Wednesday, December 23, 2015

A Very Special Holiday Note From Jeffrey Neil Scouler!

For those of us not really doing Christmas. Its not because we do not like the holidays. Its because the holidays have in my eyes, lost their meaning. 
Some of us, including myself have lost loved ones during it, some people have have experienced the nastiest parts of humanity the world has had to offer us, and, some of us have also empathetically felt the inability of others who have suffered the in the ways I mentioned in this letter.   

In all, please make an effort to celebrate for your own reasons and do not feel badly for anyone that seemingly have no reason to celebrate the Holidays

In fact, I urge you to please honor those who have lost a loved one and I also urge you to please try to help anyone that would like to celebrate the holiday, but cannot for whatever reasons. 

Maybe do something for anyone currently living on the streets (A wawa gift card goes a long way for a random homeless person). Do something for out vets (spend some time talking to them and listening to the what they have to offer us) or do anything for children in need (give one a gift, play a game with them; help make them happy).  

Do anything from your heart.  

Hug someone and be nice to everyone.   

Please remember the spirit of this holiday. It is not just about receiving gifts. It is also about remembering the ones we love and to practice the ability to trust and be trusted. Most of all, please be conscience of the people around you. Take the extra step for people. 

Give the gift of LOVE! It goes a long way....