Thursday, March 17, 2016

Animal Crime Report

Clear your schedule for Monday, April 11! You’re invited to join the ASPCA, the New York State Animal Protection Federation, Mohawk Hudson Humane Society and your fellow animal advocates in Albany for our annual New York Voices for Animals Day.
Don’t miss this great opportunity to network with other animal lovers, speak directly with your state legislators about passing strong laws for animals and learn how you can make a big difference for New York’s animals in 2016. This year’s topics will likely include fighting breed discrimination and increasing adoption opportunities for homeless animals.

We’ll host a special web-based training before the event that will help prepare you for your legislative meetings and make your day in Albany a success.
This year marks the ASPCA’s 150th anniversary, and there’s no better way to help celebrate our history of animal advocacy than by joining us on April 11 to ensure a safer and happier future for animals. Visit the ASPCA Advocacy Center online to reserve your spot today!

Center For Biological Viversity offers $15,000 Reward After Bald Eagle Deaths
Bald eagleThe Center is offering up to $15,000 for information leading to an arrest and conviction in the case of 13 bald eagles found killed on Maryland's Eastern Shore. The pledge, along with contributions from the Humane Society of the United States, Humane Society Wildlife Land Trust, Phoenix Wildlife Center Inc. and Fish and Wildlife Service, pushes the total reward to $25,000.

The 13 dead eagles were the most deaths attributed to a single incident in Maryland in more than 30 years. Their bodies were discovered over the weekend, and officials suspect they may have been poisoned.

"These 13 bald eagles deserved better than to be killed and callously dumped," said the Center's Catherine Kilduff. "Bald eagles have been a remarkable story of national conservation and recovery over the past 40 years, but clearly there's more work to be done. Whether they were poisoned, shot or killed by other means, the heartbreaking deaths of these 13 bald eagles are a crime. Those responsible need to be caught and prosecuted." Read more in our press release.
Illegal Killings Drive Mexican Wolf Decline in Southwest
Mexican gray wolfTroubling news out of Arizona and New Mexico: The number of endangered Mexican gray wolves in the wild dropped to 97 last year from 110 in 2014, according to a new census by federal and state biologists. The decline was likely driven by the illegal killings of many of the 13 wolves found dead and the 11 wolves missing, as well as a low survival rate among the dozens of pups born last spring.

The Center has been on the front lines of the fight to save these wolves -- the rarest gray wolves in North America -- for years. We have two active lawsuits: one to compel a wolf recovery plan (which the feds have promised to do for more than 30 years) and another to overturn regulations allowing increased killing of these wolves.

"Mexican gray wolves in the Southwest won't be on a real road to recovery until state and federal agencies step up and do what's needed to help them survive," said the Center's Michael Robinson. Read more in our press release.
Justice for Puppy Shot With BBs.
Target: William Nettles, South Carolina U.S. Attorney
Goal: Prosecute individual(s) responsible for shooting 6-week-old puppy with BB gun.
A six-week-old puppy shot with BB pellets was found by an alert utility worker. The worker told police that he saw about 20 children playing with the puppy when he stepped away for a few minutes and came back to find the puppy bleeding heavily. According to the police report, the children told officers that someone who stays at the apartment complex shot the dog.
Veterinarians at Ebenezer Animal hospital say they’ve named the puppy Brody and expect him to pull through. X-rays showed 18 BBs lodged in Brody’s skin and muscle. The vet states that Brody is too young to undergo anesthesia to have the pellets surgically removed, but as no vital organs were compromised, it’s likely Brody’s wounds will heal around the BBs without further incident.
Demand the perpetrators of this cruel act are punished to the fullest extent possible.
Dear Attorney Nettles,
Rock Hill police are investigating the shooting of a 6-week-old puppy. The puppy, now called Brody, was spotted by an alert utility worker who called police when he noticed the dog was bleeding heavily. The children seen playing with Brody told police that someone who stays at the apartment building shot the dog, but a suspect has yet to be identified.
Although Brody is expected to make a full recovery, such heinous behavior must not be permitted. We demand the person or people involved with this crime are punished to the fullest extend possible.
[Your Name Here]
Photo Credit: Angela Hong
Peacocks Allegedly Killed by Zoo Visitors Deserve Justice.
Target: Director of Yunnan Wild Animal Park
Goal: Punish zoo visitors who allegedly caused two peacocks to die of shock by picking them up and plucking their feathers.
Visitors to the Yunnan Wild Animal Park in China are allegedly responsible for shocking two resident peacocks to death. According to the Peacock Park’s management, the visitors roughly manhandled the birds after luring them with food. They reportedly picked them up to take pictures with, holding them tightly and even plucked feathers off them to take home as souvenirs.
While zoo officials have expressed anger at this cruel mistreatment of their resident birds, this incident goes to show that animals are not safe in captivity. Keeping them in zoos where they do not belong gives people the mistaken impression that these sentient beings are there merely for humans’ enjoyment.
Sign this petition demanding the people allegedly responsible for killing the two peacocks are investigated and adequately punished.
Dear Director,
Two peacocks recently died after reportedly being manhandled by visitors at the Yunnan Wild Animal Park. The birds were allegedly lured with food before being roughly picked up and held tightly for pictures to be taken with them. Visitors even allegedly plucked out their feathers. This cruel mistreatment led to the two frightened peacocks dying of shock.
Moreover, this incident proves that animals do not belong in zoos. There, they are seen as mere objects of entertainment, present for visitors’ enjoyment, rather than the sentient beings they are.
I urge you to ensure that the people allegedly responsible for these peacocks’ death are found and convicted for their cruel actions.
[Your Name Here]
Photo credit: Scott Sandars

Justice For Animals Is Taking Off!

In Defense of Animals
Thank you for being a huge part of the launch of In Defense of Animals' Justice for Animals Campaign. Your generous support provides the much needed resources in our fight to ensure that local laws are written and enforced which truly protect animals, and swiftly punish abusers.

Judicial officials throughout the country are often forced to apply or used to applying animal cruelty laws that are incredibly lax. Barbarous acts of abuse, like burning a dog alive are sometimes not taken seriously, even if laws exist that do allow harsher punishment. In this case, the abuser paid out a meager $327 in penalties. This is nothing more than a slap on the wrist. We say, "No more!"

We are now adding our voice and our resources to the outcry, and demanding that existing laws get enforced and laws that are lacking are changed.

In Defense of Animals campaigners led by our very own Doll Stanley, the former director of our Hope Animal Sanctuary, are working harder than ever, side by side with law enforcement officials, on the ground and on the scene to help identify known animal abusers and to ensure that crimes of abuse are met with swift punishment.

Your support will help inspire and enlist lawmakers and law enforcement officials to enact stronger humane protection laws. Your support will help fund public awareness and educational outreach campaigns that change the public perception of animals and our relationship with them.
If you have not already done so, please consider making as generous a contribution as you are able, and support In Defense of Animals' Justice for Animals Campaign. It is time for our laws to change and for animal abusers to be held accountable.

Cat Sadistically Tortured for Months by Roommate, Says Owner.
Target: Cyrus Vance, District Attorney of Manhattan
Goal: Pursue the maximum penalty for man accused of brutally torturing his roommate’s cat for three months.
Lucy the cat is on life support after allegedly being brutally tortured by its owner’s roommate for three months. The roommate, Declan Garrity, who has been charged with animal cruelty, allegedly broke the bones in the cat’s face, legs, and pelvis, ripped out its claws, and torched her.
Garrity, who is a financial analysis at a large Wall Street bank, reportedly told the owner that the cat injured herself while he was home alone with her. One excuse was that an iron fell on Lucy by accident.
Lucy deserves justice and other living beings deserve to be protected from the cruel monsters who wish to torture them. Demand that this person be vigorously prosecuted and be banned from ever owning animals, if found guilty.
Dear District Attorney Cyrus Vance,
Declan Garrity was charged with animal cruelty after allegedly torturing his roommate’s cat, Lucy, for three months. Lucy is on life support after suffering from a broken face, pelvis, and legs. She was also allegedly torched.
This level of animal torture is sick and alarming. This person, if guilty, should be brought to justice. We urge you to seek the maximum penalty in this case and see to it that this man is banned from ever owning animals if he is found guilty of this horrific crime.
[Your Name Here]
Imprison Men Who Allegedly Blew Up Cat With Fireworks.
Russian teens post video of cat killing
Target: Fatuyev Vyacheslav Ivanovich, First Deputy of Ryazan Oblast Administration
Goal: Imprison the three men allegedly responsible for taping a cat’s feet and blowing it up with a firework.
Three yet-unnamed men reportedly captured a cat and taped its feet together before strapping the poor animal to a firework and blowing it up. Not only did they monstrously murder this cat, they also recorded their cruelty. This video has since inspired a movement for harsher animal cruelty laws in Russia. These three men need to first answer for their crimes. They should be the first of many abusers in Russia to be viciously punished for their inhumanity.
While police suspect the video was originally created 11 years ago, a fourth individual discovered the video on the memory of an old computer and submitted it to authorities. It is also unsurprising that these three men, now being held for the murder and filming of this cat, have since accumulated a record of illegal activity.
One was convicted of robbery in 2005 and the others were jailed for nine years in 2008 for aggravated assault. It is also suspected that one has served time for manslaughter. However, because of the video’s age, statue of limitations will likely result in their case being discarded without conviction.
Don’t allow these people to avoid punishment simply by the circumstance of over a decade having passed since their cruel acts. Regardless of the time since they tortured and murdered this animal, they should still face consequences for it. A decade would not excuse a person for murder of another human and it should not excuse the murder of animals. Urge Ryazan officials to hold these men accountable for their depravity.
Dear Fatuyev Ivanovich,
The recent emergence of a video suspected to be over a decade old showing three men murdering a cat has created a stir. Many are calling for harsher, stricter laws in Russia regarding animal cruelty. Indeed, when watching three men tape and blow up an animal, it makes people wonder why they are not being punished.
Why are these men not being convicted of the murder they are responsible for simply because it has been more than two years? A statue of limitations should not apply when life is involved, be it human or animal. No amount of time will make what these men did OK, and they should not be allowed to walk free of it–especially considering their continued record of illegal behavior.
Please, use this situation as a starting point for advancing punishments on animal abusers. Imprison these men as they deserve for murdering this defenseless animal. Don’t allow them to walk free and target others in the future.
[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: CEN
Dog Attacked With Hammer For Giving Birth to Stillborn Puppies.
Target: E. David Christine, Jr., Monroe County District Attorney
Goal: Pursue the maximum possible penalty for man that allegedly tried to kill his dog with a hammer.
A man, Brandon Cramer, reportedly attempted to put his dog down with a hammer to the head and two blunt stabs to the stomach. The man allegedly committed this repulsive act because the mastiff, named Michaella, gave birth to a few stillborn puppies. After he hit Michaella with the hammer and stabbed her, he left her for dead along a yard near a local road in Saylorsburg, PA, according to reports.
This case is disturbing not only due to the fact that the man decided to put his dog down after she gave birth to stillborn puppies, but also the way in which he chose to “euthanize” her. His actions after the murder attempt-dumping the dog in a random yard to suffer and die-is also cause for alarm.
This man’s blatant disregard for his pet’s life demonstrates the lack of empathy and compassion that all humans should have. If he does not possess this basic human emotion, then he should never have been a pet owner. He must receive the maximum penalty for his heinous crime and also be banned from ever owning animals again.
Sign this petition urging the district attorney to punish him with the maximum sentencing possible by law, if he is found guilty for this crime.
Dear Mr. Christine,
A man, Brandon Cramer, allegedly brutalized his dog by attempting to put her down after she gave birth to some stillborn puppies. Not only did he take it upon himself to decide she needed to die, but he tried to do it by himself with a hammer and a knife. After he slammed the hammer down on her head, he stabbed her twice in the stomach with a kitchen knife.
The mastiff did not die from these injuries, but the owner nonetheless left her to die when he dumped her in a random yard near a local road. These actions demonstrate a complete disregard for an animal, let alone this man’s pet. This type of callousness toward a living being is only a preview of what this man is capable of in the future, and his disregard for life may not be limited to animals alone.
There are many other avenues this man could have taken to avoid this alleged brutal attempted murder, but he chose to terrorize a weak and helpless dog that just gave birth to puppies. Needless to say, this man should never be allowed to own another animal again and should receive the maximum penalty for his disgusting crimes.
[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Andrey
Woman Stabbed Dog to Death to Avoid Vet Fees, Say Police
Target: Christopher Hicks, Washoe County District Attorney
Goal: Penalize woman accused of stabbing dog to death to avoid paying for euthanasia.
A female boxer was found dead in a dumpster with multiple stab wounds and blunt force trauma to the head. Police say the poor animal was killed by her owner who didn’t want to pay to have the dog euthanized. The woman faces numerous charges, including malicious torture, maiming or killing of an animal and driving under the influence. She also faces neglect charges for allegedly leaving a young child at home alone during the time of her arrest.
There are plenty of non-violent options that could’ve been used if the dog was unwanted. It appears that this woman is unstable and violent. The reported stab wounds and blunt force head trauma this innocent animal suffered from is nothing short of pure cruelty. The woman accused has no business being an owner or guardian to a living being if she’s capable of such horrific violence. Demand that she receive the maximum penalty and a permanent ban from owning animals if she’s guilty.
Dear District Attorney Hicks,
A dog was found in a dumpster with blunt force head trauma and multiple stab wounds. Authorities say the boxer’s owner killed her to avoid having to pay for euthanasia.
This is no way to get rid of an unwanted dog and there are plenty of other options. This appears to be a case of pure cruelty and violence against an innocent animal. We urge you to do everything in your power to make sure this woman receives the maximum penalty and never owns animals again if she’s guilty.
[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: mbartolucci
Justice for Dog Allegedly Starved to Death and Eaten.
dog-715545_1280 by Wow_Pho
Target: Michigan Attorney General, Bill Schuette
Goal:  Prosecute woman to the fullest extent of the law who allegedly starved one dog to death and left the body to be eaten by other animals in the home.
Michigan police reportedly found a group of starving animals eating the body of a dog that seemed to have starved to death behind a resident’s home. The owner, Idella Williams, now faces charges of abandonment-cruelty. If found guilty, Williams could face as many as two years in prison accompanied by 300 hours of community service.
When police first paid a visit to Williams’ home she reportedly refused to let the officers in. Court records show that by the time the officers returned with a search warrant, all that remained of the deceased pet was its jawbone, teeth, and a small part of the head. The other dogs on the property had eaten the rest to survive.
Williams allegedly kept those six dogs in a kennel without food and water. The dishes for feeding the dogs were frozen and covered in snow. There were also seven smaller dogs reportedly kept in an upstairs bathroom. The bathroom was filthy and covered in urine and feces.
This is not the first time Williams has made it to animal control’s radar, as it has received almost a dozen complaints about the home since as early as 2009. The fact that animal control has received so many complaints about Williams’ animals speaks to animal cruelty habits as opposed to just one incident. Ensure she receives due punishment this time around by adding your name to the petition.
Dear Mr. Schuette
A disturbing case of dog abuse recently made the Michigan headlines. In this particular incident, a resident reportedly starved one dog to death and allowed the other dogs on the premises to eat the deceased animal. When police visited the home the owner refused to let them in.  By the time they returned with a search warrant all that remained was its jawbone, teeth, and a small part of the head. The other dogs had eaten the rest to survive.  The owner, Idelle Williams, was subsequently charged with abandonment-cruelty.
The dogs were locked in kennels without food and water. Their dishes had been frozen over and covered in snow. In addition to this, officers reportedly found more dogs living in filth in the upstairs bathroom. This is not Williams’ first brush with animal control. In fact, animal control has received almost a dozen complaints regarding the property and Williams’ activities since 2009.
This prolonged history of alleged animal abuse suggests that this incident is not just a one time, unfortunate incident. What it does show is a steadily ingrained pattern of behavior.
I urge you to help put a stop to this by meting out the harshest punishment available to make an example of her, if found guilty. This will discourage others from taking animal cruelty laws lightly in your state.
[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Wow_Pho
Beloved Dog Shot by Police, Says Family.
Target: Rogers County Sheriff Scott Walton
Goal: Fire officer accused of shooting a family’s dog and leaving him to die slowly.

A police officer allegedly shot a family’s dog named Bruno and left him to suffer on a doorstep for hours before he was found. According to Owasso, Oklahoma resident Angie Laymon, a deputy entered her yard while searching for a suspect and shot the barking dog without provocation. The deputy then left the dog, a German Shepherd, on the porch where he was found three hours later by Laymon’s children.

Surveillance footage from Laymon’s yard shows that the officer took a mere four seconds to shoot the dog after entering the yard. The officer made no attempt to subdue the dog, which only barked and never moved to attack him, with non-lethal methods such as pepper spray or a taser. After shooting the dog, the officer made no effort to contact animal protection services but simply left a note on the door.

Bruno suffered heavy bleeding and shattered bones in his shoulder, but survived. He will require extensive surgery and may either have his leg amputated or his shoulder replaced. It is likely that he will never recover his full movement capabilities.

This deputy’s hasty and poorly-thought out decision not only caused unnecessary harm to the dog, but has caused severe trauma for the children who found him. The fact that the officer left the dog to die without calling for help demonstrates a disturbing lack of empathy. Sign the petition below to demand that the officer responsible is investigated and fired if found guilty of wrongdoing.


Dear Sheriff Scott Walton,

A deputy is accused of shooting a dog for little other reason than the dog was barking at him. According to owner Angie Laymon, the deputy entered her yard while looking for a suspect, shooting the barking dog within seconds of seeing it. Rather than alerting dispatch and requesting animal protection services, the officer left the dog to bleed on the porch where children found it three hours later.

This shocking lack of judgement not only resulted in severe physical harm to an animal, but trauma for the entire family, particularly the children. We, the undersigned, demand that the officer responsible is investigated and fired if found guilty of wrongdoing.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Angie Laymon
Punish Man for Allegedly Biting Live Rodent’s Head Off.
Target: Brisbane Chief Magistrate Judge, Orazio Rinaudo
Goal: Seek maximum penalty for man who allegedly filmed himself biting a rat’s head off.
Matt Maloney, a 24-year-old man, allegedly filmed himself biting off the head of a live rat and swallowing it with vodka. The rest of the video shows him being hit with random objects, including a chair that breaks over his back and a punch to the face. At the end, he challenges viewers to “beat that.” His goal was to create a social media challenge where other people join and share videos of their own violent behavior. His pets were seized when the RSPCA got word of the disgusting video and raided his home. Maloney faces one animal cruelty charge.
It’s alarming that someone would use the innocent lives of animals in such heinous acts just for attention. This is clearly a very dangerous trend to start, and it’s possible that the Internet will see more similar behavior. Unless this man is appropriately punished for this gruesome cruelty to animals, it will only continue. Please sign this petition demanding that Maloney be sentenced to the maximum penalty for this disturbing act of animal cruelty, if guilty.
Dear Mr. Rinaudo,
A video was posted online showing a man biting a live rodent’s head off in an attempt to create a new social media trend. At the end of the video, the man challenges viewers to top his heinous behavior.
Animal cruelty is not trendy. It’s extremely alarming that a man would be comfortable biting a live animal’s head off, especially just for attention. We urge you to help make sure this cruel trend is stifled immediately by seeking the maximum penalty possible for this man, if guilty.
[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: FromSandToGlass
Make Second-Offense Animal Cruelty a Felony.

Target: Chairman of the Senate Agriculture Committee, Senator Jim Rice
Goal:  Support making second-offense animal cruelty a felony in Idaho.
Republican Ilana Rubel proposed a bill to the senate which would make the second offense of animal cruelty a felony. In addition to this, the bill better defines torture and would make it a first-offense felony if a minor was present at the time the act was committed. However, farm groups in Idaho oppose the bill and are trying to ensure it does not pass into law.
Rubel is baffled by the opposition as her bill specifically excludes production agriculture. In effect, she is receiving resistance from a group the bill does not affect at all. She stated that as a strong supporter of animal agriculture she had taken extra precautions to ensure the agriculture community was not affected by the bill.
Rubel’s bill bears some similarity to a bill that was introduced in 2013 by Ken Andrus, Chairman of the House Agricultural Affairs Committee. Like Rubel’s, his bill made a second animal cruelty offense a felony and better defined torture. It failed because of opposition from farm groups. The new Chairman, Senator Jim Rice, has since said that he will not hear any bill similar to the one Andrus passed in 2013. Instead, he wants to treat animal cruelty as a mental illness, which cannot be solved by mere jail-time.
While there is some truth to this, it should not prevent the state from putting stricter laws in place to punish convicted criminals. Oftentimes, people who commit acts of sexual assault and murder are also suffering from mental illnesses, but strict criminal laws are in place for them too. Animal rights should get the same treatment.
Dear Senator Rice,
I am writing this letter to express my concern regarding a bill that was recently proposed by Republican Illana Rubel. Her bill would amend other animal rights laws in Idaho by putting in place stricter provisions. These include making the second offense of animal cruelty a felony, as well as define animal torture.
In 2013, a similar bill was put in place by Ken Andrus, Chairman of the House Agricultural Affairs Committee. The bill failed due to opposition from farm groups, similar to what Rubel is facing now. It also failed as a result of opposition from your predecessor. Similarly, you have taken a stance against any bill bearing a resemblance to Andrus’. This would include Rubel’s bill, as well.
I understand your position that people who commit animal cruelty should be psychologically evaluated and treated. However, this should not preempt putting stricter laws in place to deter people from committing animal cruelty and to punish those who do.
Oftentimes, people who commit acts of sexual assault and murder are also suffering from mental illnesses but strict criminal laws are in place for them too. Animal rights should get the same treatment. I urge you to support Rubel’s bill to tackle the growing problem of animal cruelty in Idaho and America at large.
[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit:
Justice for Disabled Dog Kidnapped and Found Dead.
Target: Timothy C. Evans, Chief Justice of the Cook County Circuit Court
Goal: Punish person responsible for kidnapping a dog that was later found dead.
A dog died after it was stolen in an armed robbery. Tyler, a special needs dog, was taken from a dog rescue and later found dead from unknown causes. Demand the harshest punishment for the person responsible for this inhumane act.
Blind and heavily reliant on others, Tyler was an easy target. The dedicated workers at Furever Rescue described him as “timid” and stated that he “adores dogs.” So, when the perpetrator pulled a gun on the rescuer and demanded all of his money, Tyler was most vulnerable. Per eyewitness report, the perpetrator stated: “We’re going to take your dog, too” before stealing the car. A search was conducted, but it was too late.
This innocent dog deserves justice. Demand the harshest punishment for the person convicted of this heinous crime.
Dear Chief Justice Evans,
A rescue dog was kidnapped in an armed robbery and later found dead. This crime cannot go unpunished. We demand the harshest penalty for the person responsible.
Tyler, A Great Dane/pit bull mix, had just visited his potential new family. While on the way back to the rescuer’s home, an armed robber kidnapped him. He was later found dead from unknown causes. Blind and disabled, Tyler would have had a difficult time defending himself. He was described as “timid” by his rescuers and would not approach humans.
Tyler was just an innocent dog looking for a family. The person responsible for his kidnapping must be reprimanded. We demand the harshest punishment for the person convicted of this heinous crime.
[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Furever Rescue
Investigate Euthanasia of Docile Dog.
Target: Toronto Animal Services Manager, Elizabeth Glibbery
Goal: Investigate the decision to euthanize a dog who was reportedly calm and well behaved and had two potential adopters.
A Rottweiler nicknamed Sewell was put down by Toronto Animal Services after allegedly failing to pass a behavior assessment, despite the dog having reportedly shown no signs of aggression with the veterinary assistant who found him. Sarah Castorina, who found the dog and brought him to the shelter, has stated that the dog exhibited no signs of behavioral issues and was “loveable” and “sweet as can be” during the 24 hours she had him.
She brought him to the shelter for him to be found by his owners if lost, but volunteered to adopt him after his five-day holding period was up. Another potential adopter also showed interest in Sewell. However, when Castorina called to check up on the dog she was told he had been put down for failing his behavioral test. This doesn’t fit with Castorina’s report of the dog’s sweet nature and videos she took showing him lovingly licking her hand.
It is too late to bring Sewell back, but better management practices and transparency on the part of the Toronto Animal Services are necessary to ensure this unfortunate incident does not occur again. Demand that the Toronto Animal Services closely investigate this incident to ensure that no more well behaved dogs with potential adopters are euthanized.
Dear Mrs. Glibbery,
Your shelter recently euthanized a young Rottweiler nicknamed Sewell, despite the dog being reportedly well behaved and having two potential adopters. According to Sarah Castorina, who found Sewell, the dog was “loveable” and showed no signs of aggression.
Castorina had offered to adopt him after his holding period was up but was shocked to hear the dog had been euthanized for behavioral issues. This assessment doesn’t fit with Castorina’s own impression of the dog’s sweet nature and videos she took of Sewell appearing to be calm and affectionate.
While the decision to euthanize animals is no doubt complex, it seems that this particular verdict was made rashly and cost an adoptable animal his life. We demand a proper investigation into this matter to ensure this unfortunate incident does not occur again.
[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Sarah Castorina
Neighbor confesses to killing Salma Hayek’s dog. 

After an investigation, Salma Hayek’s neighbor has confessed to killing her beloved dog Mozart.

The unidentified neighbor told Washington state authorities that he was fed up with Hayek’s dogs entering his property and attacking his dogs, according to TMZ.

On the day of the incident, the neighbor says he spotted Hayek’s dogs in his garage and fired a pellet gun to scare them off.

Although he didn’t intend on killing any of the animals, he claims, a pellet struck the German Shepherd mix nicking him in an artery near his heart.

According to a veterinarian, the 9-year-old pooch “slowly bled to death internally.” Authorities say pellets usually don’t lead to death.

The neighbor claims the dogs would cross property lines every time they were taken on a walk by the ranches’s caretaker.

The ranch, which is about 70 miles south of Seattle, houses rescue animals including horses, alpacas and parrots.

Hayek, 49, mourned the dog on Instagram saying, “He was the most loving and loyal companion. He didn’t deserve a slow and painful death.”

A request for comment from Hayek’s rep wasn’t immediately returned.

I haven't posted for a week as I been mourning the death of my dog, Mozart who I personally delivered out of his mother's womb. He was found dead in my ranch last Friday with a shot close to his heart. I am hoping that the Washington State authorities do justice to this wonderful dog whom in 9 years never bit or attacked anyone. He loved his territory and never strayed away...he was the most loving and loyal companion. He didn't deserve a slow and painful death. #doglover#animalrights #dog #dogoftheday #rip #delivery #washingtonstateauthorities Hace una semana que no pongo nada ya que he estado de duelo por la muerte de mi perro Mozart. De quién fui la partera, lo encontramos el viernes pasado con un tiro cerca del corazón. Espero que las autoridades del estado de Washington le hagan justicia a este extraordinario perro que durante 9 años nunca mordió o atacó a nadie, adoraba su territorio y nunca se escapó. Era el compañero más leal y no se merecía una muerte lenta y dolorosa. #muerte #perro #justiciaporlosanimales

Sled dog dead after snowmachiner attacks Iditarod teams
Kaltag turned out tocheer on Aliy Zirkle. The made signs to show their support after she and Jeff King were attacked on the trail. (Photo by Emily Schwing/KNOM.)
Kaltag turned out tocheer on Aliy Zirkle. The made signs to show their support after she and Jeff King were attacked on the trail. (Photo by Emily Schwing/KNOM.)
Kaltag turned out tocheer on Aliy Zirkle. The made signs to show their support after she and Jeff King were attacked on the trail. (Photo by Emily Schwing/KNOM.)
Updated 3/12/16 at  2:30 p.m.

Update: State troopers have arrested a Nulato man accused hitting the teams of Aliy Zirkle and Jeff King while driving a snowmachine on the trail outside of the village.

26-year-old Arnold Demoski is facing several charges after being arrested just before noon Saturday.

From Alaska State Troopers online dispatch:
UPDATE: On 3/12/2016 Alaska State Troopers responded to Nulato and located the snow machine involved in the incident and identified a suspect. At approximately 1145 hours, Alaska State Troopers arrested Arnold Demoski, 26 of Nulato, for two counts of Assault in the third degree, one count of Reckless Endangerment, one count Reckless Driving and six counts of criminal Mischief in the fifth degree.

Original story:
In Saturday’s early morning hours, a snowmachiner repeatedly tried to harm Iditarod veterans Aliy Zirkle, Jeff King and their teams outside of Nulato, according to an Iditarod press release, killing one dog and injuring several others.

Zirkle told Iditarod officials that as she was making her way to the Nulato checkpoint, the snowmachiner repeatedly tried to harm her and her team. One dog was injured.

King reported a similar incident 12 miles outside of Nulato, according to the press release. The incident resulted in the death of 3-year-old sled dog Nash, and the non-life-threatening injuries of two others.

King spoke with KNOM’s Emily Schwing about the incident:

“Last night, about 12 miles before I arrived to Nulato, one of the many snowmachines that were on the river struck my team at high speed,” King said. “It did not hit my sled or me – and I am fine, I was not hurt in any way – but several of my dogs were hit. One was killed; one’s leg was broken, appears broken; and one is in serious condition with shock and impact.”

Justice for Iditarod Dog Killed by Reckless Snowmobiler
Target: Craig W. Richards, Attorney General of Alaska
Goal: Seek the maximum penalty for snowmobiler accused of slamming into Iditarod teams, killing one dog and injuring others.
One dog was killed and three others were wounded when a snowmobiler drove directly into two sled teams during the Iditarod race. Demand justice for the animals harmed by this reckless act.
Two mushers reported that the attack felt intentional. The driver never stopped and fled the scene immediately after the first attack. In the second incident, the same driver reportedly hit a dog and then turned around several times in an apparent attempt to hit more. This caused the musher to feel threatened.
A 26-year-old man has been arrested in connection with the events and charged with third-degree assault, reckless endangerment, reckless driving, and criminal mischief. Sign below and demand the harshest penalty for the person convicted of this violent act.
Dear Mr. Richards,
A snowmobiler killed one dog and injured three others in an alleged attack. The dogs were part of Iditarod teams. We demand the harshest penalty for the person responsible.
Two mushers claim that the attacks felt intentional. After the first incident, the driver fled the scene. During the second incident, he reportedly turned around several times. The second musher alleged that he was targeting her sled.
Musher dogs are an important part of Alaskan culture. They train for long hours and work hard to succeed at their sport. Their lives are just as valuable as any human life and should be honored in the same way. We demand justice against the person convicted of this violent act.
[Your Name Here]
Photo credit: dyet
Dead dog found in plastic-wrapped crate in Willow Grove

A young pit bull was found dead in a metal crate that was wrapped in plastic in Willow Grove on Wednesday, NBC10 reports.

According to the report, police said the animal, a female thought to be between the ages of 6 months and a year old, appears to have died from suffocation and was dead for at least three days before being found in the area of Welsh Road near Blair Mill Road in the Willow Grove section of Upper Dublin Township, Montgomery County. 

There are no leads to a suspect or suspects at this time.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Upper Dublin Police Department Detective Division at (215) 646-2101.

Read the full NBC10 report here.  

Punish Rancher for Allegedly Selling Wild Horses to Slaughter.
Target: Governor John Hickenlooper
Goal: Punish a rancher who purchased 1,794 wild horses and allegedly sold them to slaughter houses in Mexico.
Rancher Tom Davis allegedly sent a total of 1,794 wild horses to slaughter for a healthy profit, costing taxpayers a total of $140,000 for transport, according to an article in The Denver Post. These horses were bought for roughly $18,000 then sold by Mr. Davis to Mexican slaughterhouses for roughly $154,000. Mr. Davis is also quoted saying he’s sold “almost all of them” when asked how many of the horses have been sold to slaughter.
Mr. Davis is only one of many pro-slaughter ranchers, and many of them advocate for less oversight when dealing with wild horses purchased from the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). It is also noted that only 765 horses purchased by Mr. Davis were actually inspected during transport, which leaves an unaccounted for 1,000 horses. It is also convenient that the state of Colorado has decided not to prosecute Mr. Davis for these questionable practices.
The Bureau of Land Management’s Wild Horse and Burro Program is designed to manage herd sizes of wild horses by catching and selling them to interested owners. The intent is for these wild horses to go to good homes. Instead, they are being bought by ranchers for low prices and then sold for profit to slaughterhouses in Mexico. This has been a pervasive problem for the program in the last decade, with more and more people buying and re-selling the horses.
The next big problem is that there seems to be a lack of consistent attention given to what happens to horses sold by the BLM. That the bureau seems to be against any legislation preventing the sale of purchased horses to slaughter is only one of many questionable practices.
This problem is exacerbated by the BLM catching more wild horses than they have facilities to contain and care for. So when men like Mr. Davis show up and offer to take a few thousand of them off their hands, the BLM is more than happy to comply. This produces a situation of zero accountability for the BLM, as they can sell off the horses and by the time anyone outside of their system becomes aware that the animals were sold to slaughter, it’s too late to do anything.
The situation is profitable for the BLM and for the ranchers, but wastes taxpayer money and the lives of wild horses. Of course, this situation is also exacerbated by ever-intensifying demands that all sports and jobs utilizing horses be shut down. So the only people left who can afford or have the means to care for horses are these ranchers who sell them to slaughter.
Regardless of what causes this situation, these men should still be held accountable for their actions. Do not allow men like Tom Davis to walk free of repercussions and work a system designed to benefit everyone but taxpayers and wild horses. Sign and urge authorities to at least demand this man take responsibility for evading customs checks for 1,000 animals, and for questionable business practices.
Dear Governor Hickenlooper,
Colorado rancher Tom Davis recently purchased 1,794 wild horses from the Wild Horse and Burro Program, paying roughly $18,000 and costing about $140,000 in taxpayer money for their transport. He then turned around and sold these horses to slaughterhouses in Mexico for about $154,000.
This is not an uncommon practice between ranchers and the Bureau of Land Management. In fact, Colorado prosecutors decided not to prosecute Mr. Davis despite the fraudulent business transaction and the questionable practices of turning a profit on taxpayer money. This practice is one that will prove a threat to diminishing wild horse populations in America.
It is disappointing that Mr. Davis is not being held accountable for his actions. While legislation doesn’t specifically address re-selling BLM purchased horses to slaughterhouses, that this practice takes place under-desk is enough to encourage an investigation. At the very least, Mr. Davis should face the consequences of only 765 horses being properly inspected when transported to his property in Colorado–that a glaring 1,000 animals weren’t does not speak well of him or those in charge of inspections.
It’s a disappointing mark against Colorado when so many have praised the state for its otherwise generally progressive practices. Please don’t allow men to walk free from these questionable practices. Consider the effects this will have on America’s wild horse population in the future.
[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Bureau of Land Management
Punish Man Who Allegedly Tortured Possum.
dead possum by benjamin sTone
Target: Andrew Bridgman, Chief Executive and Secretary for Ministry of Justice
Goal: Seek the harshest penalty for man who reportedly tortured a trapped possum with a hammer.
A man allegedly approached an entrapped possum in a tree and hit it numerous times with a hammer before taking it out of the trap and stomping on its head with boots. In the recorded video of this incident, the perpetrator zooms in on the possum’s twitching and bleeding body as he slams the hammer into it. The man can also be heard telling the possum that he can’t let it get out alive.
After throwing the carcass into the riverbank, the man then moved on to attack other possums on video. He can be seen shooting a possum out of a tree shortly after the first incident.
This sickening episode documents the nature of a heartless and brutal person. This person began recording before he perpetrated violence, meaning it was not an impulsive act. He planned and prepared to brutally kill this possum while recording every bloody detail. This demonstrates the kind of dangerous callousness that we need to be cautious of in humans, since it is also a likely indicator of abuse against humans.
This crime is punishable by up to three years in jail or a $75,000 fine in New Zealand. Please sign this petition to urge authorities to seek the maximum penalty for this dangerous and heartless human.
Dear Mr. Bridgman,
I am writing this letter to encourage the maximum possible penalty to be enforced upon the New Zealand man who reportedly filmed himself brutally killing a trapped possum. This heartless man planned and prepared to torture and kill this animal and felt it was necessary to film the disgusting incident.
This type of behavior is very revealing about the man who committed this terrible crime. He has not only taken the life of a defenseless animal in an inhumane way, but he showed his potential for future abuses. This man could likely move on to hurt more animals and perhaps even humans, if given the right opportunity.
In New Zealand, the penalties concerning animal abuse are quite steep and should definitely be enforced upon this individual if he is found guilty. Please pursue this sick person and seek the maximum penalty for these senseless crimes.
[Your Name Here]
Photo Credit: Benjamin Stone
Justice for Swan Killed by Tourist.
swan by dr slippers2007
Target: Mrs. Oliver Spasovski, Minister of Internal Affairs of Macedonia
Goal: Pursue charges against tourist who killed swan for the sake of a picture with it.
A tourist recently visited Lake Ohrid in Macedonia where she allegedly dragged a struggling swan across rocks in order to take a photograph with it. Pictures featuring the tourist and this swan capture the woman’s grip on one of the swan’s wings and one photo even shows her smiling while securing a tight grip on the animal.
The tourist reportedly saw the swan near the water, wanted a particular picture with it, and took it upon herself to capture the swan and force it to pose with her. The swan did not initially react negatively to the woman, since swans in this area are used to some sort of interaction with tourists. When she grabbed the wing and began to pull it along the rocks, the swan reacted with a struggle to get free. Photos document the swan’s unsuccessful attempts to free itself. After the woman got her use out of the animal, she left it motionless on the gravelly shore.
This incident occurred a mere two weeks after tourists killed a dolphin by passing it around for pictures as it squirmed and struggled. We cannot continue to allow these selfish and senseless acts to become normal and go unpunished. Please sign this petition urging authorities to pursue this criminal and charge her accordingly.
Dear Mr. Spasovski,
I am writing this letter to express my concern and disappointment regarding the recent who allegedly caused the death of a swan after forcing it to be the centerpiece for her photo. As a visitor to your country, this woman communicated disrespect when she disregarded the well-being of your wildlife and decided to drag a swan across the rocks carelessly for a pointless picture.
As you may know, this woman’s face can be seen in one of the photos, which should make it easy for her to be found. We must not let her get away with such a selfish and reckless actshe knew what she was doing and she was happy to be doing it, as we can witness her smiling in the pictures.
In order to preserve the animals we still have left in our ecosystem, we will need to more strictly enforce penalties against perpetrators since people are seemingly more desensitized to harming animals in this modern age. Please seek out this woman and pursue charges against her for the disrespectful and senseless act that she committed.
[Your Name Here]
Photo Credit: Dr Slippers2007