Saturday, December 26, 2015

Successes: Look What We Did ...Together

From the rejection of the KXL pipeline to incredible progress protecting rainforests and the climate, 2015 has been a groundbreaking year.

Together we have moved some of the biggest banks away from coal, we have forced some of the biggest snack food companies to address deforestation and human rights abuses from Conflict Palm Oil, and we have seen the world come together to demand action around climate change. Remember: When we fight, we win. In 2015, when people came together to speak for the planet, corporations and governments listened. 

As the year comes to an end, please join us for the last few hard hitting actions and updates for the year.

We hope you will be with us as we move forward to score more victories for people and planet in 2016.

You spoke — Wall Street listened!
Climate change and Wall St. - Learn More
In just six months, four of the six biggest U.S. banks have committed to cut financing for coal mining: Bank of America, Citi, Morgan Stanley and Wells Fargo. That’s excellent news for the climate and for communities around the world. And just one year ago it would have been unthinkable. Your actions made this happen!
PepsiCo Declared “Out of Order” Globally
Tell Pepsi it's out of order
This fall, activists around the globe took action to call out Pepsi’s insufficient palm oil policy by placing PepsiCo vending machines and store displays “Out of Order.” See our action video, and find out how you can take action to keep the pressure on PepsiCo here.
Kick Fossil Fuel Companies Off Our Public Lands!
Tell President Obama to Stop coal, oil and gas leases
President Obama wants to be remembered as a climate president, and he’s taken some important steps. But if he truly wants a lasting climate legacy, he should stop the sell-off of our public lands to the fossil fuel industry for pennies on the dollar, for them to drill, frack and mine for private profit. He can stop this slow-motion catastrophe with a stroke of his pen. Urge President Obama: Stop coal, oil and gas leases on public lands!
Thousands take the Deforestation Free Holiday Shopping Pledge
Take the Deforestation Free Shopping Pledge

As the consumer frenzy that is the holiday shopping season ramps up, thousands of supporters are sending a strong message to fashion companies with our Deforestation Free Holiday Shopping Pledge. Our message is simple - if your brand isn’t taking sufficient steps to eliminate deforestation and human rights abuses from your products, you won’t get a dime from us this holiday season. Join us!
The new
Visit the all new RAN.ORG
We’ve been listening closely to supporters about issues on the website and set out to build an updated site with the features you need for action. We are in the early days and ironing out the bugs but take a look and let us know what you think! It’s because of your feedback that we are making it simpler to navigate, engage, and take action.

Thank you for taking action for people and 
I’d like to thank you for all you have done for animals in 2015. You have saved countless dogs and cats from lives of pain and suffering.
  • You made sure that thousands of dogs and cats received lifesaving medical treatment they so urgently needed and deserved.
  • You sterilised tens of thousands of dogs and cats preventing the birth of literally hundreds of thousands of puppies and kittens into a life of needless suffering and pain.
  • You fought against the dog meat trade, saving thousands of dogs from a gruesome fate.
  • You are helping build a proper hospital for homeless dogs which will allow Soi Dog’s veterinarians to give dogs the best care they possibly can.

Huge Victory for Animal Victims in Winona

In Defense of Animals
On Tuesday, December 15, 2015, the Winona, Mississippi  Board of Aldermen unanimously voted to amend the 2009 city ordinance regarding animal cruelty to better reflect the stronger state legislation that was enacted in 2011. MSSS 97-41-16, Aggravated Cruelty to a Dog or Cat, carries a penalty of a maximum $2,500 fine and up to six months in jail. Winona's newly upgraded legislation matches MSSS 97-41-16, but additionally applies to all animals, not just dogs and cats, which is a huge victory when you consider there are people who starve their horses, goats, and other "livestock" to death with almost no penalty at all.

Our Justice for Animal Coalition Director, Doll Stanley, met with Winona Mayor Jerry Flowers in the wake of the firestorm created over the October 27, 2015 outrageous sentencing of Jonathan Thompson, of 302 Cade Street, Winona, Mississippi for the heinous act of torching and killing his dog in his backyard. He was fined a mere $327.50 and sent on his way without jail time, counseling, or probation, which outraged people worldwide.

The Justice for Animals Coalition is composed of Mississippi activists and officials, and is actively working with other community officials for similar changes, with the goal of moving state legislators to embrace the will of the people to protect animals and see justice for those cruelly treated.

Success: Lions in Africa On Endangered Species List
african lion namibia kevin pluck
Target: Daniel Ashe, Director of the United States Fish and Wildlife Service
Goal: Applaud the decision to place African lions on the endangered species list.
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has placed lions across Africa on the endangered and threatened species list. This is partly thanks to the ForceChange community. Roughly 20,000 lions live in Africa at the moment, and these are separated into two subspecies. One that is genetically similar to the Asiatic lion is found primarily in western and central countries, and only 1,400 of this subspecies remain in Africa and India. This has warranted a place on the endangered list, while the other subspecies’ population is somewhere between 17,000 and 19,000, and will be listed as threatened.
These listings will mean that a permit will be mandatory before importing any sport-hunted or live lions. These permits will be especially difficult to obtain in the case of endangered lions and more forthcoming if importing them will contribute to the species’ survival. Importers of threatened lions will get permits if they come from areas with solid conservation practices that utilize revenue from hunting to combat poaching and sustain the lion population. Permits will not be granted to anyone who has been convicted of or pleaded guilty to violating federal or state wildlife laws.
Such a move from the U.S. will encourage African countries to improve upon their conservation efforts and deter those who would irreparably harm the survival chances of these magnificent animals. Join us in applauding David Ashe and the United States Fish and Wildlife Service’s efforts to save African lions.
Dear Director Ashe,
We would like to show our appreciation for the decision you and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service have made regarding the endangered status of lions in Africa. Even though there is only about 10 percent of the original lion population left in Africa, this decision will make a difference in the survival of this species.
The rampant killing of lions for sport, in addition to human encroachment, has decimated their numbers. Hopefully these new restrictions on previously convicted hunters, as well as the classification of 1,400 lions as endangered and the remaining 17,000 to 19,000 as threatened, will make a difference. It is inspiring that you and your department can recognize the importance of conserving these animals, even if it means changing your mind on previously held positions.
We applaud your efforts to give African lions a chance at survival and the recovery of their species.
[Your Name Here]
Photo Credit: Kevin Pluck
On December 23, 2015, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced that lions in central and western Africa will be listed as endangered under the Endangered Species Act, while lions in southern and eastern Africa will be classified as threatened—meaning that the importation of the heads, tails, and skins of lions like Cecil will be prohibited, except in limited circumstances. This new rule will undoubtedly reduce the number of lions shot by cruel hunters, such as Walter Palmer, who kill these sensitive, social animals just to hang their body parts on their walls.

If you haven't already, please tell UPS to ban the shipment of all hunting trophies! Thank you for speaking up for animals. 
3,752,394 reasons to thank you

Over 1,000,000 people spoke up to protect elephants, urging the US Fish & Wildlife Service to stop illegal African elephant trade in the US. This was our largest petition drive ever.

WWF supporters created thousands of thank-you cards, which were delivered to rangers at Thailand's Kui Buri National Park  and other places around the world.

500,000+ WWF activists called on world leaders to protect the Great Barrier Reef. In November, the Australian government banned dumping in the Reef.

Half a million supporters’ voices traveled to Paris with WWF staff to urge US leadership on the global response to climate change at COP21.
PETA in 2015?
In Defense of Animals - End of Year 2015 Video
The FOUR PAWS year in review
I have great news to share! For 35 years, PETA has worked to help federal agencies understand that poisoning animals doesn't make people safer or healthier, and we're thrilled that lawmakers in Washington, D.C., are beginning to see the light.

The Senate passed the Frank R. Lautenberg Chemical Safety for the 21st Century Act. The bill contains important language to reduce and replace the use of animals in painful chemical toxicity tests. By modernizing the way in which chemicals are tested, this legislation will enable better regulation of dangerous chemicals, thus protecting both people and animals. It is a critical step in the right direction.

We still have work to do. With your help, we must make sure that the final legislation maintains all of the important provisions regarding good science and replacing animal use. We look forward to final congressional passage of the bill with its animal protection language intact and to its being signed into law by the president.

Thank you for caring about animals suffering in laboratory experiments.
Stop the NRA from gutting our gun laws

Pass background checks at the ballot

Push candidates to make gun violence a presidential priority

Vote out NRA-backed politicians