Sunday, February 14, 2016

This Week On Rescue TV!

Rescued Rabbit Valentine's Day Party
Leela was one of thousands of animals who were languishing at Holmes Farm, a massive animal mill in Pennsylvania that supplies hamsters, rabbits, gerbils, chinchillas, ferrets, and other small animals to big-box pet store chains across the eastern U.S.

But Leela was lucky: PETA’s eyewitness was able to rescue her and rush her to a veterinarian. After an examination and a few days of medication, Leela beat the infection and bounced back (literally!) with tremendous energy. Can you give Leela a forever home? Email!

Two Animal-Loving Skaters Rescue Wild Boar Trapped in Frozen Lake.

Cold winters are hard on everyone, especially the animals. Homeless dogs and cats are susceptible to freezing on cold nights. while their wild counterparts can find themselves in tight fixes with no help in sight.

The boar in this video is one sad example of this. This poor guy was unable to regain his footing on the flipper surface after wandering into the middle of a frozen lake. Luckily for him, two skaters who happen to love animals, came to his rescue. Without much to work with, they had to get creative, so they decided to slide him to the edge using their ski poles! Thanks to their quick action, the boar made it back to firm ground.

If you ever come across an animal in need, be sure to contact a professional before attempting a rescue on your own. Check out these animal rescue hotlines—they’re a great resource for animal rescues of all kinds.

Aster Needs a Home!
Aster is blind. As a result she is extremely sensitive to hands reaching toward her face. Despite her compromised vision, Aster gets around well and uses the litter box. Aster will need a very experienced adopter in a quiet, stable, adult-only home. She seems more comfortable with another cat around so we strongly recommend that she go to a home with another cat-friendly cat.

Aster is available for adoption at the ASPCA Adoption Center. If you are interested in adopting please call our Adoptions department in New York City at (212) 876-7700, ext. 4120.

Leopard injures six during 10-hour struggle to remove cat from school.
What the heck is a leopard doing roaming the halls of Vibgyor International school in Bangalore India? The 8-year-old male cat was spotted on security video, either looking for a meal or an education.

Six people were injured by the leopard during efforts to remove the animal from school grounds.

The 10-hour struggle to remove the cat concluded around 8:15 p.m. when tranquilizer darts finally took full effect. The cat was taken to a national park where it was released.

India is home to roughly 12,000 to 14,000 leopards. A wildlife official told the BBC that the leopard may have strayed into the school from a nearby forest.

Fortunately, no students were at the school on Sunday during the time that the leopard was roaming the halls. All six people were treated for minor injuries.

Rescued from starvation: FOUR PAWS helps again in Gaza.

Together with local supporters we organised a large supply of animal feed, which will help get the zoo animals through the next weeks. Last Sunday, the feed could be distributed to around 40 surviving animals. Besides the tiger, there are also leopards, foxes, porcupines, apes, eagles and other birds. The feedings will be repeated weekly for the next four weeks. Moreover, the FOUR PAWS team was able to bring urgently needed medicine for the animals from Jordan to Gaza. Please support our work:

300 Roosters Rescued From Cruel Cockfighting Ring Finally Get to Learn the Meaning of Love.

Cockfighting, a blood sport that has been around for hundreds of years, is one of the most atrocious industries imaginable for the poor birds involved. To increase their aggression, the birds are tormented by having their beaks and feathers pulled, and all of this goes on with a crowd of cheering and shouting spectators, creating a truly terrifying experience for them. Birds who do not die during the fight are very often so badly injured and exhausted that they are killed anyway.

Due to its violent and cruel nature, it is mostly illegal in the United States, but that doesn’t stop some individuals from running underground rings. Such was the case recently when officials discovered 300 live roosters and 50 dead roosters next to a fighting pin in the backyard of the home in Modesto, Calif.

Deputies arrested one person and detained more than 20 after they located the rooster fighting operation, the Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department said on its Facebook page.

The pit of dead birds at the cockfight.
Thankfully, incredible staff members from Stockton’s Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary stepped in to help several of the birds in this case, but many were found to be in  grave condition. “We see a lot of cases of animal cruelty, and this is one of the worst scenes I’ve ever seen,” Christine Morrissey, manager of Stockton’s Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary told local news station KCRA 3.

The cruelty of this situation is especially despicable considering that chickens are by nature lovers, not fighters. Chickens are incredibly social beings, who would otherwise enjoy sitting in a lap, getting cuddles. We’re glad to know that several of these birds will never have to be subjected to this torture ever again while in the care of Harvest Home Sanctuary.

This Lamb Was Attacked by a Dog and Left to Die – Then a Group of Heroes Stepped in to Change His Life.
Too often, animals are seen as “somethings” instead of “someones,” so when they are injured, few people are willing to invest in veterinary care or give them the attention they need to recover. Many times, these animals are sold for slaughter, or left to suffer in pain. However, when a young Dorper lamb, who was attacked by a dog, arrived at Edgar’s Mission, the incredible staff leaped into action to save the little guy, now named Charlie Brown.

With large wounds in his face and body and a terribly twisted neck, Charlie Brown was in significant pain. Thanks to the love, care, and skillful veterinary team at the sanctuary, this chap is on his way to recovery! The volunteers at Edgar’s Mission think Charlie Brown’s life is worth much more than “peanuts.” You’re a good man, Charlie Brown … and we know that you’re in good hands too.

If you would like to help Edgar’s Mission care for their rescued animals, like this little one, visit Edgar’s Mission to support their work.

Ex-orphan Icholta has her first wild born baby.
Watch wild born baby Inca take his first wobbly steps in our video, filmed when he was just one day old!

Wild born born baby Inca is thriving from all the love, attention and guidance he could possibly wish for from Emily’s attentive ex-orphan herd who form his family. Read more about his progress at: https://www.sheldrickwildlifetrust.or....

Find out more about the work of the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust at: Follow the work of the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust on Facebook at:

Abused Dog Kisses New Family.

Before PETA recued her, Sarah's life was one of solitary confinement. Kept on a short chain in a small box outside , she spent her early years being almost completely ignored. But in PETA's care, Sarah bounced back quickly. We found her a new "forever" family who will give her attention and affection until the end of her days. Sarah will never be alone again.

Help save Buddy and other animals that need us.
Donate now
We have an urgent crisis in the communities we serve in Johannesburg, South Africa that is causing widespread animal suffering.

The area has suffered heatwave after heatwave. As a result, a tsunami of ticks and fleas are infecting family pets with deadly illnesses like biliary. The dogs we're treating have high fevers, and they're listless, tired and very ill.

Sandy, the sweet dog pictured above, was so tired that her legs just gave out on the examination table.

The heatwaves have also caused widespread water shortages, so we're treating a lot of dogs for severe dehydration. Some pet owners are even surrendering their beloved dogs to us because they can't provide them with water or food.

Your gift can help provide vital care to the animals we help in Johannesburg and around the world. You'll help us care for dogs, cats, and so many other animals that urgently need us.

We've seen it over and over again - when times are tough for people, they need their animal companions more than ever to get them through.

The people in the impoverished Johannesburg townships we serve love their animals dearly. But when they have no water, and barely enough food to feed their children, they sometimes have to make the heartbreaking decision to give up their pets.

I can't imagine how deeply sad that is for these families. But they know that we'll take good care of their pets and find them loving homes.

Help animals in Johannesburg and beyond 

It's still summer in Johannesburg, and we're continuing to see pets surrendered to us, we're still treating so many cases of biliary and other diseases, and we're caring for dogs suffering from starvation and dehydration.

Our staff is working as hard as they can to keep up, but we could really use your help to buy more antibiotics to cure infections, bags of intravenous fluids to quickly replenish dehydrated dogs, and medicine and bandages to treat the skin of dogs with mange.

You've taken action before to help us save animals, and I can't thank you enough.

Your support for our lifesaving work around the world is even more crucial during times of crisis.

I hope I can count on you now to help us save animals in Johannesburg and around the world.

Make an emergency gift today. Thank you for helping us save suffering animals like Sandy and Buddy.

Kids Threw ROCKS At Him. Now Watch What Happens When He’s Treated With Love.

A stray pit bull can be a fearful sight. To most people, these are muscular, mean-looking, and fierce creatures who will attack at the smallest provocation. Sadly, a few kids in the neighborhood must have felt this way about this beautiful dog. They had thrown rocks at him and injured him. Instead of attacking, the poor guy simply hid from all humans.

Luckily, someone contacted the good people at Hope for Paws, and they rushed to the scene to see if they could rescue the pit bull. At first, the big guy was so scared of humans that he tried his best to hide from his rescuers. What finally got him to trust his new friends? A cheeseburger! After that, he realized these humans weren’t going to hurt him, but it still took them an hour of patient caresses, kind words, and assurances before he was ready to leave.
They named him Buddha, probably because of his gentle soul. We already love him.

Over 3,000 dogs and 90 cats have been rescued by our group in the Everglades area of Florida (Florida City, Homestead and Redlands) and the surrounding areas of SE Florida. These animals have been abandoned by their previous owners and left alone to fend for themselves. Most are starving, full of ticks and at risk for several tick-borne diseases, heart worm, the elements and the wildlife and that is IF a speeding car doesn’t hit them first. We strive to bring awareness to the severity of the problem we have with countless starving, abandoned animals on the streets of the Everglades area.

This page and our MISSION was created as a community effort to END the neglect and abuse of our precious animal companions, man’s best friend. This project is funded solely by your support, without you and others like you we could not save these precious lives! By raising awareness to this problem, then remedying it, we believe eventually people will think twice before dumping their family pets like yesterday’s trash. Together we can bring change for the future of our animals that have no voice and no house of protection. This is only the beginning. Won’t you join us?”

Clumsy Jackdaw Traps Itself in Tree.
Simon and Johnny went out to rescue a jackdaw that was stuck in a tree. Simon traded the ladder for the camera and left young Johnny to climb up the 15-20 foot tall tree! Quickly and easily rescued, the noisy bird was released straight after his unusual ordeal! We bet he was happy to get back to his friends!

Stolen dog reunited with owner, who was dragged by dognappers' car trying to save pooch.
A routine walk with his dog went horribly wrong for a Claremont man on Sunday, Feb. 7.

Mike Heredia, 50, was left battered and heartbroken following a dognapping incident.

Heredia was walking with his three dogs to the Claremont Pooch Park on College Avenue and Green Street — just two blocks from his house — Sunday around noon when he noticed a dark-colored Nissan Altima with "Geneva Motors" paper plates pull up about a block ahead of him.

A man exited the vehicle and while on his cellphone walked towards Heredia and his dogs. Heredia didn't think anything of it until the man walked past him and he heard one of his dogs, an elderly cocker spaniel named Otis, yelp.

"We walked past and as soon as I did I heard my dog scream and I turned around, the guy had picked him up, like really roughly by the legs and tossed him in backseat of the car," Heredia told ABC 7.

The man got in the vehicle and a female driver sped off. But that wasn't the end of Heredia's ordeal.

"When he slammed the door I knew what was happening so I jumped in the window and the girl who was driving, she just punched it," Heredia said. "We start going up the street, the guy socking me in the face as we're driving."

When the vehicle sped up even more Heredia wasn't able to hold on. He fell back out the window after being dragged 20 yards.

"I got a dislocated shoulder and I have road rash from being dragged down the street on my foot and it almost went down to the bone," Heredia explained.

Following the incident, a search was initiated to find Otis. And, just two days later, police responded to a call at Claremont Pooch Park about a dog barking.

Otis was found.

"[Claremont police] went out and found the dog, and they thought it was the dog that was missing," Lt. Mike Ciszek of the Claremont Police Department told the "Claremont Courier." "They went and got the owner, who confirmed that it was his dog." The two suspects remain at large.

Laziz - the only surviving tiger in Khan Younis Zoo in Gaza

Tiger Laziz is nervously running up and down in his desolate cage. For weeks, the emaciated tiger has only been fed on frozen chicken – if anything. He is the only tiger of Khan Younis Zoo in South Gaza to have survived. Many animals, including Laziz’ partner, died during the past weeks. Our team is still in Gaza feeding these poor animals. Please note that we also have limited resources, but are doing our best to find a long term solution. Every donation counts!

People Who Went to Incredible Lengths for Animals in Need
Sometimes if can seem like the world is filled with cruelty. But for every cruel person, there are many who are willing to do whatever necessary to help animals in need.

Urgent Action Needed to Save Farm Sanctuary for Disabled Animals.

Calf Sanctuary, located in North Yorkshire, England, made headlines last year after rescuing Duke, a disabled bull. Duke was scheduled to be shot – not only was he a dwarf that renders him useless in the meat industry, but he had also been injured and struggled to walk. However, Sharon Lawlor, who runs Calf Sanctuary an organization for disabled farm animals, learned of his story and rescued Duke. To help improve this sweet cow’s like, Lawlor got him a custom wheelchair and special sling to hold him up in his barn.
Despite Duke’s difficulties, he never gave up on life, and Lawlor never gave up on him. The story touched thousands and he even got his own Facebook page to keep in touch with all of his fans. Unfortunately, Duke’s home is in jeopardy.

Lawlor was recently informed that the Calf Sanctuary property will not be up for lease renewal. Without a place to go, Duke and the other animals, including six cows and bullocks, 30 sheep, five pigs, 12 chickens, three turkeys and four goats, will be homeless. A vegan cafe that is on the property would also close down. But … there is hope! A fundraising campaign has been set up to help Calf Sanctuary raise $82,000 to buy a permanent place.
“We’d like a home we can open up to the public to come and visit and get involved in, have accommodation where people can stay, and the potential to open a café and shop so that the sanctuary can be self-sufficient. That’s the dream – which we now have just a few short months to realize,” she told Metro. “‘It seems like we’ve a big mountain to climb very quickly but I do know there are many people who value the lives of animals and the work we do – and we really do need their help now.”

Duke’s inspirational story gave hope to so many unwanted animals, and now you have a chance to give that hope back to him. You can help Calf Sanctuary by supporting this crowd-funding campaign here.

An Update on chunky: Chunky is doing better!!
Many of you asked how Chunky was doing, the owner got in contact with me and these pictures have surfaced on her Chunky page please like and follow Chunky here. I will keep posting photos of Chunky as we go!! Click here to help!

FOUR PAWS' rescued animals sharing their love around the world!
These pictures are the reason why we are working so hard. To see our rescued animals finally cuddling and kissing after years in captivity is the most beautiful outcome of our rescue missions.

Paralyzed Baby Sloth Learns to Climb With Just His Arms Thanks to His Human Heroes. When it comes to cuteness, baby sloths might just take top honors. Their little Chewbacca faces just melt our hearts. That’s partly why it’s even sadder when we see these animals in desperate situations. In Costa Rica’s rainforests, young sloths are sometimes left orphaned because of deforestation, the illegal pet trade, or a whole host of other reasons. Since sloths, much like humans, are completely dependent on their mothers for survival for up to three years, an orphaned sloth will surely not survive, without help. The circumstances are even more bleak for those who are injured or born with disabilities.

Thankfully, when the organization, Kids Saving the Rainforest, came across a newly born sloth, who was paralyzed from the waist down, they made the life-saving decision to raise him to overcome his disability, even teaching him how to climb using only his wittle, baby arm muscles! This little one, named Anakin, is learning to tackle the rainforest – but you could say he’s taking on the whole galaxy.

His rescuers made sure to keep Anakin safe and warm, just like his mother would.
They bottle fed him to make sure he would grow big and strong.
And taught him the importance of friendship.
Despite his disability, Anakin knew he could climb mountains … or at least a few branches, which is really no small task!
Go Anakin!
Aside from his damaged back legs, Anakin lives a normal life and will hopefully grow big and strong in the care of the sanctuary. We can all learn something from this little survivor – just keep climbing no matter what life throws your way!

If you’d like to help support Anakin’s rehabilitation, visit Kids Saving the Rainforest. All image source: Sam Trull

Rescued Kitten and Bird Love Their Piglet Friend so Much, They Refuse to Let Her Nap! 

If you ever went to a sleepover party as a kid, you were probably one of two kinds of people: either you were the only one trying to sleep while your friends stayed awake until the crack of dawn, or you were a night owl. In this video, the Laura the rescued piglet just wants to take her afternoon nap, but Pepe the parrot and Marina the kitten don’t make that easy. What’s a piglet to do to get her beauty sleep?

Laura’s friends may be making it difficult for her to get some shut-eye, but she’s incredibly lucky to have their company every day. This little piglet was rescued from the meat industry, and she now has the best life a pig could ever have. It’s thanks to Chilean farm sanctuary, Santuario Igualdad Interespecie, that she’ll never be lonely — her friends love her so much, they won’t even let her sleep. That’s true friendship. If you want to see more of this sanctuary’s adorable rescued animals, click here.

What's in the box? Abandoned pet at Wildlife Aid!
Wildlife Aid does not deal with domestic species, but this poor animal has been abandoned on our door step! Simon's girlfriend was taking the rubbish out when she saw a small box, all wrapped up in tape. When she tried to lift it up, the box started to move on its own... Simon brought the box to the hospital and the animal they discovered was not a species they were expecting... In the box, there was a beautiful gray lop eared rabbit!

The female pet bunny was absolutely fine and happy to bounce around the treatment room! She was re-homed with one of our loving volunteers.

Rose, an Orphaned Sloth Bear Cub with a Missing Paw. She's on the Mend, but Rose Still Needs Your Love and Support.

Little Rose is just 3 months old, but she has already experienced tremendous heartbreak.

When our rescue team reached the village where the orphaned sloth bear cub had been spotted, limping and growing thinner by the day, they made a tragic discovery. Where her left front paw should have been, there was only a mangled stump. Poor Rose had likely lost her paw, along with her mother, to a poacher's wire snare.

It was a miracle that Rose survived, but she has a long road ahead of her.

With no mother's love to keep her warm and help her feel safe, it's going to take a while for her to learn to walk, for her to grow comfortable enough to eat and sleep, and even longer for her to learn to trust her keepers and the vets at our rescue center.

Whatever it takes, we are committed to helping Rose have a good life. Her wounds will heal, our veterinarian Dr. Niraj assures us, but the fear and anxiety will take longer to fade.

Still, with you by her side, she will recover - and we're determined to get her there with as much care, patience and love is needed. One day, we will all get to see Rose thriving, and living happily in the company of the other sloth bears at our rescue center.

Help us give Baby Rose the love she deserves,
and so desperately needs.

Make a one-time donation or set up a monthly gift today.