... these priorities more and more often reflect the values and wishes of the “donor class” and less and less often reflect the values and wishes of the rest of us. You might not know there is an alternative budget proposal that is much more in line with the priorities and values of “We the People.” That budget is the Congressional Progressive Caucus’ (CPC) Budget for Fiscal Year 2017, also known as “The People’s Budget.”


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Some Dems counsel Clinton not to ignore Sanders. The Hill: “Sanders supporters, particularly young voters, will be crucial in the general election, Democrats say, and Clinton risks alienating them if she acts like the race is over … ‘They have to approach this with kid gloves,’ said Democratic strategist Jim Manley, who has endorsed Clinton. ‘She and her team have to be very, very careful that they don’t unduly antagonize Sen. Sanders or, more importantly, Sen. Sanders’s supporters.'”
Sanders eyes California. LAT: “… he is counting on a ground game of liberal organizations — including the labor and environmental movements — to help him continue to attract large crowds and, he hopes, generate momentum. ‘You’re going to see me here more than you feel comfortable with,’ Sanders told the Los Angeles Times during a 50-minute meeting with the editorial board Tuesday. ‘We think we have a path to victory and that path absolutely has to come through California.'”
Clinton delivers counterterrorism speech. NYT: “…in her own policy prescriptions — which included an ‘intelligence surge’ to collect more data on the Islamic State, partnerships with Silicon Valley firms that have been suspicious of Washington, and beefing up security on soft targets like airport check-in areas — Mrs. Clinton resisted calls to distance herself from the Obama administration’s actions, and instead called for an acceleration of the approaches already underway.”


Republican voters OK with Trump winning nomination by plurality. Bloomberg: “…63 percent of those who have voted in this year’s Republican primaries and caucuses, or plan to do so, back the billionaire’s view of the nominating process and think the person with the most delegates should win, even if he lacks a majority.”
Kasich wont quit. NYT: “…He campaigned Wednesday in Wisconsin, where the next Republican primary will be held April 5, and his advisers argued that the race’s final stretch of 20 states, mostly in the Northeast, Middle Atlantic and the West Coast, put Mr. Kasich in a far stronger position than Mr. Cruz to halt Mr. Trump.”
Some Republicans think Trump can be stopped in Wisconsin. W. Post: “It’s [in] a region that has basically split between [Sen. Ted] Cruz, Donald Trump and Gov. John Kasich … Even a narrow win would given Cruz a shot at all 42 of the state’s delegates … In the ‘WOW’ counties of Waukesha, Ozaukee and Washington, [Trump’s] negative rating among Republicans is 39 points.”
W. Post investigates another shady Trump business: “[Trump Network] sold customized vitamins and other health products as part of a controversial business model known as multilevel marketing … [Trump] became involved in an industry that consumer advocates had long criticized as promising financial independence to sales recruits but rarely delivering it … Although many multilevel marketing companies are legal, the FTC has called some thinly disguised pyramid schemes.”
W. Post’s Dana Milbank slams Speaker Paul Ryan for flinching on Trump: “…Ryan tiptoed, floating an alternative to Donald Trump’s hatred but not mentioning the bigoted billionaire by name … Ryan isn’t denouncing him, or even saying he won’t support Trump.”


Dems being outspent for Senate races. Politico: “Republicans are outspending Democrats in key races so far. There’s little indication that Democrats will close the gap as Election Day approaches, and signs the chasm will grow thanks to the longer roster of deep-pocketed outside groups on the right.”
Kochs may abandon Trump, focus on Congress. W. Post: “A key element of the [$900M] strategy will be a springtime wave of television ads that slam Democratic contenders and tout Republican incumbents as attuned to hometown concerns. Strategists hope the efforts will help inoculate congressional candidates against association with Trump’s incendiary remarks.”.


VP Biden to deliver Supreme Court speech. Politico: “…he’ll try to reclaim the ‘Biden rule,’ a Republican talking point drawn from the first half of a June 1992 speech he made on the Senate floor … leaving out the part of the speech in which Biden said he’d consider supporting a consensus candidate if a spot opened … Biden will say his record as Senate Judiciary Committee chairman should indeed be the model: Hold a hearing, have a vote.”
GOP. Sen Pat Toomey to meet with Garland. NYT: “…Mr. Toomey emphasized that he had not changed his mind about opposing Judge Garland’s confirmation … In Pennsylvania, Democrats vying to replace Mr. Toomey have sought to tie him to more extreme Republicans like Senator Ted Cruz of Texas…”


Corinthian Colleges hit with $1.2B fine. Inside Higher Ed: “The ruling came in a suit filed by Kamala D. Harris, the California attorney general. The ruling said that Cornithian had misled students through false statistics about job placement rates and the unlawful use of U.S. military seals in advertisements, among other practices. The ruling calls for Cornithian to pay $820 million to former students and $350 million in civil penalties. It is unclear how much money Corinthian still has.”
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