Friday, February 12, 2016

Progressive Breakfast: The Democratic Face-Off in Milwaukee: The Hammer and the Stiletto


Sanders is the hedgehog; he knows one big thing. He forcefully presents the calamity of a corrupted politics and rigged economy ... Yet his most insightful moment was when he noted how the financial collapse brought on by Wall Street’s excesses hit African Americans and Latinos the hardest ... Clinton is the fox; she knows many things ... She concluded, somewhat disingenuously, that she is not a “single-issue candidate and America is not a single-issue country.” ... Clinton may want to dismiss his critique of our corrupted politics and rigged economy as a “single issue,” but more and more Americans are coming to understand that this is the heart of the matter."


Bernie Sanders and Clinton surrogate to appear Saturday, Feb. 13th 11:30 AM PT/2:30 PM PT, at forum organized by Nevada community groups. Click here for Livestream: Sen. Bernie Sanders and Sen. Cory Booker (representing Hillary Clinton) will answer questions from grassroots community leaders about how to best target federal investments to the people and places that need them most. Emphasis will be placed on issues important in the South and Mountain West. The event will be moderated by Dorian Warren. For more information, go to Real Solutions for Real People.


Dems tussle over immigration. The Hill: “Bernie Sanders on Thursday night challenged Hillary Clinton over deportation raids, arguing that the children who fled Central America in 2014 should be allowed to stay in the country … Clinton, a former secretary of State, fired back that America needed to ‘send a message’ to Central American families to discourage them from sending their children on the “dangerous journey” to the United States.”
And over Obama’s legacy. Bloomberg: “She chided him for having criticizing Obama’s leadership, something, she said, ‘I do not expect from someone running for the Democratic nomination to succeed President Obama.’ Sanders called that “a low blow … Last I heard, a United States senator had the right to disagree with the president, including a president who has done such an extraordinary job,’ he said.”
Clinton argues Sanders would make government too big. The Hill: “‘I think that the best analysis that I’ve seen based on Sen. Sanders’s plans is that it would probably increase the size of the federal government by about 40 percent,’ Clinton said … doubling down on framing her opponent as an idealist who cannot fulfill his promises.”
But Hillary moves away from Bill. Bloomberg: “In a single debate last week, Hillary Clinton affirmed her opposition to every major multilateral trade pact of the last the last quarter-century, volunteered concern for the politics of racial and sexual identity, and implied she might be pleased to see the U.S. Supreme Court again ban capital punishments by states … For Hillary to survive, Clintonism had to die.”
Clinton Super PAC swoops in. W. Post: “[Priorities USA is] launching a radio campaign in South Carolina and spearheading a $4.5 million effort to drive early turnout of African American, Latino and female voters in states that hold contests in March.”
Dems wait on big SC endorsement. The Hill: “Rep. Jim Clyburn (S.C.), the third-ranking House Democrat and a leading member of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC), said Thursday that he plans to endorse either former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton or Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) before the Palmetto State’s Feb. 27 vote. ‘It’ll be after this weekend,’ Clyburn told a horde of reporters…”
Republicans start targeting Sanders. WSJ: “…a digital ad released Thursday from the Republican group America Rising Squared … shows a younger (and even wilder-haired) Mr. Sanders praising Cuba’s Fidel Castro and airs recent footage of him saying, ‘We will raise taxes, yes we will.'”


Obama remains confident climate plan will be upheld. The Hill: “Obama told an audience at a Democratic National Committee fundraiser Thursday that he is confident in the legality of the Clean Power Plan … ‘This a legal decision that says, “Hold on until we review the legality.” We are very firm in terms of the legal footing here.'”
EPA urges states to proceed with climate plans. The Hill: “Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Gina McCarthy told state regulators Thursday … ‘Are we going to respect the decision of the Supreme Court? You bet, of course we are,’ she said. ‘But it doesn’t mean it’s the only thing we’re working on and it doesn’t mean we won’t continue to support any state that voluntarily wants to move forward.’ … several states have said they will continue implementing the plan, including Colorado, Virginia and Pennsylvania.”


Trade enforcement bill clears Congress. NYT: “The Senate gave overwhelming final approval Thursday to the most comprehensive overhaul of customs law in decades, giving presidents new tools to combat unfair trade, yet falling short of bipartisan demands for penalties against other nations that manipulate their currencies … the enforcement package is not expected to similarly improve Mr. Obama’s low odds of winning congressional approval this year of the Pacific agreement…”
Senate Dems hone election message. Politico: “Senate Democrats are testing out a new election year message: Republicans talk a big game on responding to national crises but are cheaping out when it comes to solutions. Democrats have blasted Republicans for their opposition to emergency spending to address the Flint water crisis, the opioid epidemic or the Zika virus…”
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