Saturday, February 6, 2016

Successes of the Week!

New York Creates an Animal Abuser Registry.
Target: Dr. Mary Bassett, Commissioner of Health and Mental Hygiene
Goal: Praise decision to strengthen animal cruelty laws and create an animal abuser registry in New York.
Anyone over the age of 18 who is convicted of an animal abuse crime is to be added to the NYC Animal Abuse Registry due to the newly passed Animal Abuse Registration Act. Thanks to activists, including a petition on ForceChange, convicted animal abusers are being recognized by law enforcement for the damaging consequences their harmful acts have on innocent animals and the community as a whole.
The registry is similar to those for sex offenders and accessible to animal shelters as well as the general public. Passing the bill into law brings the United States one step closer to a national registry and deserves our support.
Earlier this year, the Federal Bureau of Investigations classified animal abuse as a Group A felony on par with rape, assault, and homicide. According to the Chicago Police Department, 65 percent of people arrested for animal crimes have been arrested for battery against another person. For these reasons, it is imperative that the community be aware of animal abusers in their presence.
Not only does this registry allow members of the community to be aware of convicted animal abusers, but it also requires animal-related businesses and organizations to check the registry and refuse the sale or transfer of ownership to individuals listed. Convicted animal abusers will remain on the list for five years after convictions and failure to register can lead to fines up to $1,000 and a year in jail.
By signing the petition below you will help thank Dr. Mary Bassett, the Commissioner of Health and Mental Hygiene, for implementing this registry that protects innocent animals and the community as a whole.
Dear Commissioner Bassett,
Animal abuse is a serious crime and 65 percent of offenders arrested for animal abuse crimes have also been arrested for battery against another person. Furthermore, convicted animal abusers are not always inflicting their abuse on their own pets, but instead could be targeting other animals in the community. This is why the Animal Abuse Registration Act is imperative for the protection of the residents of New York.
Earlier this year, the FBI classified animal abuse crimes as a Grade A felony and will begin tracking convicted and alleged animal abusers. Not only will the Animal Abuse Registration Act make members of the community aware of convicted animal abusers in their midst, but it will also prevent the sale or transfer of ownership of animals to these convicted abusers for at least five years after sentencing or five years after release of incarceration.
I sincerely thank you for giving the animal owners in our community awareness and protection from convicted animal abusers. Please continue to enforce policies that allow the residents of New York City to be aware of potential threats to their pets’ safety in order to protect these innocent animals.
[Your Name Here]
Photo Credit: Pleple2000
Woman Accused of Abusing Dogs Surrenders One to an Animal Shelter.
Dog Katie Salerno
Target: Guardians of Rescue Executive Director, Dori Scofield
Goal: Applaud the Guardians of Rescue for taking one of the dogs reportedly left without adequate shelter during a blizzard in New York
A recent video showed two dogs left outside without adequate protection during a blizzard. The video brought the attention of the media, and also brought the police to the resident’s home. Reports say the resident received a summons with a court date from the police and was threatened with jail time if the dogs’ conditions did not improve. Thanks to strong pressure from animal rights groups and petitions like this on ForceChange, the owner turned one of the dogs over to the Guardians of Rescue.
The animal shelter recently shared a post showing that the more disabled of the dogs, Prince, had been voluntarily surrendered by the owner. Guardians of Rescue also disclosed on their Facebook page that “his cataracts are very bad” and that “[the] old boy is arthritic and fragile.” Posts from the volunteers also indicate that Prince did not get along with the other dog in the home, who is believed to still be living with the owner.
The rescue group has given Prince a full check-up, along with treats and toys to get him settled, while they look for a new home. The shelter warns all interested owners, however, that he will need “a special home to care for his aging body” and encourages those who cannot adopt to donate to help pay for the cost of his care.
Though reports say Egypt still remains with the Brooklyn resident, this petition celebrates at least one win in the struggle to ensure the dogs receive proper care and a good home. Add your name to not only show your support, but help bring awareness to Prince and Egypt’s condition and attract more donations.
Dear Executive Director Scofield,
I write to applaud your organization’s role in improving the welfare of Prince, who was recently surrendered by a Brooklyn resident accused of animal abuse. I know that the winter season is often the busiest for most animal shelters in America due to poor weather conditions, so I thank you for finding the space and resources to care for the dog. It is my understanding that there were other animal shelters involved in and aware of Prince’s situation, but it was you who was able to take the aging dog and provide him with the care he needed.
As you mentioned in your announcement on Facebook, Prince’s fragile health and aging body calls for a very special home to help him readjust and get settled. I know that such a home will be especially hard to find as expenses at this stage of a dog’s life runs high. I hope this petition will generate more awareness and attract donations to help you cover the cost of his care.
[Your Name Here]
Photo Credit: Katie Salerno