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This Xmas Week On Rescue TV!

These Before and After Stories of Resilient Animals Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity. It may sound cliché but there really isn’t anything that the power of love can’t beat. Every day, we see dozens of stories about abused and neglected animals that have literally been snatched from the jaws of death thanks to humans with open hearts.

Hearing the story of an animal’s recovery can be powerful, but those stories are twice as powerful when you get the chance to see the animals’ transformation with your own eyes.

This poor pooch spent day after day waiting for a loving human to come and rescue him. After a short while with his new family, he was completed transformed!
We can only guess what kind of abuse this pup went through. But all it took was time and love to have him looking downright photogenic!
So many dogs live out their entire lives on the street. But with human intervention, every one of them can end up like this guy.
At first, it looked like this puppy was going to lose her right eye. Thankfully, she got some help from vets just in time and now she has 20/20 vision!
Check out that look of unbridled love in the after photo!
Pit Bulls face more discrimination than any other dog breed. If you know someone that thinks they’re vicious give them one look at this Pittie smile. It’ll definitely change their minds!
If you’re anything like us, you’ve gone to an animal shelter and had the urge to take every one of the animals home. It’s a shame that we can’t do that, but at least we can change the world for a few of them!
This has to be one of the most extreme transformations we’ve ever seen. This dog goes from being at deaths door to being absolutely fabulous!
This last dog is named Makelele. He was a sparing dog; a dog that was used to excite other dogs for illegal dog fights. This photo was taken a year after his rescue. His scars are still visible, but he’s doing well.
Now he lives with his forever family in Chicago!
Each one of these dogs has a heartbreaking story that ends happily. Just goes to show that a little love goes a long way! All image source: Imgur
Thank you for saving the lives of thousands of dogs and cats in 2015!
I’d like to thank you for all you have done for animals in 2015. You have saved countless dogs and cats from lives of pain and suffering.
  • You made sure that thousands of dogs and cats received lifesaving medical treatment they so urgently needed and deserved.
  • You sterilised tens of thousands of dogs and cats preventing the birth of literally hundreds of thousands of puppies and kittens into a life of needless suffering and pain.
  • You fought against the dog meat trade, saving thousands of dogs from a gruesome fate.
  • You are helping build a proper hospital for homeless dogs which will allow Soi Dog’s veterinarians to give dogs the best care they possibly can.
Hope For Paws: mountain rescue of three scared dogs - Ginger, Sage & Emma. Please share.
Please make a $5 donation and help us save more lives:

To adopt Ginger (Sage & Emma were already adopted), please contact: - they are fostering Ginger and will handle her adoption.

For more details on this rescue, please visit our Facebook page:

Please share :-) Thanks, Eldad

One Year Later, Injured Calf With Bowed Legs Makes Incredible Transformation.

It’s amazing the difference a year can make when looking at these incredible before and after photos of Fawn, a dairy cow, who was injured at birth. When Fawn was born, her mother was chained and confined to a small, concrete milking stall where she could not turn around or even sit down. Because of these restraints, Fawn’s mother was forced to give birth standing up.  Sadly, Fawn landed on concrete, in the corner manure pit located behind her mother’s stall and fractured one of her front legs. The farmer who raised her gave her away to a family. As Fawn grew up, she hobbled around on just three limbs, but after about a year, her healthy front leg could no longer compensate for the weight of her growing body and Fawn began to walk on her front knees, causing injuries to both legs.

Fawn began walking on her knees when her healthy front leg began to weaken from months of compensating for the weight of her growing body.
One Year Later, Cow With Bowed Legs Makes Incredible Transformation
When Fawn was 16 months old, the family realized that they couldn’t provide the level of medical care Fawn needed and made a call to Woodstock Farm Sanctuary.  Woodstock was able to bring Fawn to a veterinarian, who was able to conduct the intense surgery she needed to get her legs back into working order.

Fawn had an operation on her front leg to reset a broken bone and a second operation to repair the damage that had been caused to her other front leg that had been strained. 
One Year Later, Cow With Bowed Legs Makes Incredible Transformation
Her gentle nature made the vet staff fall in love with her. 
One Year Later, Cow With Bowed Legs Makes Incredible Transformation
Fawn was fitted with leg braces to help her walk again.
One Year Later, Cow With Bowed Legs Makes Incredible Transformation
Lots of love and neck scratches made the recovery much easier.
One Year Later, Cow With Bowed Legs Makes Incredible Transformation24 at 10.09.49 AM
Fawn today is almost all grown up, and so are her legs.
One Year Later, Cow With Bowed Legs Makes Incredible Transformation
We love happy endings.
One Year Later, Cow With Bowed Legs Makes Incredible Transformation
If it wasn’t for the kind people at Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary, Fawn would not be here today. Although she will need care and attention for the rest of her life, we are confident that she is in the best hands possible. Every farm animal deserves the love and protection that Fawn has been given.

Fawn’s medical bills totaled $16,000 but you can help Woodstock ensure she gets all the continued help she needs by making a donation, here. If you are interested in volunteering at Woodstock you can visit their website, here. Image source: Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary

Amazing Rescuers Save Kitten Trapped Between Metal Sheds in Sweltering Heat.

It was a hectic day for the volunteers at Australian farm sanctuary, Edgar’s Mission, when they received a call from a concerned individual regarding a tiny kitten two had been trapped between two metal sheds. The little tortoiseshell kitten’s loud and piteous cries for help alerted to the caller to her presence, and she immediately sprung into action.  Due to the intense heat of the Australian December, rescuers knew that they had to act fast in order to secure the kitten’s chances at survival.

The hearts of the rescuers were broken when they arrived on the scene and heard no tiny mews for help. Peering between the sheds, they saw a tiny, lifeless ball of fur and feared that they had arrived too late.
Kitten Trapped Between Two Metal Sheds is Rescued by Hero Humans
But then, the kitten gave a loud, pitiful mew for help. It was a miracle that she had survived being trapped between the sheds.
Kitten Trapped Between Two Metal Sheds is Rescued by Hero Humans
The only way to save the kitten would be to disassemble the metal sheds. It took many painstaking hours of labor in the intense heat, but finally, she was freed.
Kitten Trapped Between Two Metal Sheds is Rescued by Hero Humans
Dehydrated and malnourished, but alive, the kitten was wrapped in a towel and swooped off to her new life at Edgar’s Mission.
Kitten Trapped Between Two Metal Sheds is Rescued by Hero Humans
Once at the sanctuary, the kitten, which they named Tinsel, received immediate veterinary care from dedicated staff.
Kitten Trapped Between Two Metal Sheds is Rescued by Hero Humans
It’s truly a miracle that she survived.
Kitten Trapped Between Two Metal Sheds is Rescued by Hero Humans
Tinsel was saved thanks to the quick thinking of the human her found her. If you ever come across a trapped kitten, or any trapped or injured animal, please place a call to the appropriate animal rescue hotline immediately.

See the video of the full rescue here:
All image source: Edgar’s Mission

Pit Bull Who Cried When He Was Abandoned Is Now Smiling! Find Out Why.

Jack, the handsome Pit Bull, made news when he was abandoned at a shelter in California right before the Christmas holiday. Unfortunately, many dogs are abandoned around the holiday season because their “families” don’t want to pay to board them during travels. While Jack was not alone in being abandoned by his family, his story made the news because it was so incredibly sad.

Jack wasn’t just abandoned at the shelter. His caretaker brought him there to leave him, and laughed at Jack when he began to cry out. According to witnesses, it was a terribly heartbreaking thing to watch. The loyal dog was obviously distraught at the idea of being left behind, and the man who was supposed to love and take care of him laughed at his pain.

Although this handsome, two year old boy spent Christmas at the Carson Shelter in Gardena, California, He is starting the new year off right! After his story went viral, Jack became quite the popular boy. He is now going home with a loving family, one who will take amazing care of this deserving pup!

After the holiday season, shelters are often at full capacity. If you are ready to welcome a new family member into your home, visit your local shelter and make it a great year for a rescue dog!

When Jack was left at the shelter, he was obviously distraught. He had lost his home and family.
Pit Bull Who Cried When He Was Abandoned Is Now Smiling! Find Out Why
Now, Jack is getting a new chance at happiness. He is going home to a great new family who will love him like he deserves. Look at that smile!
Pit Bull Who Cried When He Was Abandoned Is Now Smiling! Find Out Why
Lead image source: Steph Skardal/Flickr
Someone collects fracking data from ponds and encounters a fawn who can't get out due to the slippery tarp. A kind scientist sprang into action when he heard that a baby dear was stuck inside a fracking pond. The deer couldn’t escape due to the slippery tarp sides and time was quickly running out. The man did what any real animal lover would do, he jumped right in and got the deer out of the water and onto dry land. The fawn was scared but thankfully unharmed.

According to the video’s description, this man was out collecting data when he spotted the needy animal. Fracking is notorious for causing toxic water pollution in and around the areas it occurs. While there is no further information about where this frack pond is located, we certainly hope that this poor deer – and man – weren’t exposed to harmful compounds that would affect their health.

We are glad this fawn is now safe and free, but we can only hope that other animals do not befall the same fate. But if they do, hopefully, this kind scientist will be around!
Back in June, Jennifer Buchbaum was living in an apartment building with some fairly decent neighbors, except for one family that lived on the third floor. It was a family of 7, with 2 adults and 5 children ranging from 0-10. They got a yorkie mix puppy first, and the poor thing would bark all night long. The puppy suddenly disappeared a few weeks later. Then they got a female kitten and when they were tired of caring for her they shoved her out the window to let her fend for herself. She (Jennifer Buchbaum) had seen her outside for about a week with no food or water around. TheKitty was skin and bone, and apparently living on the fire escape. One day Jennifer Buchbaum came home from work and saw one of the kids from upstairs torturing the kitten by kicking her and throwing things at her when she tried to follow them. She decided that she was no longer going to let that happen and decided to catch her and find her a new home. It took her 3 days of leaving food and water out for her before she would come anywhere near me. Once she caught the kitty, it was very skiddish around me thinking that she was going to hurt her too. She hid for the first week. Gradually she realized that she was safe, and became increasingly friendly. She had planned on finding her a new home, but Jennifer Buchbaum became quite attached to her. Now she is my permanent furry companion. 

The IDA is back with another dramatic rescue from 2015.  Two rescues really – Arlin and Percy.
First, I have an urgent request.

In Defense of AnimalsIf you haven't yet made your year-end donation to IDA, for the sake of the animals, will you take a moment and give now?

Only 8 days are left before December 31st, with $62,986.00 to meet our goal for 2015.  But the bad guys – like the ones who hurt Arlin and Percy – are still out there.

Percy's story started with a phone call, like so many rescues at IDA's Hope Animal Sanctuary.

He was being deliberately starved to death.

After two eerily similar rescues just months before, the heartsick crew at IDA's Hope Animal Sanctuary could scarcely believe their eyes. The inhumanity was unfathomable!

And yet... helping animals overcome some of the most horrifying cases of abuse and neglect is our passion. Our sworn duty.  Donations like yours let us mobilize that instant.
Then came Arlin, the Barbados sheep.

In Defense of AnimalsSomeone thought it would be better to kill him and mount his head on a wall.  After the bloody trophy hunts we saw in the media this year, you know how tragic that would be!

Your support for IDA helped Hope Animal Sanctuary take Arlin in and give him a life safe from harm ... more proof of the magic your special holiday donation today will bring.

As for Arlin and Percy?  It's the friendship of a lifetime.
Please help us now.  When big rescues happen, it can cost $100 or more to provide hay to starving horses and donkeys (and sheep!) for just one day.

Every donation to IDA, from $5 to $500, is tax-deductible for 2015 when you give by December 31st.  We still have $62,986.00 to raise to meet our year-end goal.

Heartbreak doesn't have to be the only outcome for abused animals like Arlin and Percy.  With your help ... our hard work ... and a little hope, anything is possible.

Thanks for caring about ALL animals!
In Defense of Animals - End of Year 2015 Video
The FOUR PAWS year in review
 PETA in 2015?
Rescued Pig Plays With Bouncy Ball Like a Happy Puppy.
So what do a 150-pound human, a 10-pound dog, a 10,000-pound elephant, and a 200-pound pig have in common? Quite a bit actually. Don’t get us wrong, we know that they’re all very different physically. But at our core, we all want the same things; love, companionship, and timely meals. Nobody understands this better than Edgar’s Mission Farm Animal Sanctuary! They go to great lengths to rescue animals in need and go to even greater lengths to give them a lifestyle that they can enjoy.

Edgar’s Misson founder Pam Ahern decided to take some time out of her busy schedule to give Max a bouncy gift that he could really roughhouse with. From 49 seconds in onward you can see that he’s totally loving it. That is until the surprisingly flimsy ball gives way to Max’s stocky frame.

Nothing would make Max’s holiday season better than a new bouncy ball with a thicker skin. We encourage you to head over to the Edgar’s Mission website if you’d like to make Max’s dream – and the dreams of many of the other animals who call this sanctuary home –come true.

The Street Dog Save Her Puppies in Chennai Flood.
Dog Who Was Treated Like a ‘Punching Bag’ by Cruel Human Celebrates His First Happy Christmas!

Rusty, the dog has only been in his new forever home for only two months, but he’s already a member of the family — he even got his very own holiday photo shoot! While Rusty has settled in nicely with his new forever family, unfortunately, his life wasn’t always so cheerful.

Rusty was rescued from an abusive situation. According to his human, this poor puppy was used as a “punching bag,” and even shot by his previous owner, and the sweet dog is still recovering from that trauma. But thanks to his new kind family, Rusty’s days will be merry and bright! His human’s secret Santa even sent Rusty $150 worth of dog treats. How’s that for some holiday cheer?

Rusty, look at the camera!
Formerly Abused Dog Celebrates Christmas With His New Family
Almost there! Just look a little bit cuter…
Formerly Abused Dog Celebrates Christmas With His New Family
Awwwww! HE’S SO CUTE!!
Formerly Abused Dog Celebrates Christmas With His New Family
If you’re dazzled by Rusty’s adorable Christmas portrait and want to do the same with your four-legged companion and some tinsel, keep this in mins. Cats and dogs are like us — they like shiny things, but unlike us, they might try to eat those shiny things, so keep a close eye on them!

All image source: gasmaskeurade/Imgur

Rescued Baby Rhino Enjoys an Exhilarating Morning Run With His Caretaker.
Morning run for 2 month old southern white rhino orphan with rhino keeper Peter Esagon, on The Ol Pejeta Conservancy, Kenya, 11th December 2015. Film by Camilla Le May 

To donate to the wellbeing and upkeep of the baby rhino, please click on the link below and give the baby rhino a memorable christmas!

For more information on Camilla's sculptures and jewellery, visit her website on

Poor Dog Who Survived Flood, Parvo, and Mange Finally Gets Loving Forever Home!

Meet Moxie. This sweet little cutie is only ten months old, but so far she has led a very eventful life. Rescued from a flood in Galveston, Texas when she was just a baby, Moxie was taken to Pets Alive in Austin where she came down with the killer virus, Parvo, which is often lethal to puppies. Thankfully, Moxie overcame this horrible illness and went on to get adopted into a forever home! Although this was incredible news for the downtrodden pup, she wasn’t out of the woods just yet.

Moxie was also suffering from a case of mange when she was first rescued, which can be very itchy and painful. She was given medicine to take with her when she went home from the shelter.

The poor girl had been through so much in her short life. When her new parents finally did get her home, at first, all she wanted to do was sleep. Animal shelters are very stressful environments, so it can take them a few days to decompress.
moxie dog 2
She didn’t really seem to know what to do with her toys, which is usually a sign that a dog has never had them before. 
moxie dog 3
But little by little, her fur began growing back little by little and Moxie began to perk up.
moxie dog 5
It didn’t take her long to figure out what to do with a chew toy, either!
moxie dog 6
With her mange all cleared up, she decided to give mommy’s bed a try. So comfy!
moxie dog 7
Soon, she was following her mom around, making cute faces like these. So distracting!
moxie dog 8
In a few months time, Moxie had evolved from the shy, sleepy dog that came home from the shelter into a playful and loving friend and companion. It is amazing the difference a bit of love can make.
moxie dog 9 
If you think you might be ready to open your home to a dog like Moxie, pay a visit to your local animal shelter. Your new best friend might be waiting! All image source: Seeshellirun/Flickr
Abandoned Kitten Goes From Sick and Scrawny to Big and Strong! Veterinary workers and animal clinicians have a lot to contend with. They spend day in and day out saving animal lives, finding homes for strays, and doing a whole myriad of other tasks that often go without recognition from other people. All of their effort is still worth it though, as other professions don’t have the privilege of meeting cuties like this cat very day!

Meet Navi. She was left outside of a clinic when she was just a baby. Luckily, the people working inside decided to care for her in their own home!
She was really small (just look at her paw)! But her insatiable appetite was definitely a good sign that she was going to grow up healthy.
Navi’s foster family wasn’t entirely made up of hoomans. She also had a kitty foster mom who treated her like one of her own!
This is Navi the first time she met one of her fur-parents. Don’t they look happy?
Navi was – and still is – a cuddly baby who loves to be held. Her guardians say that she’ll sit on the floor and whine until you pick her up.
After a few weeks of settling in, she was feeling good and looking a bit bigger!
All is right in the world with Navi as long as she has a fun cat toy.
Look how photogenic she is! She’s come a long way from where she started!
How do you know when a cat is comfortable? When they start stealing their sister’s beds. LOL!
We wouldn’t be surprised if cats knew we were taking their pictures and posed sometimes.
Can you believe the progress she’s made?
Cats will sit wherever they fit and Navi is no exception.
We have no idea how that could be comfortable, but if she’s happy, we’re happy. 
There’s no better way to show that you love your animal friend than getting them a cozy sweater.
Despite the perks, being an animal vet or clinician is still hard work. So the next time you take your furry friend in for a checkup or see someone in a smock at your local animal shelter, be sure to give them a handshake and a thank you for the work they do. They make happy endings like Navi’s happen every day! All image source: leov91/Imgur
Justice for Chunky - stop people who abuse animals from owning ever again.
This petition is for Chunky the Chihuahua who was attacked for hours in one of the most disturbing cases of animal abuse seen by the RSPCA. Myself an animal lover found this story highly upsetting and I decided that chunky needed justice. What I'm asking for is signatures for Chunky who was over a period of hours was beaten, drugged, his neck was broken, he was started on fire and finally dumped and left for dead. However chunky survived and defied all odds. Please give chunky the justice he deserves. What I'm asking for is that anyone who abuses animals, regardless of their age should never be allowed to own an animal again. These offenders should then be placed on a Animal Cruelty Register, which would follow them around for life. Animal abuse is serious, and the laws must change. The teens who committed this atrocity, were banned from keeping animals for five years. This is not sufficient, our legal system should ban these kids or anyone who commits crimes against animals from owning animals ever again!! 

Please sign this petition to help dogs like Chunky. Telegraph article about chunky: 

Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and Leader of the Conservative Party David Cameron MP
Anyone who commits animal abuse should be placed on a register for offenders Animal abuse is serious and the laws must change. Crimes like this against innocent animals should follow the person around for life.

This is lovely. Hott Spott cafe and wine bar in Mytilene, Lesvos, Greece lets stray dogs in the area sleep on the sofas every night so that they don't have to suffer being on the streets in the cold. heart emoticon
Photo taken by Eustratios Papanis - Source:
Deer rescues are always the most intense and rewarding ones, and this one is no exception. We were called out to check a female roe deer who was hit by a car. She had a few deep cuts on her head, so Simon decided to take her back to the hospital. Time is of the essence with deer, as they suffer from capture myopathy, which is a complex disease associated with the capture or handling of any wild animal. A deer can die of capture myopathy when too stressed. For that reason, Emma, our vet, quickly stitched the wounds and rushed back with Simon to where the deer was found. Once in the woods, the deer was struggling to stand up and was showing no will to live. After a lot of effort from Simon to keep her up, she managed to stand on her own, but failed to take her first steps... Watch this emotional video to see if she survived!
IAR Rescue 20 Orangutans as a Result of Forest Fires
Forest fires in 2015 have destroyed five million acres of Indonesian forest, leaving orangutans stranded with no food and no where to make a nest. Our rescue team have been busier than ever and in the past few months have successfully rescued and released more than 20 orangutans into protected areas of forest.

We have been the only hope for orangutans in West Borneo, who otherwise would have been left to starve and die.

This video shows the inspiring determination and commitment of our team in Borneo. For more information on the rescues and releases highlighted in this video, please visit the news section on our website. We will also be releasing more details of the most recent rescues in the next few weeks.
It is thanks to your support and donations that we have been able to rescue so many orangutans from suffering at this devastating time.Thank you. If you would like to show your support for our team, please make a donation to enable us to continue this important work: https://www.internationalanimalrescue...
Animals Who Won't Be Food (Thanks to PETA)

On today's factory farms, animals are crammed by the thousands into filthy, windowless sheds and stuffed into wire cages, metal crates, and other torturous devices. These animals will never raise their families, root around in the soil, build nests, or do anything else that is natural and important to them. Most won't even feel the warmth of the sun on their backs or breathe fresh air until the day they're loaded onto trucks headed for slaughterhouses.

People who buy organic or "free-range" animal-derived food because they think that the animals are treated well are sadly mistaken. Many organic and "free-range" farms cram thousands of animals together in sheds or on mud-filled lots to increase profits, just as factory farms do, and the animals often endure the same mutilations—such as debeaking, dehorning, and castration without painkillers—that occur on factory farms.

Luckily, the animals in this video were rescued by PETA and the rescue organizations that we work with. Although they will live the rest of their lives without worry, most animals bred to become food will not. 

Help PETA save even more animals. Even a small gift makes a huge difference. Visit
The Epic Rescue of Chimpanzee Lisa Marie.

Lisa Marie has the freedom to venture onto one of Save the Chimp's emerald islands, but she isn't ready to explore it yet. Possibly because she spent so many years cooped up indoors, the large green space that should feel like home to her is instead intimidating. But at the sanctuary, animals do everything at their own pace, and the palm trees, tall wooden climbing structures, bridges, and more than a dozen chimpanzees will all wait patiently as Lisa Marie begins to make choices for herself for the first time in her life.
Dog Carried from Neglect to New Home.
When we first met Duffy, he was slumped on the floor of a dark and dingy room in a puppy mill. His fur was matted, and he was unable to walk. Now, he's living in a home filled with the compassion he craved when he first reached a paw out to his rescuer.

Be a hero for animals like Duffy. Please donate today:
Baby Bat Found Snared in Barbed Wire Gets Second Chance Thanks to Amazing SanctuaryAustralia is a large, beautiful island nation blessed with mountains, deserts, pristine waters, and some of the most ancient rainforests in the world. Aussie wildlife has evolved on its own path and is unlike any other in the world. It is also home to a variety of flying fox bat species. The sight of these fuzzy fliers may be intimidating, but they are actually vegetarians, only eating the fruit that grows abundantly here.

With the human population on the rise, deforestation is taking a terrible toll on the Grey Headed Flying Foxes, native to Victoria in southern Australia, which has recently found itself on the endangered species list. Bats play an important role in pollination across the world and also help to control mosquito and other insect populations. Without these animals, many of the foods we know and love might not exist, so it is incredibly important to take action in protection of these little ones.

Luckily, thanks to the work of Fly By Night Bat Clinic, in Melbourne, many injured or orphaned flying foxes are getting a second chance at life. This particular sanctuary specializes in rehabilitating injured flying foxes so that they may be released back into the wild.

Living alongside humans is full of hazards for flying foxes. This poor little cutie was only a week old when he was found snared in a barbed wire fence.
baby bat 3
Like most mammals, baby bats rely on their mothers for the first few weeks of life.  This little guy seemed lost without her!
baby bat 2
 At Fly By Night Bat Rescue, this little guy will be allowed to grow up with others of his kind, to eventually be released back into the wild.
baby bat 4
With so many bats to take care of, fruit and veterinary care can get very expensive.
baby bat 5
Australia’s flying foxes are more than just cute, they are an important part of the ecosystem, Without them, many of the trees native to the area would not survive, either. If you would like to help the Fly By Night Bat Clinic in their life-saving efforts, you can visit their Facebook page here. They are also currently running a GoFundMe to help cover the cost of caring for these little ones, to learn more about donating, click here. All image source: Fly By Night Bat Clinic
Man Finds a Lost Pup in -20 Degree Weather and Gives Her the Best Gift of All! With the winter comes cold weather and the need to take special precautions for pets. Despite having been born with fur coats on, pets feel the cold the same as we do. In fact, every year, thousands of animals die because of exposure to freezing temperatures and snow. Because of their sensitive noses, paws and ears, animals too are subject to both frostbite and hypothermia, which is why they should be brought indoors in freezing weather. With this in mind, when this good-natured Imgur user happened upon a homeless pup lost in the cold, he wasted no time in offering the poor little lady a helping hand.

It was -20 degrees outside when this sweet girl was found wandering the streets, alone. She was shivering, and obviously hungry, so in a selfless act of kindness, this fellow picked her up and kept her warm inside of his jacket.
cold weather pup
After she got a meal and some warm blankets to nestle up in, this pooped pup finally settled down for a nap.
cold weather pup 3
This little girl’s love and trust of humans showed that she used to be someone’s pet, so he figured that someone would be looking for her. He posted an ad online and called the local shelter to see if anyone had called about her. No one called and no one replied to his ad, either.
cold weather pup 2
When no one came forward to claim the pretty little pooch, the man decided to do the only thing that made sense. He kept her and one year later, he and his best buddy have no regrets.
cold weather pup
This heartwarming story is just one example of what happens when we open our hearts to animals and all of the love that comes with them. All image source: Imgur
This Rhino Sanctuary Did Something Amazing and Took in an Orphaned Baby Elephant in Need. Rhinos were once found all over Africa, with as many as 500,000 animals roaming the continent at the beginning of the 20th century. However, like the African elephant, poaching has taken a terrible toll on this species, with one rhino now being killed for its horn every eight hours. In 2011, the black rhino was officially declared extinct, with the other four species of rhino all on the critically endangered list. The largest populations of rhinos are now living in South Africa, which has become ground zero for both the conservation efforts and the fight against poachers. Because of this, the work being done at the Thula Thula Rhino Orphanage is so important.

The Thula Thula Rhino Orphanage is home to a large number of orphaned baby rhinos. Unfortunately, this is also the case for baby elephants, who are also becoming orphans at an accelerated rate due to ivory poaching. Without the help of dedicated conservation groups, these helpless baby animals would have nowhere else to turn. Luckily, the Thula Thula Rhino Orphanage has an open door policy to all orphans needing their help.

When two week old Ellie Showed up At the Thula Thula Rhino Orphanage, he was in terrible shape. Suffering from an abscess on his navel and a terrible case of septicemia, he required round the clock care and extensive emotional support.
baby elephant 4
Elephants, like rhinos, are highly emotional animals who depend on the love and support of their mothers for up to two years after they are born.  Watching their mothers get brutally murdered is as traumatizing for animals as it would be for humans. Luckily, the caretakers at this sanctuary are full of love and support to quiet and heal these babies.
baby elephant 2
Soon, baby Ellie’s health improved, and he began to settle into his new life.
baby elephant 1
A few weeks later, he was a good as new, thanks to all of the time and dedication of Thula Thula’s hardworking staff.
baby elephant 3
Soon, Ellie, like his rhino foster family will begin to learn the necessary skills to be released back into the wild. This is a long-term process, but a necessary step to aid in the conservation of these animals. If you would like to help the Thula Thula Rhino Orphanage on their lifesaving rescue missions, you can visit their Facebook page by clicking here.

All image source: Thula Thula Rhino Orphanage/Facebook
Rescued Wallaby Visits Former Caretaker With the Sweetest Surprise. Wallaby’s are small, furry animals that are found all over Australia, and its surrounding islands. A member of the kangaroo family, these high jumping marsupials have been traditionally hunted for both food and fur, all over the region. However, deforestation has proven to be their biggest enemy, with many animals becoming the victims of ever expanding human activity. Without the work of rescues and other individuals, they would have nowhere else to turn, which was the case when a kindhearted Australian wildlife rehabilitator found an orphaned baby wallaby on their property. After rescuing the little wallaby and caring for her for two years, they released her back into the wild.

Two years later … the wallaby has had a baby of her own and comes back to visit her former caretaker.

wallaby and baby
The funny thing about humans and animals is how similar we are despite our differences. This is especially true when it comes to mothers and the way they behave with their babies. It is a mother’s natural instinct to love and protect their children, but many mothers also delight in showing their babies off to friends and family. So when the adult wallaby returned to the home of her human foster parents for a visit, they were delighted to see her and her new baby! This heartwarming interaction is only one example of how similar animals and people can be – especially when it comes to parenting or animal grandparenting in this case. Image source: retaboop/Imgur 

Brave Dog Who Survived Having Her Muzzle Taped Shut
Staffie-mix, Caitlyn, captured the hearts of millions worldwide last July when she was rescued by Charleston Animal Society (CAS) with devastating injuries after her muzzle was cruelly taped shut. Her amazing resilience and inspiring journey from victim to ambassador against animal cruelty led BarkPost to give her the ultimate holiday gift: her best day ever.

A huge thank you to Starbucks, Hyper Pet, Woof Gang Bakery, BarkShop, and, of course, Charleston Animal Society. We couldn't have made this special day possible without you.

Help us find our next Dog's Best Day honoree. Email with your deserving pup's story.

Rescued Dog Transforms Into Handsome Pup Thanks to Two Young Boys. Erika Flores, a veterinarian for International Fund for Animal Welfare‘s Companion Animal Project in Cozumel, Mexico, was working her usual rounds in an impoverished neighborhood in Playa del Carmen when she spotted a small, white, and wet dog attempting to dodge cars. Seeing he was wet with matted fur, Flores stopped her car, reached out to pick him up, and placed him in the passenger seat of her car.

“He came close and looked at me with that look that means, ‘I need help,’” she said.

Safe and sound.

As she was about to give the lost pup a thorough examination at the nearby tent, she spotted two young boys watching her, giggling and smiling. The kids then approached her with a flower.

“I asked them why such a nice gesture and they told me they were very worried about the dog. They also saw him in the road sorting out the cars, and they were figuring out how to help him when I stopped my car and rescued him,” she said.

From homeless on the street, to three new friends.

The boys, named Kevin and Brayan, who face difficult circumstances themselves while living in poverty, were relieved to know that the four-legged friend they had been watching would soon be alright. Despite the dog being wet and pretty smelly from life on the streets, the boys asked the vet if they could pet him and soon made good friends with the pup they wished to rescue.

Soon after his physical, the homeless dog was given a fresh new look – washed, trimmed and of course, given lots of love by his new friends. The handsome canine is now in a foster home awaiting adoption.

Look how handsome!

IFAW brings veterinary care to dogs and cats in disadvantaged communities around the world. Working with community leaders and local groups, the organization provides education to help individuals and families care for animals to create lasting change for animals, one community at a time.

This one story shows how small victories can help save the lives of animals every day and how compassion can create a better world for both humans and animals. Click here to learn more and help support IFAW’s work.  All image source:  Erika Flores/IFAW

Hope For Paws Rescue - Abandoned dog rescued after being attacked by dogs or coyotes.
Hope For Paws Rescue - A non-profit Los Angeles 501-c3 ALL Animal Rescue Organization Founded by Eldad and Audrey Hagar :We rescue those in dire need. Stop abuse thru education. Spay/neuter and adopt! Our pets are our family.

Mangy and starved Evita - the Christmas miracle of her recovery.
Evita was spotted wandering the streets of Athens - Greece in that condition. Only one year old but hairless and frightened, she already suffered from severe mange, starvation, lesihmaniasis and ehrlichia. She was rescued by the "Save a Greek Stray" organization and was treated. Her amazing recovery came just in time to be considered a Christmas miracle. Today, December 21, just afew days before Christmas, Evita is a healthy, happy, loving and social dog, looking for her forever home. She is a te the shelter of Save a Greek Stray, and her mild yet enthusiastic charecter makes everyone adore her.
Music: Deck the halls by E's Jammy Jams
Video: Valia Orfanidou
If you're interested in adopting Evita, please contact SGS at:
Evita on the day she was found:
3,752,394 reasons to thank you 

Over 1,000,000 people spoke up to protect elephants, urging the US Fish & Wildlife Service to stop illegal African elephant trade in the US. This was our largest petition drive ever.

WWF supporters created thousands of thank-you cards, which were delivered to rangers at Thailand's Kui Buri National Park  and other places around the world.

500,000+ WWF activists called on world leaders to protect the Great Barrier Reef. In November, the Australian government banned dumping in the Reef.

Half a million supporters’ voices traveled to Paris with WWF staff to urge US leadership on the global response to climate change at COP21.