Thursday, March 17, 2016

Help Stop the PennEast Pipeline

PennEast Pipeline Company is trying to build a 118-mile pipeline that will carry "fracked" gas from Pennsylvania into Hunterdon and Mercer counties in New Jersey. This project threatens our drinking water and will scar thousands of acres of farms, forests, and other precious places.  
March in Chesterfield
Impacts to the Pinelands
The PennEast pipeline project is closely tied to the "Southern Reliability Link" - a pipeline that New Jersey Natural Gas wants to build in Burlington and Ocean Counties in violation of the rules that protect the Pinelands National Reserve.  PennEast is supposed to supply the capacity that New Jersey Natural Gas has promised to buy for the Southern Reliability Link.  

And by the way - the parent company of New Jersey Natural Gas, New Jersey Resources, is a partner in the PennEast Company (the entity created to build the PennEast pipeline).  Things that make you go "hmm..."

There is massive local opposition to PennEast. Landowners and towns have done everything they can to fight back: passing resolutions and refusing buyouts. 

These communities need our help. PennEast's application is before the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). Tell FERC that we deserve a healthy environment, unspoiled open spaces, and energy that doesn't put us at risk. 

Sign the petition now to tell FERC to reject the PennEast Pipeline. 

The PennEast Pipeline runs throughout the Delaware River Watershed, which provides drinking water to millions of people. It would cut through some of the cleanest streams in New Jersey that we use for fishing and swimming. 

We've joined with allies across our region because the PennEast pipeline poses a massive threat to our land, drinking water and air quality. 

Sign our petition now telling FERC to reject the PennEast Pipeline.

Our goal is to get thousands of tweets, phone calls and email messages to our Senators and members of the Assembly with positive messages of support for the Pinelands. Pick an action below or do all three!
Not sure who your representatives are? Look them up on the state's legislative website here.
Email your Senator/Assemblyperson
Use this link and you can email your representative in two minutes or less! Please personalize your message. Make sure your representative understands why you value New Jersey's Pinelands.

Send an Email Now
Call your Senator/Assemblyperson
Call your representative and tell them or their staff why the Pinelands matter to you. Let them know that you expect them to do better in 2016. 

Look up their phone number here.

Sample message: I care about New Jersey's Pinelands - I can't imagine our state if we didn't have this large protected wilderness. Please take action to make sure the Pinelands are here for generations to come. You can do this by opposing political interference with the Pinelands Commission, supporting a moratorium on all pipelines in New Jersey, stopping the rollback of rules that protect the Pinelands and NJ's environment, and requiring the administration to implement plans its already created to protect our water supply and to protect our state lands from damaging illegal off-road vehicle use.
Tweet your Senator/Assemblyperson

We've made it easy for you! Simply copy and paste the sample tweets below. Follow us @PinesAlliance and re-tweet.

USE THIS HASHTAG #ProtectThePinelands 

Here are some sample tweets:
40 years of #Pinelands protections are at stake. #ProtectThePinelands @INSERTLEGHANDLE

Pinelands National Reserve not PIPE-lands National Reserve #ProtectThePinelands. @INSERTLEGHANDLE

Keep #NewJerseyStrong and preserve integrity of Pinelands National Reserve and Commission @INSERTLEGHANDLE #ProtectThePinelands

More jobs are created by sustainable, renewable, projects @INSERTLEGHANDLE #NoPipeline #ProtectThePinelands

Our children need open space, clean air and clean water #ProtectThePinelands - do it for our kids. @INSERTLEGHANDLE

Endangered species in the #NJPinelands can't speak for themselves. But we can. #ProtectThePinelands. @INSERTLEGHANDLE

Stopping the #Pipeline is a WIN-WIN for our environment, health AND economy. #ProtectThePinelands. @INSERTLEGHANDLE

Good government depends on you @INSERTLEGHANDLE #ProtectThePinelands

Your constituents are counting on you @INSERTLEGHANDLE to #ProtectThePinelands and good government.

Restore New Jerseyans faith in government - #ProtectThePinelands @INSERTLEGHANDLE

Here are some great trips coming up during the next few weeks. 

We hope you'll join us as the weather continues to warm and provide awesome hiking, touring and exploring conditions.
Rally for the Pines Succeeds Despite the Rain!
The rally and march for the Pinelands that was held on Monday in Trenton was a great success despite the cold and rainy weather.  There were over 70 people in attendance for the march and rally.  Senator Lesniak, Assemblyman Dancer, former Pinelands Commissioner Robert Jackson and People over Pipelines member Andrea Katz all spoke passionately about the need to defend the Pinelands from further attacks.  

Thank you to everyone who came and who took action!!!

Check out a short video from the Rally and March here.

Email your legislators and see news coverage from the rally.  Click here.

BPU Decision on NJ Natural Gas Pipeline Friday, March 18th at 10:00 am in Trenton, NJ
This Friday at 10am the Board of Public Utilities will hold its vote on the New Jersey Natural Gas Southern Reliability Link (SRL) pipeline. This pipeline violates the rules that protect the Pinelands and has been vigorously opposed by the communities that this pipeline is proposed to go through.  Learn more here

Location: State House Annex, Committee Room 11, 125 W. State Street, Trenton

If you attend this meeting you need to know that public is NOT allowed to speak before the Commissioners vote.  
You must bring your photo ID to enter the State House.

Here is the link to the Agenda on the BPU website.

Food & Water Watch, New Jersey has organized the following activities to oppose this pipeline which violates Pinelands rules.
Call the BPU Commissioners Today 
Tell them "I oppose the NJNG Petition for exemption from local land use laws for the Southern Reliability Link Pipeline (Docket No. GO15040403) and this decision by the BPU. It is a threat to democracy and local control."

Below are the numbers you need to call:
1. Office of Richard Mroz, President: 609-777-3310 or 609-777-3300
2. Office of Diane Solomon, Commissioner: 609-633-9803
3. Office of Joseph Fiordaliso, Commissioner: 609-633-9842
4. Office of Mary-Anna Holden, Commissioner: 609-633-9879
5. Office of Upendra Chivukula, Commissioner: 609-633-9837

Twitter Storm the NJ BPU Twitter Account Today
Use @NJBPU, @RichardMroz and $NJR or #StopSRL in your tweets.  Find sample tweets below.  You can also re-tweet from our Twitter account here.

Protest with Food & Water Watch Outside the State House Friday
Meet at 9am on Friday outside of the State House to protest the decision. Bring posters and rally signs to raise awareness of the issue. Please notify Lena from Food & Water Watch if you will be there.  Call 732-839-0878 or email

Sample Tweets: 

BPU STOP SRL! Our communities are at risk! $NJR @NJBPU @RichardMroz #StopSRL #endpenneast

BPU - Just say NO to unneeded pipeline $NJR @NJBPU @RichardMroz #StopSRL #EndPennEast

NJNG SRL will cost ratepayers and put communities at risk. $NJR @NJBPU @RichardMroz #StopSRL #EndPennEast

Unneeded pipelines like SRL costs ratepayers millions!$NJR @NJBPU @RichardMroz #StopSRL #EndPennEast

People over pipelines and profit! Stop unneeded, costly SRL! $NJR @NJBPU @RichardMroz #StopSRL #EndPennEast

BPU Stop SRL. It will cost ratepayers! $NJR @NJBPU @RichardMroz #StopSRL #EndPennEast

*This editorial is no longer available on the Times website so a pdf is posted above.
Check out the schedule below:

John McPhee's Pine Barrens Today: Sat., Mar. 19 - 10 am to 3 pm

Join local historian and author Barbara Solem on a small group bus tour to visit many places described in John McPhee's landmark book "
The Pine Barrens." Barbara's extensive knowledge of the Pine Barrens will bring it's history to life.

While most of the characters that McPhee profiled have since passed on, many of the places he wrote about have remained largely unchanged. They've remained that way in large part because McPhee's book challenged citizens and political leaders to find a way to protect the unique Pine Barrens ecosystem and culture fr
om development that loomed on the horizon at the time.
Participants in this tour will make stops and take short hikes at places like Paisley, Apple Pie Hill, Hog Wallow and the Forks on the Mullica. 

Pine Barrens Time Machine - April 3 - 10 am to 3 pm

Explore the Pinelands' geologic past to the present and learn about the human interplay with its natural resources, its unique flora and fauna.
During this 5-hour small bus group tour participants will learn about the human interplay with Pine Barrens natural resources, its unique flora and fauna, how it became the Pinelands National Reserve and what we can learn from its history as society grapples with today's local and global environmental issues.

Pine Barrens Habitats Tour - April 9 - 10 am to 3 pm

Jeff Larson has spent most of his adult life exploring deeply into the Pine Barrens. On this tour, which includes traveling via bus and on foot, Jeff will introduce you to some truly unique and remote areas seen by few. Don't miss this very special trip with Jeff.
Characteristics of each habitat will be discussed including flora, fauna, natural and human influence. Areas to be visited include upland pine-oak communities, lowland pine communities, spungs, savannas, hardwood (gum) swamps, and other aquatic environments.
This trip involves hiking short distances over rugged and wet terrain. Participants should be physically fit enough for an excursion of this nature. Appropriate footwear and perhaps extra socks are required. This is a 5-hour small bus, group tour. Good for ages 8 and up.

Pine Barrens Discovery Tour:  April 9 & 16 - 1 to 4 pm

Hike along the edges of the Mullica River at Goshen Pond and discover its secrets. Join Pinelands Adventures Naturalist John Volpa for our Pine Barrens Sampler, a three-hour exploration of Pine Barrens life. This program includes a shore walk to learn about uplands and Atlantic Cedar Swamp habitats, conduct a water quality survey, try dip and seine netting. 
This trip begins at our Adventure Center where you will be met by guide and naturalist John Volpa, Pinelands Adventures' Education Director. Pack a snack and something to drink!

Reviews of the Guided Trip:

"John Volpa was the highlight of the trip. Truly outstanding in every respect." - Terence G.

Programs for Schools and Groups

We have great programming for schools and groups. If you are a teacher, scout or youth group leader, contact us to learn about our outings and customized programs for young people to discover the Pine Barrens. 

We're Back on the Rivers in April

Paddling season will be here before your know it. Start making plans with your friends and family. Also, don't forget that our paddling and hiking programs make for excellent outings for companies as well as scouts, church or civic groups.

See you in the Pinelands!