Thursday, February 4, 2016

Animals in the entertainment industry

Right now, animals suffering in the name of tourist entertainment need your help.
A tiger cub is chained for tourists to take photos with him.
Wildlife tourism sees elephants, tigers, lions, macaques and thousands more innocent animals taken from their mothers as babies, broken through cruel ‘training’, and sentenced to a life of dismal captivity.
She spends her life in chains, and was beaten and starved as a baby to allow people to ride on her back.
He is forced through pain and fear to dress up and perform tricks.
She is drugged and hit into submission every day to allow people to pet her and take photos.

Only cruelty keeps them there.

While tourists remain unaware of the abuse going on behind the scenes, the animals forced into lives as photo props and performers suffer every day of their existence.

Help them break free from the cycle of abuse. A life entertaining tourists is no life for a wild animal. We are determined to keep wild animals in the wild - where they belong, but we can’t do it without your help.

Become an animal protector. Your monthly donations will save animals from cruelty.

Your contribution could:

  • Educate tourists about the truth behind the scenes
  • Lobby tour operators to stop selling tickets to wild animal shows
  • Re-train local people to find new ways of making a living, without hurting animals
  • Develop sustainable solutions for moving wild animals trapped in the entertainment industry into the wild or sanctuaries

12 dos and don'ts for animal-friendly vacations

Animal cruelty can be an unintended byproduct of tourism. Elephant rides, selfies with tigers, swimming with dolphins, zoos and circuses often mean a lifetime of suffering for the animals involved.

You can be a compassionate traveler. Arm yourself with the knowledge of what goes on behind the scenes at these "once-in-a-lifetime" experiences and make decisions that prevent animal suffering for tourist entertainment. Here are some dos and don'ts for your next trip. And click here to learn more about the cruelty of keeping wild animals in the entertainment industry - and how you can help.

1. Experience wildlife in their natural environments.
2. Do not go to wild animal shows and watch them perform tricks.
3. Visit a certified sanctuary and avoid places that breed animals in captivity.
4. Do not ride an elephant. Elephants at tourist venues are subject to cruel training and routine abuse.
5. Buy sustainable souvenirs to support local people.
6. Do not buy souvenirs made from wild animals, like crocodile bags or ivory bracelets.
7. Avoid food that involves extreme animal suffering, like foie gras or shark fin soup. 
8. Help with a conservation project - i.e. plant trees to preserve the habitats of elephants and orangutans.
9. Do not pay to watch a a fight between animals like bulls or chickens. Animals trained to fight endure a lifetime of unimaginable suffering.
10. Choose to take ecotours that don't disturb nature and wild animals.
11. Do not touch wild animals; say no to "hugging" lions or tigers. These animals are drugged and beaten into submission to allow tourists to be close to them.
12. Be their voice. Express concern if you witness animal cruelty and share the information with travel providers or a local animal welfare organization.

Ban Use of Wild Animals in Circuses Nationwide. We've got 44,452 supporters, help us get to 45,000

Despite all talks and continued efforts to stop the use of animals in circuses and other entertainment venues, the issue continues throughout the United States and Worldwide.  Some areas of the country are doing their part in banning animals for these purposes but we want to see this achieved on a national level. You can read more on the compelling and inhumane effects on circus animals at

Animals, wild and tame are not born and bred to be part of the entertainment field and those that are engaged for these purposes are most frequently trained in an abusive manner.  People are easily entertained when witnessing the amazing things a cute and mysterious animal can do without realizing what many of those animals endure when being trained for their enjoyment.  The reality is that the main goal for any entertainment venue is how much money rolls in rather than considering the health and well-being of these animals.

Our goal and effort in this petition is to urge the government to implement a nationwide ban on the use of animals in circuses and any other entertainment fields.  We need to be a voice for all animals used for human enjoyment and ensure that such practices are banned.  Treat animals humanely and as they are meant to be.  You can help us in our goals by signing and sharing this petition.

Wild animals are not entertainers. Thank you for helping to end their suffering.