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Animal Cruelty Report

Make Second-Offense Animal Cruelty a Felony.

Target: Chairman of the Senate Agriculture Committee, Senator Jim Rice
Goal:  Support making second-offense animal cruelty a felony in Idaho.
Republican Ilana Rubel proposed a bill to the senate which would make the second offense of animal cruelty a felony. In addition to this, the bill better defines torture and would make it a first-offense felony if a minor was present at the time the act was committed. However, farm groups in Idaho oppose the bill and are trying to ensure it does not pass into law.
Rubel is baffled by the opposition as her bill specifically excludes production agriculture. In effect, she is receiving resistance from a group the bill does not affect at all. She stated that as a strong supporter of animal agriculture she had taken extra precautions to ensure the agriculture community was not affected by the bill.
Rubel’s bill bears some similarity to a bill that was introduced in 2013 by Ken Andrus, Chairman of the House Agricultural Affairs Committee. Like Rubel’s, his bill made a second animal cruelty offense a felony and better defined torture. It failed because of opposition from farm groups. The new Chairman, Senator Jim Rice, has since said that he will not hear any bill similar to the one Andrus passed in 2013. Instead, he wants to treat animal cruelty as a mental illness, which cannot be solved by mere jail-time.
While there is some truth to this, it should not prevent the state from putting stricter laws in place to punish convicted criminals. Oftentimes, people who commit acts of sexual assault and murder are also suffering from mental illnesses, but strict criminal laws are in place for them too. Animal rights should get the same treatment.
Dear Senator Rice,
I am writing this letter to express my concern regarding a bill that was recently proposed by Republican Illana Rubel. Her bill would amend other animal rights laws in Idaho by putting in place stricter provisions. These include making the second offense of animal cruelty a felony, as well as define animal torture.
In 2013, a similar bill was put in place by Ken Andrus, Chairman of the House Agricultural Affairs Committee. The bill failed due to opposition from farm groups, similar to what Rubel is facing now. It also failed as a result of opposition from your predecessor. Similarly, you have taken a stance against any bill bearing a resemblance to Andrus’. This would include Rubel’s bill, as well.
I understand your position that people who commit animal cruelty should be psychologically evaluated and treated. However, this should not preempt putting stricter laws in place to deter people from committing animal cruelty and to punish those who do.
Oftentimes, people who commit acts of sexual assault and murder are also suffering from mental illnesses but strict criminal laws are in place for them too. Animal rights should get the same treatment. I urge you to support Rubel’s bill to tackle the growing problem of animal cruelty in Idaho and America at large.
[Your Name Here]

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Don’t miss this great opportunity to network with other animal lovers, speak directly with your state legislators about passing strong laws for animals and learn how you can make a big difference for New York’s animals in 2016. This year’s topics will likely include fighting breed discrimination and increasing adoption opportunities for homeless animals.

We’ll host a special web-based training before the event that will help prepare you for your legislative meetings and make your day in Albany a success.

This year marks the ASPCA’s 150th anniversary, and there’s no better way to help celebrate our history of animal advocacy than by joining us on April 11 to ensure a safer and happier future for animals. Visit the ASPCA Advocacy Center online to reserve your spot today!

Ban Cruel Dog Fighting Festival.
1024px-Wikipedia : Josh Plueger
Target: Chinese Minister of Culture, Luo Shugang
Goal: Ban cruel dog fighting competition in which dogs are made to fight each other to the death.
Over 40 dogs were recently forced to fight each other in a cruel tradition during the Lantern Festival in the Shanxi Province of China. Tortured into becoming aggressive, the dogs are trapped in an enclosure and pitted against each other. Photos show dogs ripping out pieces of each other’s faces and bodies as spectators cheer and capture the fight on their phones.
Each brutal fight continues until one of the dogs is dead. According to reports, anyone can enter their dog and the owner of the winning dog takes home a mug and a packet of cigarettes.
Alongside the cruel dog eating Yulin festival, this is another instance of the Chinese government allowing dogs to undergo extreme cruelty in the name of tradition. China desperately needs stricter animal cruelty laws in order to protect innocent beings from these horrid practices.
Sign this petition urging Chinese authorities to ban dog fighting and ensure these cruel events no longer take place.
Dear Minister Shugang,
I was shocked to learn that dog fighting is still legal in China. Recently, news media have reported the horrific cruelty that takes place at a bloody dog fighting festival during the Lantern Festival in the Shanxi Province as well as other parts of the country. Tortured into becoming aggressive, dogs are forced to fight each other to the death.
Extreme cruelty to animals is never acceptable and should not be allowed to remain part of a country’s traditions. China is a country rich in non-lethal cultural traditions and does not need to continue to allow bloody and inhumane events to take place.
I urge you to stand up for innocent animals and ensure dog fighting is made illegal.
[Your Name Here]
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Punish Teen Who Allegedly Cut Off Dog’s Ears.
Target: Pitt County District Attorney Kimberley S. Robb
Goal: Punish a teen who allegedly cut off the ears of his pit bull.
A teenager is being held in custody after he allegedly cut off his dog’s ears. Jerome Johnson, who is 19 years old, was arrested and charged with felony animal cruelty for maiming and deforming an animal.
The alleged incident occurred in Winterville, North Carolina. After Johnson’s arrest, it was discovered that he was the animal’s owner. The dog, a brown pit bull, was taken into custody and treated after a collaboration between deputies and Pitt County Animal Control. It is now in the custody of Pitt Friends, a non-profit group that works with the Pitt County Animal Shelter to help animals and find new homes for them.
Johnson is being held in custody under a $53,000 bond. Sign the petition below and demand that Johnson receive the harshest possible penalties if found guilty.
Dear District Attorney Robb,
The maiming of a dog by its owner is a cruel and savage act that deserves the harshest of penalties. The teenager who allegedly carried out this heinous act, Jerome Johnson, had a responsibility to look after the animal in his care. Instead, reports claim that he callously cut off its ears. He is now being held under $53,000 bond and has been charged with felony animal cruelty for maiming and deforming an animal.
This type of behavior warrants the harshest penalties possible under the law. This poor animal was left to suffer and will forever be deformed. I urge you to demand that Johnson receive the maximum sentence possible for this crime if he is found guilty.
[Your Name Here]
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Outlaw Cruel Circus that Forces Polar Bears to Sing and Dance.
Target: Vladimir Medinsky, Russian Minister of Culture
Goal: Shut down the inhumane circus act that forces polar bears to sing and dance.
Polar bears are forced to perform painful tricks in a cruel circus act. The Ivanovo circus is a popular Russian circus known for its polar bear act. Startling images show the bear standing on its hind legs, muzzled, and dancing with its prod-wielding trainer. Demand the indefinite closing of this inhumane circus.
Polar bears are taught to sing, dance, ice skate, and play football at the hands of their trainer. She speaks openly in an interview about her methods of training the bears, which include consistent beatings. Once onstage, the bears are muzzled, chained, and forced to stand on their hind legs. This posture is unnatural and uncomfortable for the bears. They are also allegedly subjected to starvation and small enclosures.
This is not the first incident of alleged animal abuse in a Russian Circus. They have been accused of burning animals with cigarettes, striking them with metal bars, and using other torture methods in the past. Sign below and demand the immediate shut down of the Ivanovo circus.
Dear Mr. Medinsky,
Polar bears are muzzled, chained, and forced to stand on their hind legs to perform in a cruel circus act. This torture cannot go on. We demand the immediate shut down of the Ivanovo circus.
The circus bears are forced to stand, sing, dance, and do other tricks that cause them extreme discomfort. They are also allegedly beaten, starved, muzzled, and forced to live in small enclosures all for the sake of entertainment.
We demand that you put an end to this abuse by closing the Ivanovo circus indefinitely.
[Your Name Here]
Photo credit: rosevita Stop Selling Barbaric Animal Traps!

In Defense of Animals
The largest retailer in the US made its name as an online bookstore, but what it sells now is more horrifying than the darkest work of fiction. The multibillion-dollar organization is selling notoriously cruel animal killing devices, including snares and "leghold" traps, which are intended to severely injure and kill any animal  unfortunate enough  to get caught.

Victims of Amazon's range of vicious traps can suffer in agony for hours on end, dehydrated, traumatized and without hope. Captured animals will often struggle to the point of exhaustion. If the traps or snares are set in or near water, trapped animals may drown.

Amazon stocks not just one trap, but a whole variety, that claim to target specific animals.  Gopher, weasel, fox, mink, raccoon, and muskrat traps can all be found on the website, misleading  purchasers to believe that specific traps will catch specific animals. However, snares and leghold traps often end up brutally catching and killing unintended victims, including  non-target species such as birds, other wild animals or even dogs and cats.

As if that weren't shocking enough, Amazon is complicit in the murder of America's wild animals, shipping out the killing devices from its own warehouses. In some areas, you can order and start killing on the very same day.

These savage traps and snares should not be sold. Click here to read more and to take action.

Dog Heartlessly Dumped on Valentine's Weekend

In Defense of Animals
Help Us Find Cold-Hearted Person in Sidon, Mississippi
It was bitterly cold and the wind was blowing as the terrified dog sat shivering in a wire crate on the boat landing. She was beside herself and did not understand what she had done to cause her to be left all alone in this dark place.

Hope Animal Sanctuary Operations Manager, Sharon Stone, received a report that a female dog had been abandoned in a wire crate on a boat landing in Sidon, Mississippi. Temperatures in the area had already dipped below freezing that night, making this bad situation even worse.

Sharon leapt into action, enlisting the help of a local In Defense of Animals supporter, K.K. Kent, who immediately went to the location and began efforts to rescue the dog. Susan Burrell, board member with Leflore County Humane Society was next to receive a call from Sharon, and she immediately agreed to take the dog in.

The dog, now named Sydonia, is safe with The Leflore County Humane Society. Sydonia is responding well to the love and care of Society staff, and will hopefully be ready for adoption soon. Thanks to the efforts of local citizens and two rescue organizations, Sydonia will never be cold and alone again.

Justice For Animals Is Taking Off!

In Defense of Animals
Thank you for being a huge part of the launch of In Defense of Animals' Justice for Animals Campaign. Your generous support provides the much needed resources in our fight to ensure that local laws are written and enforced which truly protect animals, and swiftly punish abusers.

Judicial officials throughout the country are often forced to apply or used to applying animal cruelty laws that are incredibly lax. Barbarous acts of abuse, like burning a dog alive are sometimes not taken seriously, even if laws exist that do allow harsher punishment. In this case, the abuser paid out a meager $327 in penalties. This is nothing more than a slap on the wrist. We say, "No more!"

We are now adding our voice and our resources to the outcry, and demanding that existing laws get enforced and laws that are lacking are changed.

In Defense of Animals campaigners led by our very own Doll Stanley, the former director of our Hope Animal Sanctuary, are working harder than ever, side by side with law enforcement officials, on the ground and on the scene to help identify known animal abusers and to ensure that crimes of abuse are met with swift punishment.

Your support will help inspire and enlist lawmakers and law enforcement officials to enact stronger humane protection laws. Your support will help fund public awareness and educational outreach campaigns that change the public perception of animals and our relationship with them.
If you have not already done so, please consider making as generous a contribution as you are able, and support In Defense of Animals' Justice for Animals Campaign. It is time for our laws to change and for animal abusers to be held accountable.

Punish Slaughterhouse Workers for Alleged Animal Torture.
Target: Laurent Kauffman
Goal: Punish cruel slaughterhouse workers caught on film torturing livestock to allegedly relieve their “boredom.”
Recent footage of severe animal cruelty has given more leverage to the need for mandatory video monitoring in slaughterhouses. An undercover animal rights activist released footage they took inside the slaughterhouse in Vigan, Southern France that appeared to show “bored” employees beating unconscious animals, slitting throats of conscious animals, shocking them, throwing pigs against metal bars and other monstrous acts.
Laurent Kauffman, manager of this slaughterhouse, was disgusted by what she witnessed her subordinates doing. She claims not to have seen these acts herself, but that she is also not on site very often. So there is plenty of time in which these individuals are left without supervision–time they are obviously filling with despicable activities.
The European Union has laid down laws in an attempt to protect animals in slaughterhouses from cruelty, but those laws are painfully vague. They are also not being enforced, and without footage showing where and when the problems are occurring, will continue to go unenforced. What can be done now is to punish these unnamed individuals for the torments they allegedly put their animals through. Although they may be going to slaughter, that does not mean they are not worthy of dignity.
Ms. Kauffman should take responsibility and see to it that her subordinates face the law for their transgressions. No matter that they are bored, no matter that those animals will be killed for food, they have no right to torture them. At the very least, these people should lose their jobs. No one who can take pleasure in abusing an animal has any right working with them in any setting.
Dear Ms. Kauffman,
Recently, it has been reported that employees at your slaughterhouse have been torturing animals there. Footage revealed by an undercover activist shows these individuals shocking, beating, and killing lambs, pigs, and cows. While some would argue that slaughtering these animals is an act of cruelty, it can be done as humanely as possible. These animals deserve to be treated with dignity, no matter if they are reared in slaughterhouses.
The employees working at this facility have apparently shown a horrifying lack of empathy. Their blatant disregard for life, especially animal life, as little more than entertainment to fill the “boring” hours of their job is despicable. Please see that these individuals are punished.
See that they do not have the opportunity to torment more animals by removing them from their positions and working with law enforcement to ensure they face justice. Those who display such a disregard for life do not deserve the chance for rationalizations and excuses.
[Your Name Here]
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Justice for Cows Allegedly Abused by Farm Employees
Target: Christopher E. Hinkson, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of British Columbia
Goal: Punish dairy farm employees charged with animal cruelty to the fullest extent of the law.
Cows were cruelly abused at the hands of six employees of a dairy farm in British Columbia, alleges activist group Mercy For Animals. A video reportedly taken at Chilliwack Dairy Farm shows employees punching and kicking cows as well as whipping them with chains and beating them with rods. In one instance, a terrified cow is hung from a chain wrapped around her neck as a worker shouts “Leave her like that.” Other cows were reportedly moved by yanking them from chains around their necks with forklifts.
The men allegedly responsible were recently charged with twenty counts of animal cruelty. The maximum penalty they face is two years in jail and a fine of up to $75,000. Unfortunately, perpetrators of animal abuse often get off with small fines and little or no prison time. This gives the mistaken impression that abusing animals is only a minor offense. Sign this petition demanding that these men and their employer, Chilliwack Dairy Farm, be given the maximum fines and prison sentences possible and that they all be banned from owning animals for life.
Dear Chief Justice Hinkson,
Chilliwack Dairy Farm and six of its employees were recently charged with twenty counts of animal cruelty for causing distress to animals. Footage shows these men allegedly kicking cows, whipping them, and beating them with rods. The men also reportedly hung cows from chains.
Perpetrators of animal abuse unfortunately often get off with small fines and little to no prison time. This gives the misleading and harmful idea that mistreating an animal is only a minor offense. Please ensure that Chilliwack Dairy Farm and its six employees charged with cruelty are given the maximum fines and prison sentences possible, and that they are all banned from owning animals for life.
[Your Name Here]
Photo credit: Peggy Greb
Save Monkeys From Dying in Captivity.
Target: Zhang Dejiang, Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress
Goal: Make it illegal for pygmy marmosets to be kept as pets to prevent them from dying.
Monkeys are allegedly dying because they are being kept as pets by the Chinese elite. We need to take action to better ensure keeping these exotic animals as pets will be outlawed in order to save them.
The small monkeys known as pygmy marmosets are thought to be both imported from the Amazon basin and bred in China. Regardless of the circumstances, these animals need to live in a more natural environment in order to survive. In fact, many of these animals do not survive in captivity due to problems such as being handled by humans and being forced to live in small cages. These monkeys also cannot survive in certain temperatures or without being able to obtain a proper diet like they would get in the wild.
Unless China enacts a law to help prevent animal cruelty, pygmy marmoset populations will likely continue to decline at fast rates. Tell the Chinese government to work toward making it illegal to have these animals as pets along with making it against the law to commit other acts of animal cruelty. It is in the hands of the human species to ensure that the animals of the world can continue to thrive.
Dear Chairman Dejiang,
Many monkeys known as  pygmy marmosets are unfortunately dying because several people in China are reportedly keeping them as pets. It is important that these animals are allowed to thrive in the wild to help prevent this tragedy.
Experts suspect the monkeys are both captured and imported from the rainforests of the Amazon basin and bred in China. Either way, these animals cannot survive living in an unnatural environment. They often die as a result of being handled by humans and because they are forced to spend a majority of their lives in cages that are too small. They also die when they live for long periods of time outside of a rainforest climate or when they are not able to eat the same foods as they would find in the wild.
For the above reasons, I urge you to support enacting a law that would make it illegal to own these animals as pets and that would also discourage other acts of animal cruelty. Doing nothing will only ensure that these monkeys and many other beautiful animals will die as a result of people’s callous actions.
[Your Name Here]
Photo Credit: Malene Thyssen
Capture Men Who Dragged Dog Behind Van.
Target: Chief Inspector Neil Hulme, Staffordshire Police
Goal: Urgently find and remove dog from owners who forced it to run several laps dragged behind a van.
A helpless dog was photographed being dragged behind a van driving around an industrial park in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, in the United Kingdom. The dog, identified as a tan-colored lurcher, was held on a leash by a man sitting at the back of the van and was forced to do several laps. Passengers sitting in the back of the vehicle, a Ford Transit, were allegedly laughing while the dog struggled, visibly exhausted.
A passerby took pictures and sent them to the RSPCA, who commented: “these roads are Tarmac surfaces and I’d imagine the dog’s feet would have been a painful mess after this awful ordeal.” Another commenter wondered what conditions this poor animal was living in. Sign this petition urging law enforcement authorities to make every effort to find this dog and its owners, to remove the dog to safety and severely punish the people responsible for this cruel act.
Dear Chief Inspector Hulme,
A dog being dragged behind a van was recorded at Fenton Industrial Estate in Stoke-on-Trent. Identified as a tan lurcher by a passerby, the exhausted dog was held on leash and forced to run behind a Ford Transit van for several laps of the industrial park while passengers inside the van reportedly laughed.
Please take urgent action to find the people responsible for this cruel act and severely punish them, as well as ensure the dog is removed from their care and taken to safety.
[Your Name Here]
Photo credit: RSPCA
Urge PetSmart to End Relationship With Inhumane Reptile Mill.
Target: PetSmart President and Chief Executive Officer, Michael J. Massey
Goal: Stop buying reptiles from barbaric reptile mill in Ohio allegedly responsible for the deaths of hundreds of animals.
A recent PETA investigation has unearthed unhealthy and inhumane conditions at a reptile mill in Ohio that sells reptiles to the large retailer PetSmart. The animals kept at this facility were subjected to unsanitary, cramped living conditions in addition to a lack of clean food and water. Hundreds of reptiles died as a result of the terrible conditions at this mill over the course of three months. It is essential that PetSmart stop buying from this company as it obviously has a wanton disregard for the health and lives of the reptiles in its care.
During the three-month investigation, employees of PETA witnessed barbaric acts against the reptiles living in this Ohio reptile mill. Thousands of frogs, lizards, turtles, snakes, and other reptiles were cramped into tight living spaces that were often extremely dirty and full of feces. In addition, many reptiles attempted to escape their confined living conditions, resulting in injuries as severe as bloodied wounds on their noses and tails being broken off.
Not only were many reptiles wounded within the facility, but they then didn’t have access to sufficient veterinary care; many were left to suffer until they were ultimately “put down” through carbon dioxide poisoning in plastic bags. Over the course of three months, investigators witnessed the death of 675 reptiles in just two of the company’s various departments.
The treatment of reptiles in this mill is barbaric, inhumane, and intolerable. Their actions are unlikely to stop, however, when large companies such as PetSmart are purchasing reptiles from them. Therefore, it is essential that PetSmart take the lead and end its relationship with this mill to show that this treatment of reptiles will no longer be tolerated by large retailers. Please support reptiles and their right to healthy and humane treatment by signing the below petition and demanding that PetSmart end its patronage of Reptiles by Mack.
Dear Mr. Massey,
I am writing to request that your company officially end its relationship with Reptiles by Mack, a reptile mill in Ohio that keeps its animals in terrible living conditions. A recent investigation by PETA has discovered that this reptile mill subjects reptiles to unsanitary, cramped living conditions with a lack of clean food and water. Mills such as this are unlikely to change their practices unless given proper incentive. Your company, as a major retailer, is in a position to send Reptiles by Mack a powerful message by refusing to do business with them.
PETA investigators looked into this Ohio mill over the course of three months and witnessed the horrific living conditions in which the reptiles were confined. The animals, including frogs, lizards, turtles, and snakes, were kept in tight, confined spaces that were often full of feces. Many of the animals attempted to escape their cramped spaces, which resulted in serious injuries that then went untreated and ultimately led to death. PETA investigators witnessed the death of 675 reptiles in just three months.
The treatment of these innocent animals by this company is cruel and inhumane, and it must stop. PetSmart is a well-known retailer, and if your company ends its relationship with Reptiles by Mack, it might incentivize change in how it treats its animals. Please support reptiles and their right to healthy living conditions by distancing PetSmart from Reptiles by Mack.
[Your Name Here]
Photo Credit: lizzyliz
Stop Person Spreading Thumbtacks at Dog Park.

Target: Bill Goswick, Police Chief of Hercules, California
Dog Park_By_Don Graham
Goal: Install security cameras at local dog park to catch person spreading thumbtacks in and around park.
Someone has been spreading thumbtacks across the ground and in water bowls at the Ohlone Dog Park in Hercules, California. These sharp objects pose a risk to all dogs who might use this park, and at least two dogs have already been injured. Though volunteers have cleaned up the thumbtacks multiple times, the person or persons responsible continue to return and spread more thumbtacks. Whoever is spreading these dangerous items is obviously intent on harming local dogs, and it is time for the police to install security cameras at the park in order to catch the person responsible.
Community dog parks are supposed to be safe spaces for dogs to have the freedom to run and play. Intentionally placing sharp objects around a park is mean and cruel as these objects can cause serious pain and injury to the sensitive paws of dogs. It is estimated that dog owners picked up between 3,000 and 5,000 thumbtacks in one day at Ohlone Dog Park. Not only is this person spreading thousands of thumbtacks across the park, but they continue to return and spread more tacks once the others have been cleaned up. It is apparent that the perpetrator is intent upon hurting dogs and threatening their safe space.
This battle to keep the Ohlone Dog Park clean and safe has been going on for weeks, and it’s time for more dedicated efforts to be taken. In order to catch whoever is responsible, the local police need to do more than simply patrol the area — it is time to install a security camera. Please sign the below petition to show your support for the health and safety of dogs in Hercules by demanding the local police install a security camera in order to catch whoever is responsible for this cruel act.
Dear Chief Goswick,
I am writing to request that you and your department install a security camera at the Ohlone Dog Park. Someone has been cruelly spreading thumbtacks around this park in an attempt to harm local dogs. Despite efforts to clean up the tacks, the perpetrator continues to return and spread new ones. It is apparent that whoever is spreading these tacks has yet to be deterred, and it is time for more serious measures be taken to apprehend them.
The safety of community dog parks is essential for the health and happiness of local citizens and their animal family members. As of now, at least two dogs have already been injured due to the spreading of thumbtacks in Ohlone Dog Park. The intentional placement of sharp objects within the park is mean and cruel, and whoever is responsible must be stopped as they are willfully threatening the safety of your community.
I know that your department has already taken measures to try and apprehend the person or persons responsible for spreading these tacks. However, this continued risk to the health and safety of your local dog population is not to be tolerated, and it is time for more serious action to be taken. Please support your local pet community by installing a security camera at Ohlone Dog Park so that whoever is committing this cruel act can be caught and punished.
[Your Name Here]
Photo Credit: Don Graham
Stupid selfie: Tourist drags swan out of lake as prop for ridiculous selfie

TomoNews US
Justice for Swan Killed by Tourist.
swan by dr slippers2007
Target: Mrs. Oliver Spasovski, Minister of Internal Affairs of Macedonia
Goal: Pursue charges against tourist who killed swan for the sake of a picture with it.
A tourist recently visited Lake Ohrid in Macedonia where she allegedly dragged a struggling swan across rocks in order to take a photograph with it. Pictures featuring the tourist and this swan capture the woman’s grip on one of the swan’s wings and one photo even shows her smiling while securing a tight grip on the animal.
The tourist reportedly saw the swan near the water, wanted a particular picture with it, and took it upon herself to capture the swan and force it to pose with her. The swan did not initially react negatively to the woman, since swans in this area are used to some sort of interaction with tourists. When she grabbed the wing and began to pull it along the rocks, the swan reacted with a struggle to get free. Photos document the swan’s unsuccessful attempts to free itself. After the woman got her use out of the animal, she left it motionless on the gravelly shore.
This incident occurred a mere two weeks after tourists killed a dolphin by passing it around for pictures as it squirmed and struggled. We cannot continue to allow these selfish and senseless acts to become normal and go unpunished. Please sign this petition urging authorities to pursue this criminal and charge her accordingly.
Dear Mr. Spasovski,
I am writing this letter to express my concern and disappointment regarding the recent who allegedly caused the death of a swan after forcing it to be the centerpiece for her photo. As a visitor to your country, this woman communicated disrespect when she disregarded the well-being of your wildlife and decided to drag a swan across the rocks carelessly for a pointless picture.
As you may know, this woman’s face can be seen in one of the photos, which should make it easy for her to be found. We must not let her get away with such a selfish and reckless actshe knew what she was doing and she was happy to be doing it, as we can witness her smiling in the pictures.
In order to preserve the animals we still have left in our ecosystem, we will need to more strictly enforce penalties against perpetrators since people are seemingly more desensitized to harming animals in this modern age. Please seek out this woman and pursue charges against her for the disrespectful and senseless act that she committed.
[Your Name Here]
Photo Credit: Dr Slippers2007
Pets Allegedly Tortured and Killed Deserve Justice.
Target: Texarkana, Arkansas Prosecuting Attorney Stephanie Potter-Black
Goal: Prosecute man to the fullest extent for allegedly torturing and killing family pets, if found guilty.
Two pet rabbits were allegedly tortured and suffocated, then nailed to a tree by a 19-year-old who’s also accused of strangling his step mother’s cat and throwing it out of a moving vehicle. He reportedly told people that he dismembered the poor rabbits and buried them in a park before digging their bodies up and further dismembering them, and finally burning the remains and burying the ashes.
Investigators found evidence that suggested his shocking confessions to be true. The accused man reportedly said he hates his step mother and has fantasized about how he would kill her. His family told investigators they fear he’ll turn violent toward them, according to a report.
This alleged animal cruelty appears to be of a self-gratifying nature and they’re not isolated events. It appears his goal was to inflict as much pain and suffering as possible, and yet that wasn’t enough; he still allegedly dug the bodies up to commit more cruelty. This behavior is consistent with that seen in serial killers and it must be taken seriously. Demand this man receive the maximum and appropriate penalty, if found guilty.
Dear Prosecuting Attorney Stephanie Potter-Black,
A man allegedly tortured and suffocated two pet rabbits in exceptionally cruel and violent acts. On a separate occasion, he allegedly killed his step mother’s cat and threw it from a moving vehicle. He also reportedly spoke of murdering his step mother.
Innocent lives like the ones viciously stolen from the three animals deserve protection. We demand that the maximum punishment be issued, if he is found guilty.
[Your Name Here]
Photo credit: Paul
Ban Animal Traps on Public Land.
Target: Wyoming Governor Matt Mead
Goal: Ban using animal traps on public land to protect innocent, non-targeted animals and humans from injury and death.
Tens of thousands of unhunted animals are accidentally trapped each year in Wyoming alone, and the number is rising. Wyoming is seeing a large growth in hunting license applications, which ultimately means more traps on public lands.
These traps, some of which designed to kill instantly, pose a threat to innocent animals. While hunters are not allowed to keep the trapped non-targeted animals, such as dogs, they are also not required to report them to their owners or the local Game and Fish Department. It is also illegal to tamper with a trap that belongs to another hunter, including freeing a trapped animal, domestic or otherwise.
Hunters have no quotas on the number of animals they can legally harvest, severely threatening the bobcat population. Bobcats are often hunted for their furs and pelts to be sold overseas as part of a growing fashion trend. By not restricting the number of animals each hunter harvests, bobcats could quickly become endangered throughout Wyoming.
The most common trap used by hunters–the leg hold trap–has been deemed inhumane by multiple groups, including the American Veterinary Medical Association. These traps are allowed on public lands, including in the middle of hiking trails. This compromises the safety of humans, domestic animals and other wildlife who are enjoying the natural world and deserve to do so without fear of pain and injury.
Ban trapping on public lands and protect people and non-targeted animals.
Dear Governor Mead,
The tradition of allowing traps on public lands must be stopped for the safety of humans, domestic animals and wildlife populations. Public lands are for everyone’s use as a way to enjoy the natural world. The fact that metal traps designed to maim, injure and kill are allowed in the middle of hiking trails is deplorable and a severe threat to many.
Tens of thousands of non-targeted animals, such as domestic dogs, are trapped and killed in Wyoming each year. It is illegal to tamper with a hunter’s trap and hunters are not required to report the deaths and injuries of domestic animals, ignoring the rights of the harmless animals and their owners. The most common trap clamps the leg of the animal and has been labeled inhumane by a number of organizations, including the American Veterinary Medical Association, yet is still permitted for use in heavily trafficked areas.
The absence of hunting quotas and vague harvest reporting by hunters threatens many wildlife populations across Wyoming, specifically bobcats. Bobcats are becoming widely hunted due to their valuable pelts, and the lack of restrictions could easily devastate their dwindling population.
Please act to ban trapping on public lands. The people of Wyoming, domestic animals and wildlife populations deserve better than dangerous hiking trails, inhumane traps and the threat of endangerment.
[Your Name Here]
Photo credit: J.N. Stuart
Ban Sought on Aquarium Fish Caught With Cyanide Poisoning
ClownfishDid you know that some aquarium fish are captured in the wild by squirting cyanide directly onto reefs to stun them? The practice -- used in the Philippines and Indonesia, among other countries -- kills around 75 percent of all nearby fish on contact, along with nearby corals. Surviving fish are shipped to the United States and sold as aquarium pets. In fact, up to 90 percent of the 12.5 million tropical fish entering the country as pets have been caught illegally with cyanide.

This week the Center for Biological Diversity and allies asked the Obama administration to halt the import of tropical fish caught overseas using the poison.

"The sad reality is that cyanide poisoning is causing widespread destruction of some of the world's most stunning coral reefs," said Nicholas Whipps, a legal fellow at the Center. "By acting on our petition, the Obama administration can put a huge dent in this destructive practice. We can't allow our love of these fish lead to the wholesale destruction of coral reefs." Read more in our press release.
Stop Annual Duck Strangling Festival.
Duck Brandon Weeks
Target: Rolando Zapata Bello, Governor of Yucatan
Goal: End annual festival in which ducks are strangled and other animals are beaten.
Every year in a small city in Mexico, the Kots Kaal Pato festival occurs. Kots Kaal Pato roughly translates into “strangle the duck.” In Citilcum, a city in Izamel, Yucatan, festivalgoers bind a duck to a wooden frame and then proceed to stamp over each other to try to rip off the bird’s head.
If that is not barbaric enough, news sources have reported children grabbing local animals, like iguanas and opossums, and stuffing them into pinatas. Then the pinata is beaten and bashed while the live animals are stuck inside.
Sign this petition and demand these barbaric events be put to an end. These animals should not be forced to go through this pain ever again.
Dear Mr. Bello,
Every year in the small city of Citilcum, the Kots Kaal Pato festival occurs. At this festival, countless animals are tortured for entertainment.
According to news sources, children grab small animals like iguanas and opossums, stuff them into pinatas, and then bash the pinata until they are bored. If the animal survives that torturous ordeal, then they will likely die from being repeatedly stepped on while stuck in the hectic crowds. However, that is not all that occurs. In addition, a duck is bound to a wooden frame and festivalgoers stamp over each other while trying to rip the duck’s head off.
These disgusting acts of barbaric torture must be put to an end. Please consider putting an end to this savage festival and save countless lives from unnecessary pain and death.
[Your Name Here]
Photo credit: Brandon Weeks
Pet Shop Owner Faces 267 Counts Of Animal Cruelty After Rescuers Make Gruesome Discovery
A pet store in East Brunswick, New Jersey is facing 267 animal cruelty charges after the New Jersey Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (NJSPCA) made a gruesome discovery. The NJSPCA say they found 3 dead dogs being kept in a freezer at the Just Pups pet store on Rt. 18 North and that the other puppies in the store were exposed to infections that posed a risk to other animals and to the public.

“Overall the charges stem from the lack of adequate infection control procedures, poor and improper veterinary care and the co-mingling of sick animals with new animals just brought into the premises.”

“As a result, animals were unnecessarily exposed to giardia, distemper, upper respiratory infections and other infectious diseases which resulted in the exposure of sick animals to other animals and humans, creating a dangerous condition that threatens the health, safety and welfare of the public,” the group said in a statement.

Several dogs reportedly died after being purchased from the store. The NJSPCA revealed that has been investigating Just Pups since January 22 in conjunction with the New Jersey Department of Health and the Middlesex County Department of Health. Since the beginning of this case, Middlesex County and the State have temporarily shut down the store on four separate occasions.

Breeder Was Going To Throw Out "Defective" Mastiff Puppy Until This Happens
On Monday, the NJSPCA received a temporary restraining order to close the store down and filed charges against the store’s owner Vincent LoSacco. LoSacco also owns and operates four other pet shops in New Jersey, Paramus, East Hanover and Emerson.

The NJSPCA said there may be more animal cruelty charges filed against LoSacco. “We are dealing with a fairly large population of animals at multiple locations. I cannot stress enough, this is an ongoing investigation and it is highly likely that more animal cruelty charges will be filed,” said SPCA president Steve Shatkin.

The animal cruelty charges filed against LoSacco carry fines in the neighborhood of $100,000.
The Animal Legal Defense Fund filed a lawsuit against Animaland Zoological Park, a roadside zoo with over 50 animals -- including tigers, bears, wolves, and monkeys -- kept in deprived conditions. Our investigators gathered extensive photographic evidence of animals suffering at Animaland, documenting the federal Endangered Species Act violations that bolster our lawsuit.

“Baby,” the Siberian tiger pictured above, and “Bear,” a gray wolf, are just two of the animals that illustrate the inadequate care that the zoo is providing. ALDF is calling on Animaland to retire all of the animals at the zoo to reputable sanctuaries so that they can live out the rest of their lives in habitats that meet their physical and psychological needs. Sign the petition to urge Animaland to release its animals to sanctuary, and spread the word on Facebook and Twitter.

Help spread the word! We are offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or people responsible for shooting and killing a German Shepherd named “Bo.” He was found shot and left in a ditch in Lafayette County, Wisconsin. This crime could potentially be treated as a felony in Wisconsin, and the Sherriff’s Office is taking the case very seriously. For more details, please visit our website.

Animal Legal Defense Fund Offers $5,000 Reward in Case of German Shepherd Shot to Death, Left in Ditch - Click Here to Help.

For immediate release
Natalia Lima,, 201 679 7088

Bo-german-sherpherd-220pxLafayette County, WI — The Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF), the nation’s preeminent legal advocacy organization for animals, is offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or people responsible for shooting and killing a German Shepherd named “Bo.” Officials reported that the dog was found shot dead in a ditch on Cannon Road near Buckwheat Ridge Road on February 24, 2016, two weeks after Bo went missing from his Darlington home.

According to Bo’s family, a veterinary examination revealed that Bo had been deceased for approximately 12 to 48 hours when he was found by authorities. Local media is reporting that a number of dogs have gone missing in southwest Wisconsin in recent weeks, rattling the community.

Under Wisconsin law, any person who treats any animal, including dogs, in a cruel manner resulting in death commits a Class I felony and may be imprisoned up to three years and six months, and/or fined up to $10,000. Additional charges could include dognapping—committed when a person takes a dog from one place to another without the owner’s consent. Dognapping is a Class A misdemeanor, with a penalty of up to nine months imprisonment and/or a fine up to $10,000.

“This brutal act of cruelty to a defenseless, beloved dog shows what a serious danger this perpetrator poses to the community,” says Stephen Wells, ALDF executive director. “Bo deserves justice, and we hope anyone who has any information about this heinous killing will come forward to help catch this violent offender—and to save other pets from such a tragic fate.”

Psychiatric and criminological research has established a clear link between cruelty to animals and a host of other violent behaviors toward people.

If you have information related to this incident, please contact Lafayette County Sheriff’s Office at 608-776-4870.

Stop Annual Stingray Massacre.
Stingray Georgia Aquarium
Target: Mark J. Belton, Secretary of Natural Resources, Maryland Department of Natural Resources
Goal: End the annual slaughtering of hundreds of stingrays in the Chesapeake Bay.
Every year at Chesapeake Bay, over 100 fisherpeople compete and try to catch the largest stingray. The competition is messy and barbaric. The number of stingrays killed is not counted and the bodies are typically dumped back into the bay after the contest is over. According to news sources, fisherpeople also try to block the unborn young from escaping after their mothers have been injured so they can count toward the weight.
The reason for this mass killing is supposedly to protect oyster farms, however oysters are not a primary food source for stingrays. The Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) does not regulate the killing of stingrays and it is time they do. Sign this petition and demand the Maryland DNR regulate and end this annual slaughter.
Dear Mr. Belton,
Every summer at Chesapeake Bay, numerous fisherpeople come and compete to see who can catch the largest stingray. The contest is barbaric. The number of stingrays killed is never counted and then their lifeless bodies are thrown back into the ocean when the competition is over. According to news sources, competitors will even barricade the unborn young from escaping after their mothers are badly injured to count them toward the overall weight of the stingray.
Supposedly, the reason for this slaughter is to protect oyster farms, however oysters are not a primary food source for stingrays. It is clear these contest is for entertainment purposes only. These stingrays should not be hurt and killed for entertainment. Please consider regulating and ending this annual, barbaric mass killing.
[Your Name Here]
Photo credit: Georgia Aquarium
End Cruel Rattlesnake Roundup.
Target: Greg Abbott, Governor of Texas
Goal: End snake abuses like skinning and beheading at yearly rattlesnake roundup event.
Rattlesnakes are gathered in a pit where handlers behead and skin them in front of keen observers at the annual rattlesnake roundup. Onlookers are also given the option to skin the snakes and leave snake blood handprints on a wall.
The Sweetwater Junior Chamber of Commerce claims this event is necessary to curb the rattlesnake population. Rattlesnake experts, however, state that rattlesnakes pose no threat to humans or livestock as the snakes don’t see either as food.
Advocates of the event state that it’s a profitable tradition–one which locals find enjoyable. Other cities with similar events have found a compromise. They have the roundup, but rather than killing the snakes, they have a series of events that teach viewers about snake safety and allow for safe human-snake interactions.
Demand the Sweetwater, Texas rattlesnake roundup event stops the cruel practice of killing and skinning snakes.
Dear Governor Abbott,
Sweetwater’s annual rattlesnake roundup is a horror show of blood and death. Experts indicate there is no reason to fear over-population of the snakes nor that they would attack humans or livestock.
Advocates of the event point out the profits it brings to the town. Other locations with similar events have redesigned their roundups to avoid killing the snakes and instead provide for safe human-snake interactions and education about snake safety.
We demand Sweetwater’s rattlesnake roundup be altered to exclude killing or harming the rattlesnakes.
[Your Name Here]
Photo Credit: Tigerhawkvok
Demand Better Treatment for Confined “Free-Range” Hens.
featherless-chicken by Karen Jackson
Target: Liz Truss, Secretary of State for Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs
Goal: Improve factory farm-like conditions rampant in free-range farms.
So-called “free-range” chickens are being cruelly confined in filthy sheds, alleges an animal rights investigator who infiltrated a Norfolk, U.K. farm. Videos reportedly taken at the facility show tens of thousands of hens covered in sores and parasites and climbing over each other in cramped conditions. Some hens are shown stuck in wooden floors, and one is shown dead. Despite the fact that these conditions are no better than the average factory farm, an investigation by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals determined that these conditions were in line with U.K. free-range regulations.
In order to be considered free-range, farms must provide 10,000 square meters of grazing space per 2,500 hens. While the farm meets these standards, the “pop holes” through which the chickens can access the outdoors are small and often blocked by large crowds of agitated birds. These birds are considered free-range despite the fact that many of them will never walk on the grass or breathe fresh air. Despite this, their eggs are being falsely promoted as a cruelty-free alternative and are being sold at a significantly higher price.
Unfortunately, these scenes will continue to be commonplace in the free-range egg industry until legislation is implemented to stop it. Free-range farms should be required to provide ample access to outdoor areas as well as cleaner, roomier indoor conditions. Sign the petition below to demand that higher standards of animal welfare are laid out for free range egg farms.
Dear Secretary Liz Truss,
Chickens in free-range farms are living in filthy, cramped conditions hardly better than factory farms. While they are provided outdoor space, they are not capable of accessing the space due to restricted exit points. Many of the thousands of chickens kept in the massive sheds suffer from parasites and skin conditions, and will never breathe fresh air.
Free-range eggs are sold at a much higher price and are marketed as a less cruel alternative. This type of marketing is misleading to consumers. In order to stop these widespread abuses, legislation must be changed to allow the animals better access to the outdoors and cleaner, larger interior spaces. We, the undersigned, demand that animal welfare standards are improved in free-range chicken farms.
[Your Name Here]
Photo credit: Karen Jackson