Friday, March 25, 2016

Los Angeles Rams Weekly Update

Are you ready to see more of the Rams than you ever have before? With HBO's "Hard Knocks" focusing on the Rams we will get the behind-the-scenes look that we have all been waiting for.

When the Rams moved back to Los Angeles, it was a given that the team would be under the bright lights more than they had been in the past.

Well the lights have already gotten brighter for the Rams. It's been reported by Sam Farmer of the Los Angeles Times that the Rams have agreed to being the featured team of "Hard Knocks" on HBO.
Of course, veteran of the documentary series and current Head Coach of the Buffalo Bills Rex Ryan was the first to tell everyone that the decision would come down to the Rams and the New Orleans Saints.

What is Hard Knocks?
It is a documentary series that highlights a team during training camp and preseason games. It has focused on the story of players that are on the bubble of the depth chart in the past.

The relocation of the Rams will be a focus this season based on this statement by Ken Rodgers, NFL Films coordinating producer:
"Previous teams that have moved, it wasn’t something that we had covered fully like we’re going to cover the Rams. What we try to do on the show is find a team that’s going on a mission, that’s going somewhere. Having a team that’s not only trying to get somewhere but is also physically moving just adds to the drama of training camp."
Other possible topics would include: the QB position, a focus on Aaron Donald and Todd Gurley, the Rams defense, and of course another brawl with the Cowboys if the teams practice together again.
Being on this show is move that should excite fans and of course promote the team in their new location. For those who are worried about this being a distraction, it should not be. The past six teams that have appeared on the show have matched or surpassed their previous record.

Los Angeles Rams: 5 Reasons They’re On Hard Knocks.

Los Angeles
Doesn’t anybody find it just a little bit convenient that  the same year this team makes the move from St. Louis to its new home in the gleaming west coast metropolis of Los Angeles that they end up the sports’ most viewed off-season TV show?  One would think the NFL is trying to sell their decision and want to get local fans a look into the team they’re about to inherit. Beyond that, L.A. is the best marketing town in the country. 

The additional exposure it’s bound to bring is great from a public relations standpoint and of course a money standpoint. 

Los Angeles brings publicity, and publicity means dollars. 

Like Spaceballs 2, the league is always about The Search For More Money.

Quarterback Controversy
Few things are more enjoyable, at least to the casual football fan than a quarterback controversy.  It was the central selling point of the Texans run last year as Brian Hoyer and Ryan Mallett both vied for the job.  Now the Rams are in position to offer up a similar treat.  Though they’ve insisted that Case Keenum, ironically a former Houston quarterback, is their starter there is no reason to believe that.

For one, Nick Foles whom they traded for is still on the roster.  
There is a chance he could compete with Keenum for the job but beyond that is the strong belief in the draft community that Los Angeles will go after a quarterback in the 1st round of the upcoming NFL draft.  That would throw another fascinating wrinkle into the competition.  For example, just imagine if California-native Jared Goff were thrown into that equation.  Yep, lots of people would watch.

Todd Gurley
He’s the reigning Rookie of the Year and one of the best, young running backs to come into the NFL since Adrian Peterson.  Todd Gurley took the football world by storm last season, arriving late to the action after missing three games but still rushing for 1,106 yards and 10 touchdowns to make the Pro Bowl.  Los Angeles hasn’t seen a back of his talent since Eric Dickerson.  One can only hope they dump those dark blue and gold uniforms and return to the much brighter ocean blue and yellow colors.

Regardless of what happens at quarterback, everybody knows the lifeblood of the 2016 Rams offense will be him and that offensive line.  Fans will want to see how Gurley is progressing and whether he’s ready to build on the impressive season he put together as a rookie.  At just 21-years old, he is an emerging superstar.

Aaron Donald
Speaking of superstars, the Rams know they have at least one of those on defense.  While J.J. Watt remains the gold standard of the modern era by which all other pass rushers are measured, he may soon have company at the top.  That is how good defensive tackle Aaron Donald was last season and how much better he is getting with each game of experience he adds under his belt.  The trends certainly seem to aim in his favor.

At just 24-years old he comes off a season with 11 sacks, giving him 20 total for his brief two-year career.  Hard Knocks could provide the first in-depth look at how Donald goes about his process of becoming the most dominant interior pass rusher in football, much how people saw Watt do it a year ago.  Just in case other football players looking for the formula need a reminder.

Jeff Fisher
Look back over the history of Hard Knocks and most often audiences are introduced to a head coach who hasn’t been in charge of his team for more than a year or two.  Bill O’Brien was in just his second season with the Texans.  Joe Philbin was a rookie in 2012.  Rex Ryan entered his second season with the Jets in 2010.  This will be a year in which fans are introduced to a head coach who has been doing it for decades.
Jeff Fisher took over his first team in 1995.  Overt that span he has learned every single trick of the trade that is being an NFL head coach.  He may be older but he’s also wiser and no less fiery than his most early days in Houston and Tennessee.  Not only will fans get a close-up look of a well-respect, and smart coach but also one who approaches a critical year from a personal standpoint.

During his tenure, the Rams have failed to make the playoffs even once.  So this could be a make-or-break season for him.

Los Angeles Rams Won’t Change Uniforms Until 2019 Season With Inglewood StadiumContrary to popular demand, the Los Angeles Rams won’t change their jerseys until their stadium in Inglewood is ready to use.

According to a report published by the Los Angeles Times, the Los Angeles Rams won’t swap their jerseys anytime soon.

With the season coming quickly, the Rams are preparing for a major transition within the NFL now that a football team is back in Los Angeles for the first time in two decades.

When the Rams decide it’s right for a change of scenery, the choice of jersey will likely reflect the team’s roots, indicating that they are ready to move past the thought of St. Louis.

Los Angeles welcomed the NFL back with open arms, with the possibility of a second team joining the Rams still on the table.

In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, team executive Kevin Demoff said while there are plenty of people who want the old colors back, “it’s not as simple as that.”

And in many ways, he’s right.
Rams not planning on wearing new uniforms until new stadium opens in 2019.
It would be nice to see a team like the Rams go back to their classic colors, but since the league requires a two-year advanced notice, Demoff tells the Los Angeles Times that their application won’t be submitted until next season, per the rule.

One option that the Los Angeles Times report briefly touches on is the idea of the Rams permanently going back to their old uniforms — a rule that only needs one year of advanced notice instead of two.

This would mean a quicker uniform update, possibly even involving the implementation of the retro white-blue combination that has the potential to be the re-branding the team is looking for.

The other option that the Rams have is designing completely new uniforms and re-branding the franchise completely once the stadium in Inglewood becomes fully functional.

With the jerseys they have at the moment, they won’t be terrible to watch in Los Angeles for the time being, but what the fans want to see will make enough noise for a change to come in the immediate future.

Since the move became official from St. Louis back to Los Angeles, the team has been trying to ensure that their identity doesn’t get lost in the relocation process.

Los Angeles Rams expected to play in China in 2018

The NFL appears to be going to China.

According to NFL Media's Albert Breer, the NFL is working on the idea of playing a regular-season game in China for 2018, with the likelihood the Los Angeles Rams would be the home team.

The Los Angeles Times' Sam Farmer first reported the Rams would, in fact, be the home team for a 2018 game in China.

The news comes days after it was reported the NFL was looking into a game in China in 2018 and one in Germany in 2017.

The Rams are currently in the process of moving to Los Angeles. Their proposed stadium in Inglewood, to be built by owner Stan Kroenke, is not slated to open until 2019.

The visit to China will be the NFL's biggest push for American football on the Asian continent. It is also not without its difficulties.

Back in 2007, the NFL had plans to play in China. That game was tentatively rescheduled to 2009, but ended up never coming to fruition.

The 2018 game in China would be part of the Rams' pact to play three international games over the next three years. L.A. will host a game in London in 2016 versus the New York Giants.
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