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Animal Rescues That Will Make You Happy That PETA Exists
Animal Rescues That Will Make You Happy That PETA Exists  
8 Animal Rescues to Make You Cry Tears of Joy
8 Animal Rescues to Make You Cry Tears of Joy
Elderly Bears Take First Steps of Freedom
Elderly Bears Take First Steps of Freedom
PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)
Rescued Bears Take First Steps of New Life
Cola & Pepsi: bonded poodles struggling to survive in a sewer get a heartwarming rescue.
Hope For Paws - Official Rescue Channel
It took a little while, but Nikai, a 9-week-old wolf pup, started to get the hang of playing with Faye, a 13-week-old Border Collie, toward the end of their first playdate. It's easy to see that Faye is definitely controlling the games, though!

The two cute canids met up so that Nikai could benefit from socializing with another puppy. Faye is a perfect date for him- patient, intelligent and boundlessly energetic - she likes to control the toys, but she constantly engages Nikai and is completely comfortable roughhousing with him.

Nikai is the newest adorable addition to the Wolf Conservation Center's Ambassador Pack in South Salem, NY! As an Ambassador, Nikai will help WCC wolves Atka, Zephyr, and Alawa open the door to understanding the importance and plight of their wild kin. If you're unable to hear and see the kiddo in person, please join us online or on Facebook to follow his growth and adventures. It should be fun (and educational) watching him thrive and become yet another powerful presence in the fight to preserve wolves' rightful place in the environment.

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Rescued baby orangutan Asoka weighs just 2kg
Adorable Pit Bull Pup Found Wandering the Streets of Brooklyn is Now the Happiest Dog Ever. We all go a bit crazy after adopting a new fur-baby. Whether we put on a special voice every time we speak to them, or proclaim them to be THE cutest animal that ever walked the surface of this Earth, there’s no doubt about it: having a new companion animal in our lives can bring us to a level of obsession that we may never have believed we were capable of.

For the new guardians of Sara, a beautiful Pit Bull puppy who was found wandering the streets of Brooklyn, there was nothing that could stymie their obsession but to create a photo tribute to her on Imgur.

Immediately after discovering her, they said, “Spotted this little pup wandering the busy streets of Brooklyn this morning. Looks like she had been abused, attacked by another dog and also hit by a car. Many people walked by and pretended they didn’t see her. However, I couldn’t leave her behind so I rescued her off the streets just a few minutes ago. Her tail never stopped wagging. … We’re naming her Sara after the street we found her on (Saratoga).”

Is it any wonder they fell in love with her? That little face cannot be resisted.
Adorable Pit Bull Pup Found Wandering the Streets of Brooklyn is Now the Happiest Dog Ever (PHOTOS)

She soon became firm friends with all her new family members.
Adorable Pit Bull Pup Found Wandering the Streets of Brooklyn is Now the Happiest Dog Ever (PHOTOS)
Including a fellow Pit Bull!
Adorable Pit Bull Pup Found Wandering the Streets of Brooklyn is Now the Happiest Dog Ever (PHOTOS)
However, she was rather alarmed by the suggestion that one of them might be a hyena…
Adorable Pit Bull Pup Found Wandering the Streets of Brooklyn is Now the Happiest Dog Ever (PHOTOS)
Don’t you just love her differently colored eyes?
Adorable Pit Bull Pup Found Wandering the Streets of Brooklyn is Now the Happiest Dog Ever (PHOTOS)
Flying the flag for sweet Pit Bulls everywhere!
Adorable Pit Bull Pup Found Wandering the Streets of Brooklyn is Now the Happiest Dog Ever (PHOTOS)
Sara’s new guardians have now created this sweet montage of all their dogs together.
Adorable Pit Bull Pup Found Wandering the Streets of Brooklyn is Now the Happiest Dog Ever (PHOTOS)
It is so wonderful to know that Sara is loved and cherished by her new family. In an ideal world, this would be the future that awaits every single dog who has ever been abandoned, hurt or neglected.

All image source: Imgur(PHOTOS)

Sweet Puppy Miraculously Saved From Tianjin Blast Site Becomes China’s Symbol of Hope.

An adorable brown-and-black puppy named Shenghua (meaning “chemical” in English) has become China’s unexpected symbol of hope after surviving the devastating explosions that recently rocked the city of Tianjin. The horrendous blasts – which killed at least 114 people and maimed another 700, with an estimated 70 people reported missing – originated in a warehouse which had been used to store hazardous chemicals.

Amazingly, Shenghua was pulled, unscathed, from the rubble of this very warehouse by soldiers from the Chinese anti-chemical warfare regiment. He does not seem to have suffered any adverse effects from the blast. It is not clear where he came from, or why he was in the warehouse at the time the explosions occurred.

In a city still reeling from the devastating loss of life, his miraculous survival has become a source of inspiration for many.
Sweet Puppy Miraculously Saved From Tianjin Blast Site Becomes China's Symbol of Hope (PHOTOS)
Two enormous fireballs, said to be “so big they could be seen from space,” ripped through Tianjin on Wednesday, Aug. 12.
Sweet Puppy Miraculously Saved From Tianjin Blast Site Becomes China's Symbol of Hope (PHOTOS)
Vast areas of the city were “razed to the ground” because of the explosions…
Sweet Puppy Miraculously Saved From Tianjin Blast Site Becomes China's Symbol of Hope (PHOTOS)
… and an enormous hole was created at the very centre of the blast site, where Shenghua was found.
Sweet Puppy Miraculously Saved From Tianjin Blast Site Becomes China's Symbol of Hope (PHOTOS)
In the aftermath of this tragic incident, Shenghua’s beaming face has brought comfort to all who have been lucky enough to spend time with him.
Sweet Puppy Miraculously Saved From Tianjin Blast Site Becomes China's Symbol of Hope (PHOTOS)
He has become deeply attached to his rescuers and follows them everywhere they go.
Sweet Puppy Miraculously Saved From Tianjin Blast Site Becomes China's Symbol of Hope (PHOTOS)
Tianjin resident Yang Yi Chan said, “We have been reading so many stories of death and loss, especially our young firefighters. So I am glad to hear how a tiny puppy has become a story of strength and kindness in China today.”
Sweet Puppy Miraculously Saved From Tianjin Blast Site Becomes China's Symbol of Hope (PHOTOS)

The fact that Shenghua is alive and in perfect health after the explosion is nothing short of miraculous.
Sweet Puppy Miraculously Saved From Tianjin Blast Site Becomes China's Symbol of Hope (PHOTOS)
Chinese officials confirmed on Sunday that several hundred tons of cyanide had been in storage at the warehouse in question – over 70 times the legally permitted amount. Rescue efforts are still underway, but for the families of those who have been reported missing, the hope of them being recovered alive is fading fast. Salvage teams are also working to clear the cyanide away from the site.

In the midst of this ongoing horror, Shenghua’s stunning tale of survival shines bright. All image source: Daily Mail UK

Abandoned, Severely Injured and Ill Dog is Rescued and Given a Second Chance. Recently, Second Chance Rescue NYC saved a sweet dog named George, who came to them in a critical condition, with “raging infections on his face, eyes and ears.” He was found on the property of an abandoned house, and his rescuers think he may have been struck in the face, or perhaps attacked by other dogs – either of which would have caused his face to swell.

On seeing him, the Second Chance team were deeply moved by his story, and immediately knew that “we simply could not let this poor dog suffer and sit in a kill shelter.”
Abandoned, Severely Injured Dog George is Rescued and Given a Second Chance (PHOTOS)
They added, “George has been through hell, and while we cannot take away his past, we can make every effort to give George his second chance. … You are in gentle hands now and you will be gregarious George. No one will ever break you down, we are here to build you up. George the Great.”

Although his facial injuries were severe – even life-threatening – Second Chance were determined not to give up on him.
Abandoned, Severely Injured Dog George is Rescued and Given a Second Chance (PHOTOS)
And it looks like their determination has started to pay off already!

On Monday Aug. 17, after George had been with them for a couple of days, the group posted an update to their Facebook page, saying, “We are so pleased to share this news with everyone. Our sweet boy George … is doing well. We are so touched by the outpouring of love and support that all of you have shown George. We are so grateful that we were able to save George just in the nick of time. The doctors were afraid that his infections were left untreated for so long, that he may have developed sepsis. Thankfully he has not, and he has shown improvement already. We are elated that this care is moving in the right direction. He still has a long road ahead of him, but we are behind him 100 percent and we know that you all, our amazing community of supporters are too.”

Sure enough, his facial scars have begun to look a lot less painful than they did before treatment.
Abandoned, Severely Injured Dog George is Rescued and Given a Second Chance (PHOTOS)
Second Chance are now hoping that he can be fostered, with the intention of finding him a perfect forever home when the time is right. You can keep up with his progress on the group’s Facebook page.
Abandoned, Severely Injured Dog George is Rescued and Given a Second Chance (PHOTOS)
Good luck with your new life, George, and let’s hope that all of your scars (physical and emotional) continue to heal. All image source: Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs/Facebook

Rescued Baby Elephant Meets a Dog for the First Time and Falls in Love.
Police officer saves abandoned newborn kitten from Merriam garage.
A Merriam woman called police for help after hearing meowing coming from her garage. An officer responded and found a kitten all alone. Subscribe to KMBC on YouTube now for more:

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Horse rescued from a well in Chile.
Amazing New Program is Helping Return Trekking Elephants in Thailand to the Wild!

Life in an elephant trekking camp can be extremely arduous for the animals involved. In order to be prepared for their job of walking around with tourists on their back for extended periods of time – often in unpredictable weather conditions, with little time for a break – they must go through a breaking-and-training process known as “phajaan.” This entails shackling young elephants in small wooden enclosures, and regularly starving and beating the animals until they have mastered the tricks of their trade.
However, an organization called Mahouts Elephant Foundation (MEF), in Thailand, is seeking to transform the traditional role of mahout into one of respectful guardianship, enabling poor people in rural villages where trekking camps are often the primary source of income for many, “to earn a decent wage whilst nurturing an understanding of the elephants’ needs.”

Their latest initiative, Walking Elephants Home, is helping to return former trekking camp elephants to the wild, while also empowering humans in the surrounding villages to create new ways of generating an income.

During the first phase of the project, the team walked two elephants back to their forest home, from the Chiang Mai trekking camp they had been working in: an eight-day journey of over 80 miles. A recent update from MEF said:

“With the help of other organizations, the village community has successfully set up an elephant conservation project and also a home stay project. We have spent the last year having MANY meetings village elders and committee members. It is VITAL that we work to build up strong bonds and relationships which will last into the future. Through mutual respect, care and understanding, we will reach our common goals of protecting vast areas of forest and returning elephants back to live in their natural habitat.”

“Walking Elephants Home” has involved building up a strong, trustful working relationship with the Karen people of northern Thailand. The local people have been steadfast in their support of the project, telling MEF that they “simply want these elephants to live as freely as possible.” They understand that trekking camps have a detrimental impact not only on the elephants who must work there, but also on their own familial relationships. Mahouts who live and work away from the village for long periods at a time may only get to see their families once or twice a year.

To help support this incredible project, why not donate to their JustGiving page?

Lead image: Mahouts Elephant Foundation/Facebook

Police Officer Risks His Life to Rescue a Dog Tied to a Bush in a Canal.
Cases of accidental animal cruelty are heartbreaking and frustrating. However, it’s easier to forgive due to the fact that the guardian might not know what they did was wrong. But cases of intentional animal cruelty are unforgivable. Luckily in many of these situations there are friendly, good-hearted people that come forward to do right by the animals that were so viciously wronged.

This video shows the Colombian police force rescuing a dog that was leashed to a bush in a canal. The poor thing was left there without food or water for almost 10 days before they arrived. You can tell by the barking that the dog is absolutely panic-stricken and desperate to be free.

The most baffling thing about this crime is how  someone could ever do something like this?!  Really, they had to climb down into a canal, find a suitable bush, and climb back out with a panicking dog in tow. This person deserves jail time, no doubt about it.

According to the description of the video the dog has been given some TLC and put up for adoption. Hopefully, he finds a forever home soon!

Rescued cat to receive prosthetic leg. Sophia the Bionic Cat's owner is hoping she will one day become a therapy cat for veterans with PTSD.
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Sweet Cat Goes From the Euthanasia List to a Forever Home! Animal shelters really try their best to do right by their animals. However, the animal overpopulation problem in the U.S. is so bad that they sometimes don’t have a choice but to euthanize animals that aren’t getting adopted. Wicket the cat was one such animal.

After being rescued from the streets, Wicket found himself as on death row in a kill shelter in Montreal. Luckily, all of this was about to change…

This is Wicket in the shelter before he was fostered.
In a swift stroke of good fortune, Wicket was rescued by Team Cat Rescue before his time at the shelter was set to expire. This rescue agency travels between  Quebec and Ontario gathering up cats and dogs that are in danger of being put down. Team Cat Rescue doesn’t have a physical shelter, so they rely on willing foster homes for them to be able to pull cats and dogs from kill shelters.

Wicket was lucky enough to find himself in the care of a foster parent who LOVED documenting the kitty’s progress.

This is Wicket Shortly after being fostered. Who would give up a cat like this handsome?
Wicket’s clearly getting comfortable in his new space!
He can’t stand being apart from his new parent for long…
Fostering is usually a temporary arrangement, but it seems like Wicket has found a new forever home in this foster parent. It’s a win all around!

Fostering animals is a great way to take pressure off of animal shelters and animal rescue services. It also lets you try being a pet guardian for a while to figure out if it’s right for you! If you’re on the fence about getting a pet or are confused about what type of pet you should get, try fostering a few. You can get your feet wet in the world of pet caretaking without making a lifelong commitment and help the animals at the same time. What’s not to like?

You might even foster a cat like Wicket who can help you with homework!
Enjoy your new home, Wicket! All image source: Imgur

Desperate for help, trapped dog freed from gate
A street dog had gotten herself stuck between the bars of a gate, and although she tried frantically, she was totally unable to get herself free. Neighbors heard her cries but being afraid of dogs they thought she would bite if they tried to get her out themselves, so they called Animal Aid to the rescue. Please donate to help save street animals in India : - Like us on Facebook :

Help Shelley get a new paw!
Shelly, a 3-year-old cat from Black Cat Rescue, was born without a back paw. She gets around pretty well, but she hobbles a little and is at risk for arthritis and other long-term joint damage. With the help of Dr. William Snell of BluePearl Veterinary Partners hospital in Waltham, she will be fitted for a new prosthetic leg.

Army dog races into arms of soldier after 3 years apart.
It was a reunion three years in the making for Army Specialist Vance McFarland. Thanks to help from Mission K9 Rescue, McFarland and his former Tactical Explosive Detection Dog were reunited for good.

Posted By: Ohio SPCA (campaign leader)
WHEEZER NEEDS YOUR HELP because wildlife officials want to kill him. Two years ago, a mother deer was killed on the highway. Her newborn baby was picked up by Jodi Proger. She nursed him and saved his life. 
Wheezer has been a part of Jodi's life since that day. He is no longer a wild animal and cannot be returned to the wild. On Tuesday, August 27, 2015, the ODNR showed up at Jodi's house.  They want to kill Wheezer. This deer is harmless and he is a pet now. They have threatened to arrest Jodi if she does not give them Wheezer. ‪#‎SaveWheezer‬
Wheezer need not lose his life! HB 267 has been introduced, but it has not been assigned to a committee. This bill will once again allow sanctuary care for orphaned and injured deer. However, we must be the voice for animals like Wheezer now! The only policy there is right now dictates that he die! This is wrong and we must fight to stop it. 
Please sign and share our petition. Thank you!
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Stray Dog Makes The Most Incredible Transformation…Ever! Augustus was a stray dog, so horribly neglected that he didn’t look like a dog at all. In fact, no one could tell what kind of animal he was! The townspeople treated him like a monster, yelling at him and throwing things at him. But once the amazing folks at Heart of Alabama Save Rescue Adopt (HASRA) saw his photo, they brought him in to begin his new life. He came from the worst case of abuse and neglect the staff had ever seen.
Auggie had to be hospitalized and treated for weeks. He required antibiotics and a daily gel treatment to peel off the layers of “potato chip-like” scales that formed on his coat. Slowly but surely, the scales came off and Auggie looked like a raw burn victim — still, the staff had no clue what breed or mix he was. Auggie was transferred to the HASRA sanctuary and continued with daily oil treatments and baths; he loved the coconut oil rubdowns and started to feel comfort again.

Despite a lifetime of pain and neglect, Auggie would undergo his daily treatments while looking back at his heroes with eyes full of gratitude and love. The more he recovered, the more he revealed himself to be the most loving pup. When the staff started a Facebook page for Auggie, animal lovers around the world fell in love and followed his progress. Auggie has since been adopted by a woman named Jordan. She feels blessed to be the lucky one who got to adopt this living miracle.

Remember, no one had a clue what Auggie was supposed to look like, free of the scales and painful infections. When you see Auggie’s mind-blowing transformation at the 1:10 mark, you’ll be shocked to see this beautiful black and white Border Collie mix. So gorgeous!

Note: This video contains content that may be disturbing for some viewers.

Sweet Homeless Dog Kelsey Found Wandering on an Old Bridge is Finally Rescued and Transformed. Prepare to smile, Green Monsters, because this story is sure to lift your hearts! The ten pictures below detail the stunning transformation of a young street dog – named Kelsey by her rescuers – who, thanks to their love and care, managed to recover her natural joie de vivre! When found, she was starving and suffering from a painful skin infection … but it wasn’t long before she turned it all around. Along the way – as dogs often do – she stole the hearts of every human who had the good fortune to come into contact with her.

This beautiful girl was found wandering on an old bridge: tired, hungry, and in a terrible condition.
Sweet Homeless Dog Kelsey Rescued and Transformed (PHOTOS)
After her rescue, Kelsey was very nervous about being in a car for the first time.
Sweet Homeless Dog Kelsey Rescued and Transformed (PHOTOS)
For this vet, it was love at first sight!
Sweet Homeless Dog Kelsey Rescued and Transformed (PHOTOS)
At the start of her treatment, Kelsey was weak and terrified.
Sweet Homeless Dog Kelsey Rescued and Transformed (PHOTOS)
In spite of all she had been through, however, she still had the eyes of an angel.
Sweet Homeless Dog Kelsey Rescued and Transformed (PHOTOS)
As her recovery progressed, Kelsey started to express an interest in making friends with other dogs. 
Sweet Homeless Dog Kelsey Rescued and Transformed (PHOTOS)
She captured the heart of every human she met too!
Sweet Homeless Dog Kelsey Rescued and Transformed (PHOTOS)
Little by little, Kelsey began to recover her strength.
Sweet Homeless Dog Kelsey Rescued and Transformed (PHOTOS)
Before long, she was one happy girl…
Sweet Homeless Dog Kelsey Rescued and Transformed (PHOTOS)
… and here she is today, safe and happy in the arms of her loving human.

While the worldwide stray dog crisis shows little sign of abating any time soon, it is always wonderful to hear about success stories such as Kelsey’s. The people like her rescuers who devote their entire lives, day in and day out, to saving and rehabilitating homeless animals deserve to be lauded as the heroes they are! Let’s hope that Kelsey continues to lead the amazing life she deserves from here on out. All image source: AcidCow

Heroes Among Us--Hero the Dog!
When Shannon Lorio crashed her car on a rural road, a stray dog emerged from the woods and came to her aid. Pulling her out of the car and dragging her over 100 feet back to the street, the dog enabled Shannon to flag down a passing vehicle and save her life.

Meet Claus (fka Claws).
Claus needs YOUR help to survive! (Claus the Orange Tabby Foster Cat (Quakertown Vet Clinic))
This 2 year old orange tabby was brought to the ACCT Philly shelter when his owners moved. He was scared and stressed and came down with a nasty shelter virus (or really 2 or maybe 3!). He has severe calicivirus and also a severe upper respiratory infection. He's not eating or drinking on his own and has trouble walking from being so weak. Despite being syringe fed food, meds, and given subq fluids, he hasn't been able to improve at all, and has now been hospitalized for IV fluids, supportive care, and blood work to see if anything is going on under the surface that is keeping him from healing. He is on new meds, and pain medication. His bill after 24 hours will be $850, and he'll most likely be in the hospital at least 2 days. His foster mom is responsible for all his bills, and she needs some help. Please help Claus kick this virus and finally be able to be a healthy, happy, pain-free cat!

Fundraiser Updates 3
Posted on August 27, 2015 by Pam Martin
Claus is hanging in there. He made it through anesthesia and now has a fancy feeding tube. They cleaned him completely up while under so his nose is fully clear for the first time in a while. While raw I'm sure it feels better. The vet said his palette and throat were red and sore from ulcers. He has lots of meds on his cage door, and was high on pain meds tonight but knew I was there. I gave him some scratches and told him about all the people who were pulling for him and who made all this possible. I also paid $1000 toward my bill! I am so grateful, however do need at least another $600 so I can walk away on Saturday without owing the vet anything. Please share for this sweet boy! 

Posted on August 27, 2015 by Pam Martin
Claus is stable, but not doing well with syringe feeding. His body needs nutrients to heal, and the vet believes his best chance at making a recovery is to have an esophageal feeding tube put in. He is an anesthesia risk due to his poor condition, but I gave the approval to go ahead. They want to keep him 1-2 more days after the tube goes in so they can wean him onto food slowly while under their care. My bill today is $1000, and after this procedure and 2 more days in the hospital they gave me an estimate of $1850. This cat would not be getting this chance without all of you. In just the week I've had this guy, he has shown what an amazing heart and spirit he has and that he wants to beat this virus. THANK YOU for all your donations and support. If you could keep sharing for Claus, so we can reach our goal, that would be wonderful. The vet will call me when he'd done with his procedure and I'll be able to visit him tonight. 

Posted on August 26, 2015 by Pam Martin
Wow everyone. Wow. Almost $700 in just a few hours. I'm so grateful for such an amazing group of people. The vet called and he's concerned about the amount of ulcers even after a week of the ulcer meds. Claus is on some good drugs for the pain he's in. (I didn't tell the guy he was actually even WORSE when I brought him home last week and couldn't even physically swallow). They are syringe feeding him today, but he feels we may need to make the feeding tube decision tonight or by tomorrow morning. I am financially comfortable leaving him tonight and tomorrow, confident we can get to our goal, which is because of you guys. We'll cross the feeding tube bridge when we get there. Thank you from me and Claus.

Lady surprised by squirrel passenger in her car

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