Thursday, December 24, 2015

Progressive Breakfast: Wingnut Year In Review: Just In Time For The Holidays

Progressive Breakfast will take a vacation starting on Dec. 25th, returning on Monday, January 4th. Have a wonderful holiday season!


What follows are the biggest, foulest nuggets of wingnuttia we’ve dug up in the past year. Drop a few into the holiday dinner conversation, and your wingnut relatives will either choke trying to swallow/defend them, or fall silent because they can’t actually stomach this stuff much better than you or I can. Either way, your holiday dinner will be a bit more fun, or a whole lot quieter.

Clinton Has Granite State Blues

Clinton team sweats NH. LAT: “In every other early voting state, Clinton has gained a comfortable lead. In this state, she has been unable to replicate the formula … The Sanders team sees New Hampshire as its ticket to redefining the race.”
Sanders snubs Mayor Rahm Emanuel in Chicago. W. Post: “‘If the question is do I want or need Rahm Emanuel’s support for president, with all due respect for the mayor, no I don’t’ … When asked about Emanuel, Sanders pointed to [Emanuel 2015 opponent Chuy] Garcia, and said, ‘This was my guy,’…”

GOP Leaders Worry About Trump

“If Trump wins the nomination, prepare for the end of the conservative party,” says W. Post’s George Will: “…by his embrace of Putin, and by postulating a slanderous moral equivalence … Trump has forced conservatives to recognize their immediate priority … prevent Trump from winning the Republican nomination in this, the GOP’s third epochal intraparty struggle in 104 years.”
GOP leaders fear Trump and Cruz alternatives are dividing the NH vote. The Atlantic’s Josh Kraushaar: “New Hamp­shire typ­ic­ally crowns an es­tab­lish­ment fa­vor­ite … But the fear among party insiders in the state is that the ver­dict will be muted be­cause sup­port among the four cen­ter-right candid­ates will be badly splintered.”

Breakfast Sides

Gyrocopter protestor to challenge Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz. W. Post: “[Douglas] Hughes said in an interview Wednesday he was ‘very deliberately targeting’ Wasserman Schultz’s district because Wasserman Schultz was the ‘poster child of establishment politics on the Democratic side’ … He said she seemed to favor particular candidates and that it was problematic that she had scheduled fewer presidential primary debates than the Republicans, including some on Saturdays.”
Sen. Mitch McConnell waging lonely battle for coal. Bloomberg: “[David] Doniger, the NRDC climate expert, says McConnell is waging a cynical—and ultimately losing—battle … Doniger points to a speech in October delivered by [Charles] Patton of Appalachian Power in which the utility executive, a foe of the Clean Power Plan, conceded that in the long run coal can’t bounce back…”

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