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07 January 2016
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Right to legal aid is 'basic human right', Jeremy Corbyn tells Justice Alliance meeting
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The Guardian
thumbnail www­.theguardian­.com - Entitlement to legal aid is a “basic human right”, the Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, has told a rally aimed at defending public access to justice. In a speech at Conway Hall, central London, Corbyn...
Computers and health: 'When you're sitting, you're one step above being dead'
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The Guardian
thumbnail www­.theguardian­.com - Our digital lifestyles and desk-based workplaces are contributing to serious health problems and could be shortening our lives, technology’s wellness firms want us to believe. “Americans will risk ...
Victor Conte: Barry Bonds belongs in Hall of Fame
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Sports Illustrated
thumbnail www­.si­.com - Victor Conte, the founder of the Bay Area Lab Co-Operative (BALCO) that provided several professional athletes with performance enhancing drugs, believes Barry Bonds belongs in the Major League Bas...
Ken Griffey Jr. voted into Hall of Fame
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thumbnail m­.mlb­.com - "Was it worth the wait? Yeah," Griffey said, unleashing one of his trademark grins. "Did I enjoy it? Yeah. Do I want to go through this again? Maybe being on the other side and have one of my kids ...
Carson's ex-campaign manager: Hard to see how Trump doesn't become nominee
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thumbnail www­.politico­.com - "And at this point, it’s getting harder and harder to see how Donald