Saturday, March 26, 2016

Gun Safety Weekly Update!

Gun that folds up to look like a smartphone can fire two rounds

A Minnesota startup has come up with the latest innovation in concealable weapons — a gun that looks like your run-of-the-mill mobile phone.

According to CNN Money, entrepreneur Kirk Kjellberg developed the Ideal Conceal gun as a way to carry a weapon without bothering other people.

Unlike other easily concealed guns like the folding revolver or the Taurus Curve — a gun shaped like a box with rounded edges — its main draw is that it doesn’t look like a gun when folded.

A double barreled .380 caliber derringer, the Ideal Conceal is designed to resemble a smartphone. It transforms into a gun when the safety clicks open and releases the grip.

The gun cannot be fired while in its locked position, making it safe to carry while clipped to the side or in a purse.

The palm-sized pistol addresses the demand for easy-to-carry guns that can be accessed quickly for self-defense, according to the brand’s website.

Double homicide: Man murders girlfriend, then kills his ex in front of her children
In a double homicide, a mother of three was stabbed to death after pleading with her ex-partner to stop his mad rampage, saying, "I still love you."

Jodie Betteridge, 30, who months ago had split up with the suspect, 34-year-old Alan Bennett, was butchered on her doorstep in front of her children on March 24.

"She was wearing a blue dressing gown and screaming, 'I still love you!' There was blood everywhere," one neighbor told The Sun. "He stabbed her about ten times."

Another neighbor, John Chambers, 69, said "She was attacked right in front of her children. They were terrified and had to run next door to escape him."

The incident occurred shortly after the murder of Bennett's current girlfriend, 46-year-old Lynne Freeman. Bennett was living with Freeman.

Freeman's kids have released a statement, which Cleveland Police have posted on their Facebook page.
Woman pulls underwear gun: Cowgirl pulls out gun from undies, shoots guy in car

A gang-related shooting where a woman pulled a gun hidden in her skirt and shot a male rival has ended with an arrest thanks to high-definition video surveillance footage.

Police said a woman shot a man in a car at a Mobil gas station on Fenkell and Greenfield at around 4:20 a.m. on Sunday.

The entire incident was captured on high-definition camera because of partnership between gas stations and police called Project Greenlight.

Police said a blue Dodge Charger with two females and two males was at the Mobil gas station when an older-model green Grand Prix pulled up to the station. A heated argument then ensued between people in both cars, police said.

In footage released on Sunday by police, the female shooter is seen grabbing a semi-automatic handgun from the Charger and shoving it into her underpants. She then walks up to the Grand Prix and pulls out the weapon, shooting and hitting the driver multiple times, according to police.

On Meet the Press last Sunday, Mitch McConnell said the Senate wouldn’t consider a Supreme Court nominee opposed by the NRA, like the President’s pick to replace Justice Antonin Scalia...
Well, it’s not the NRA’s job to nominate Supreme Court justices, it’s the President’s. And it’s not the NRA’s constitutional duty to give those nominees fair consideration, but it IS the Senate’s.
The President did his duty and put forth a qualified nominee who People For the American Way supports: Judge Merrick Garland.
Now it’s time for Republicans in the Senate to do theirs and give Judge Garland the fair consideration he is due.
We've helped pull together an impressive coalition of organizations for a massive joint petition -- to amplify the voices of our members and really make sure that we are heard.
Mere MINUTES after the news broke of Justice Scalia’s death, Republican Senators began to mount an unprecedented campaign of obstruction, vowing to block ANY Supreme Court nominee by President Obama to fill the seat.
Despite Judge Garland’s qualifications being second to none, and his being respected for his ability, intellect, and character on both sides of the aisle, the Radical Right has started an all-out campaign to sink his confirmation. And Senate Republicans -- in an astonishing demonstration of hypocrisy and disrespect for the Constitution -- are trying to maintain their full-throttle obstruction.
But we’ve been turning up the pressure on key Republican Senators -- especially those up for re-election this year -- and we’re already starting to see some cracks in the blockade.
We need YOUR help to keep up the pressure.

Thank you for speaking out to defend the Court and the Constitution.
Tell Congress: fund the background check system. If there's one thing Democrats, Republicans, Independents, and even the gun lobby agree on, it's that background checks are only as strong as the records contained within the system. 

Since the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) was implemented in 1994, over 2.4 million gun purchases have been blocked. But far too many states lack the resources needed to upload all the relevant criminal histories, mental health and domestic violence records to ensure that when a person goes to buy a gun, the disqualifying record in the background check system is accessible to block the purchase.

The good news is there is a growing chorus of congressional Democrats and Republicans who want adequate levels of funding for the system. This week, a bipartisan group of over 160 House members signed a letter urging the Appropriations Committee to approve $73 million to help ensure NICS has complete and timely information to keep firearms out of the hands of individuals who cannot safely and legally possess them.

It would mean a lot if you added your name to theirs today:

Sign our petition calling on Congress to fund the National Criminal Background Check System at $73 million.

The background check system has been historically underfunded, and that has allowed criminals and the dangerously mentally ill to get their hands on guns they should have otherwise been unable to possess.

And all too often, this leads to tragic consequences like we saw with the Charleston and Lafayette mass shootings last year.

Funding NICS will save lives, and it's an issue that enjoys broad, bipartisan support. If you add your name and urge your legislators to act, we can get this done.

Sign our petition calling on Congress to appropriate the $73 million necessary to adequately fund the National Criminal Background Check System.

Earlier this year, we won a victory for our movement when a Republican governor in New Mexico signed a law ensuring all relevant mental health information be sent to the national background checks database.

But we need to also ensure that states have the funding they need to upload all of their records -- and many states don't have the financial resources to do so. This is something we should do at the federal level. And if we stand together, we will.