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Meet the Amazing Canine Lifeguards in Italy Who Save 3000 Lives Per Year. We humans owe a lot to our beloved dogs. Apart from the love and companionship they provide to us, there are many people whose lives would be a lot more difficult without the assistance of police, military or therapy dogs. And now, here comes the story of the amazing Newfoundland lifeguards who work with the Italian Coast Guard, and are believed to save about 3,000 people every year.

The calm and loving temperament of Newfoundlands make them ideal candidates for this kind of high-stress work. Newfoundlands love the water and are said to regard their work as a game … though it is a game with high stakes. These canine lifeguards go through three years of training – which involves remaining on helicopters or boats, or running into the water from the shore – before they are allowed to dive right into the ocean.

Robert Gasparri, coordinator of the Italian School of Water Rescue Dogs, explained that part of their training involves following a specially selected buoy: “it is a buoy that goes by itself to a person in need of help, and (also) comes back to the shore by itself, choosing the best landing point and swimming through the safest currents.”

There are currently 300 canine lifeguards working on Italian beaches.
Meet the Amazing Canine Lifeguards in Italy Who Save 3000 Lives Per Year (PHOTOS)
Their assistance makes the job of the Italian Coast Guard a whole lot easier.
Meet the Amazing Canine Lifeguards in Italy Who Save 3000 Lives Per Year (PHOTOS)

Gasparri said, “the dogs increase the speed at which casualties are retrieved, to increase the security of both the casualty and of the lifeguard.”
Meet the Amazing Canine Lifeguards in Italy Who Save 3000 Lives Per Year (PHOTOS)
The dogs’ calm, easygoing personalities mean that they do not panic easily – which is an important quality for them to have when they are working to save lives.

They are able to remain solid, steady, and capable, no matter what their job might throw at them.
Meet the Amazing Canine Lifeguards in Italy Who Save 3000 Lives Per Year (PHOTOS)
They often patrol the water, accompanied by their human colleagues, to ensure that swimmers are safe.
The dogs are strong enough to carry a person and guide them safely to the shore.
Meet the Amazing Canine Lifeguards in Italy Who Save 3000 Lives Per Year (PHOTOS)
Their work is invaluable to the Italian Coast Guard.
Meet the Amazing Canine Lifeguards in Italy Who Save 3000 Lives Per Year (PHOTOS)

Meet the Amazing Canine Lifeguards in Italy Who Save 3000 Lives Per Year (PHOTOS)
For all the amazing things they do for us – the lives they save, the love they share, the sunshine they bring to our days – we owe the canine species a debt that we can never repay. No doubt about it! All images: Italian Coast Guard/Lifebuzz

A blind street dog had been chased deep into brambles where she was too confused to know how to get out. She had been trapped for 2 days without food or water. Animal Aid's team rescued her and brought her back to live in life-long sanctuary.

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This Homeless Man Travelled Across the U.S. With His 11 Stray Dogs. Now They’ve All Found a Home! The heartrending story of a homeless man named Steve, who adopted ten stray dogs since he started living on the streets in 2001, and has helped fifty more to find homes, has at last reached its happy ending. When Steve decided a short while ago that he had “had enough of California, and a change of scenery might be a good idea,” he did not do what many others in his position might have done, and leave his canine companions behind.

Despite the fact that he has been homeless for 14 years, Steve has helped care for over 50 dogs during his time on the streets. He might not have much, but that has never stopped him from putting the needs of his extended pup family first. As he set out to Indiana, Steve was determined to keep his family together, no matter what.

So he gathered together every possession he owned and, together with his loyal dogs, headed off on a long journey to Indiana … by bicycle.
Homeless Man With 11 Stray Dogs Finally Finds a Home (PHOTOS)
The dogs traveled in a makeshift cart behind him.
Homeless Man With 11 Stray Dogs Finally Finds a Home (PHOTOS)
They were happy to travel in the company of a man they loved and trusted, even though he did not have the material wealth to give them all that they needed.
Homeless Man With 11 Stray Dogs Finally Finds a Home (PHOTOS)
While the family were on the road in Arkansas, they caught the eye of Alicia Edrington of West Memphis Animal Shelter (WMAS), who pulled over to ask Steve where he was headed. By that point, Steve had already pedaled an incredible 2000 miles.

Alicia asked permission to post his story online. A GoFundMe page was quickly set up by her father Mickey, with the initial aim of ensuring that Steve and his dogs would have a hotel room for the night.

However, it soon became clear that Steve and his family’s longer-term needs would have to be addressed. These included:

Veterinary bills for spay/neuter operations, vaccines, and flea/tick medication.
Dog food, dog food bowls, and water bowls.

Steve’s food and clothing.

Daily hotel room costs.

A new home or trailer home with a land lot space.

Since then, WMAS and other animal rescue organizations – including Street Outreach Animal Response Initiative (SOAR) in Indianapolis – have stepped in and helped raise awareness of Steve’s story, in addition to providing his family with practical support.
Homeless Man With 11 Stray Dogs Finally Finds a Home (PHOTOS)
A Tennessee woman named Kelley Seaton also offered to drive the family to Indiana, free of charge. The WMAS team have said, “There have been a few people who don’t agree with what we’re doing. They think we should ‘convince’ him to surrender them all. Those that have the misconception that rescue is about tearing families like this apart need to step back and look at the big picture. “
Homeless Man With 11 Stray Dogs Finally Finds a Home (PHOTOS)

“No two situations are very going to be the same and you have to act accordingly,” WMAS continues,”Rescues are already overwhelmed everywhere. Removing these animals from their guardian, a guardian who obviously loves them more than anything and who is willing to give up things for himself in order for them to have what they need, would not only negatively affect them but this man as well. He is their whole life and they are his.”
Homeless Man With 11 Stray Dogs Finally Finds a Home (PHOTOS)
Steve’s GoFundMe page – now titled “Steve’s StraysUnited Fund” – has raised almost $25,000, far exceeding its target of $10,000. One of the donors has also provided him with a trailer to live in – the first real home that he and the dogs have had since 2001.
Homeless Man With 11 Stray Dogs Finally Finds a Home (PHOTOS)
If you, too, would like to show your support for this amazing man, donate today! Lead Image Source: LifeWithDogs. In-text images source: ViralNova and LifeWithDogs.

Fanta the Abused Lamb With a Tragic Beginning Gets a Happy Ending.
We recently shared the heartbreaking story of a lamb named Fanta who suffered such terrible neglect that she never learned to walk properly. Most of the video was devoted to showing Fanta’s recovery with the help of the dutiful staff at Edgar’s Mission. Fanta’s condition improved greatly, but the video ended with a cautiously optimistic “to be continued” message.

This video shows the ending to Fanta’s story and it looks like things couldn’t get much better. Not only is Fanta able to stand without the help of the shopping bag, at the end of the video she’s seen jumping and frolicking with other healthy lambs in a green pasture.

Fanta has come such a long way from the corpse-strewn paddock she was found in. The farmer who owned her in the beginning said she was worth nothing, but Fanta has soundly proved him wrong. If you want to support Fanta or animals like Fanta, head over to the Edgar’s Mission web page and find out what you can do to help. Every mistreated animal deserves to have a story like Fanta’s!

This Kind Woman Refused to Give Up on a Little Kitten … Watch the Amazing Transformation. When we see an animal in need of help, it can be near impossible to turn away and do nothing. This unrelenting desire to lend a hand to animals just comes with the territory of being an animal lover, and let’s be honest, who hasn’t done something awesome for another living being and NOT felt great about it? But in all seriousness, when you take time out of your busy schedule to help an animal in need it could make all the difference in their lives. Just take a look at this story from Imgur user KingTrashmouth.

When this kind woman came across a kitten who was the runt of the litter and had been rejected by her mother, she decided to step in and take over the mother duties for this little babe. Although vets warned her that the kitten wouldn’t make it through the night, she refused to give up.

The woman wrote on Imgur, “She was the runt of the litter and fit in the palm of my freakishly small baby hands.”
Kittens need to be fed every few hours when they’re this tiny, but the woman was happy to give the little one the care she needed. 
The poor kitten could barely move more than a few inches before becoming overwhelmed with exhaustion. Clearly, this little one had a long way to go before she was out of the woods.
The vets continued to warn the woman that the kitten wouldn’t survive. But seemingly, with every negative response she got from these professionals, the kitten fought to hold on. 
Sure enough, this little survivor started to grow and improve. She even began sitting up on her own and developed a strong fondness for chin rubs. 
Her fur came in a little patchy, but she was absolutely adorable despite it all. She was a bit different from her kitty siblings, but she started to blend in – or at least attempted to. Her guardian had an inkling that she would blossom from being an Ugly Duckling …

… and sure enough, she did!
Now this former runt is holding her own and has laid claim to the title of most gorgeous cat in the household. Her patchy fur is now thick and lustrous and she spends her days basking in the sun or curled up with her favorite human.
This kitty would have never made it if not for the amazingly kind actions of her guardian. It was a lot of work, but how could anyone not think it was all worth it for this sweet face! All image source: KingTrashmouth/Imgur

Two kids walking through a Flint neighborhood found a starving dog dumped in a sewer drain. 
Their actions saved the life of a pitbull that could have died.

An Orphaned Kitten Meets an Abandoned Puppy, and They Become the World’s Cutest BFFs

Orphaned Kitten and Abandoned Puppy Become Best Friends
Scared Homeless Dog Has the Rescue of a Lifetime. Her Transformation Will Melt Your Heart.
To make a donation and help us rescue more dogs in need please visit: or

Please SHARE Zuzi’s story and help us find a loving forever home.

Zuzi was a homeless dog who was living on the parking area of a company. Her rescue was quite a difficult mission because she had some very traumatizing experiences with the dogcatchers who tried to catch her and their methods were rather brutal. Fortunately, they didn’t manage to catch her (had they succeeded she would have ended in the city’s pound), but the experience left her with a trauma and she panicked and ran away every time we got nearer and tried to catch her. Using a catch pole was out of the question because that would have traumatized her even more, so that’s why we decided to administer her a tranquilizer.

Zuzi is learning now to trust people again and she’s making progress. She’s friendly with other dogs and cats and loves to be cuddled. She’s also learning to walk on a lead, but she’s not very interested in walks or exploring new territories and prefers the safety of a garden/fenced in yard. 
Estimated age 4 yrs, vaccinated, microchipped.

For more info or adoption requests please contact us on:; visit our Facebook page: or our website:

Thank you!
UPDATE: We have some very happy news: Zuzi was adopted and will be living from now on in Canada. Her adoptive family came to Romania and they returned to Canada with one extra passenger: Zuzi :)

Zuzi’s adoptive family knew the situation dogs from Romania have to deal with everyday and the suffering they have to endure, so they decided to adopt a dog and save a life. 

We want to thank all of you for sharing Zuzi’s story and thus helping us find her a home! Here is Zuzi at her forever home:

This Video of a Mother Dog Crying When Reunited With Her Puppies Might be More Than Meets the Eye.
This video features a rescued mother dog who is reunited with her puppies. The sight of a mother and her new babies is undoubtedly a sweet and precious one, however, when the pup starts to cry things get a little more concerning. Many have been quick to note that the dog is literally brought to tears with happiness, but perhaps there is a little more to the story.

When dogs are sad, their physiological reactions are different than the reactions we humans have when we are upset. Dogs don’t shed tears when they’re upset, however, they can start to cry if they are experiencing a health issue that is blocking their tear ducts that allows the tears to stay in the eyes.

Allergies can be a common cause of a tearful dog. The Daily Puppy also says that it could be anything from a speck of dirt in your furry friend’s eye to a scratched cornea that might be causing your dog to have an excess of tear production.

The dog in this video, however, is thought to be suffering from a condition called epiphora, which is a symptom which is commonly connected to other health disorders in dogs. Epiphora results from insufficient drainage in the eye, causing tears and film that collects over the eye to spill over.

If a dog in your life is showing this symptom, it’s not because they’re sad — there is an underlying issue that needs to be taken care of. Reach out to a local veterinarian, animal rescue shelter or your region’s SPCA chapter to help get your pup the treatment they need.

Los Angeles River Rescue of a scared German Shepherd (Adrienne). Please Share.

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Sick and Injured Slow Loris Who Was Kept as a Pet is Finally Rescued! The amazing folks of the Wildlife Friends Foundation of Thailand (WFFT) have rescued many injured and abandoned animals since their establishment in 2003, including elephants, monkeys, and muntjacs. The organization’s noble mission statement is: “We aim to rescue those animals who have suffered at the hands of humans, rehabilitating and releasing where possible, and caring for those who are unable to be returned to the wild. We aim to provide the best standard of living and a life as close to wild as possible for these animals.”

Recently, they took in a new rescued animal who was in desperate need of their help: a baby slow loris who had been maltreated and kept as a pet, in highly inappropriate conditions. This loris is the fiftieth one to be rescued by WFFT this year.

The beautiful animal was in a desperate condition when he first arrived at the WFFT’s rehabilitation center.
Maltreated Slow Loris Who Was Kept as a Pet is Finally Rescued! (PHOTOS)
On their Facebook page, the Foundation said, “This loris was kept as a pet after it was bought from a poacher or dealer (it is unclear to us) and was fed the wrong food/diet and kept in a small enclosure for was too long. This little guy is suffering serious bone deficiency, due to severe malnutrition. We are fighting to save (his) life. PLEASE do not keep lorises as pets!”
Maltreated Slow Loris Who Was Kept as a Pet is Finally Rescued! (PHOTOS)
After his initial treatment, the terrified loris was put into quarantine.
Maltreated Slow Loris Who Was Kept as a Pet is Finally Rescued! (PHOTOS)
Staring out at the unfamiliar environment around him, he could only wonder what his fate was to be.
Maltreated Slow Loris Who Was Kept as a Pet is Finally Rescued! (PHOTOS)
The undeniable cuteness of these animals (together with the prevalence of adorable-but-misleading videos such as “Tickling Slow Loris,” which went viral on YouTube a few years ago) means that they are often targeted by poachers wishing to sell them into the exotic pet trade.
Maltreated Slow Loris Who Was Kept as a Pet is Finally Rescued! (PHOTOS)
However, being forced to live amongst misinformed humans who have no real idea of what it takes to care for a loris, is just about the worst thing that can be done to them. 
Mistreated Slow Loris Who Was Kept as a Pet is Finally Rescued! (PHOTOS)
The procurement of these animals for the exotic pet trade invariably involves tearing a young loris from their families and removing their teeth (which are poisonous) so that they do not bite their new “owners.” For every loris who is successfully captured by poachers, many more die because of the poachers’ botched attempts.

Slow lorises are also under threat because of the traditional medicine trade, as they are hunted in order for their body parts to be used as a “cure” for ailments like stomach aches and sexually transmitted diseases. Organizations such as the WFFT are on the front lines of the fight to protect them. You can help the Foundation with their work by making a symbolic adoption, donating, or participating in one of their volunteer programs.

Let’s hope this wonderful little guy pulls through!
Maltreated Slow Loris Who Was Kept as a Pet is Finally Rescued! (PHOTOS)
All images: Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand/Facebook

Rescued baby orangutan Jecka enjoys some fruit.

Recently rescued orphan orangutan Jecka is becoming more and more independent each day! He can now be left in his tree hammock and will play and feed happily without crying out for comfort and security from the vets. This amazing video shows that he is eating well and looking very healthy, which is great news. He will soon undergo his second medical check up and if everything looks good he will be able to join Budi and Jemmi in baby school!

Dog Left Behind to Starve.

Sweet June was left behind when her owners moved away. She was found 45 days later tied up and starving.

If you are interested in helping with animals in the future, please visit to learn more about what we do and to donate if you would like. We are a registered 501(c)(3), tax exempt non-profit organization. There is no shortage of pets in need, so every donation means more lives we can positively change. If you are not able to donate, please enjoy the videos and share if you like them!!!

For pictures and behind the scenes info on current animals we are working on, as well as updates on past patients, be sure to follow us at

Intro Music:
Outro Music: "Rosa Dear" by Ruth. Ruth has given Vet Ranch direct permission for use of the song.

"Bo" - The Stray Dog in Etobicoke.
This is the story about a dog "Bo" who was dumped at a local car wash in Etobicoke and left to fend for himself for 7 months. Bo is a 2 year old Azores Cattle Dog which is a rare breed. He is the most gentle and well mannered boy you will ever meet after all he has been through...Bo is now in the care of 'The Dog Rescuer's Inc.', an amazing rescue in the Greater Toronto Area, and is ready to go to a foster home where he can get all the TLC he so deserves!

To become a foster parent please email or visit The Dog Rescuer Inc's wesite at

To make a donation to help cover Bo's medical please click on the link:

To see more awesome dogs in need of a foster or forever home you can visit our facebook pages:

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Amazing Man Saves Dog Dying on the Road … You’ll Never Believe the Transformation! We’ve been treated to many beautiful animal rescue stories recently, ranging from that of Fanta, the abused lamb who found her happy ending, Pit Bull June who was saved by the kind folks at Vet Ranch … not to mention the stunning tale of a dog who was rescued after being buried alive in Paris, France, earlier this month. And now, along comes the story of another compassionate human being who took a chance on a little dog who seemed destined for certain death.

David Loop’s story of how he found Miracle – a young Maltese left for dead at the side of a road in Mira Loma, CA, will bring tears to your eyes:

On July 31, 2015 I was on my way to work and I passed what I thought was a deceased little dog in the middle of the road that had been hit by a vehicle. I did a U-turn and picked her up and move her out of traffic. As I was saying a silent prayer for this precious life … I saw her eyes blink, so I ran back to my car and grabbed  allotter pan and put her into it and rushed her to my vet. As I rushed inside they greeted me and got us to an exam room immediately! She was still berthing, her eyes were blinking more and she tried to lift her head. She started whining and my heart melted, literally melted in my chest. I thought for sure she was dead when I stopped and then I thought for sure that we would have to put her down as soon as I arrived at the vet.

I had to move her to a 24-hour care facility. There they did x-rays that showed a broken femur and fractured pelvis. As long as it is in her best interest I have promised that I will not give up on her, she is a fighter and it is a true miracle that she is alive today, so I am going to name this little female Maltese, Miracle!

This is a picture of Miracle when she first arrived at the hospital. David said she was “barely breathing” at this point.
Man Saves Maltese Pup Who Was Dying on the Road (PHOTOS)
After undergoing a series of life-saving surgeries, Miracle was exhausted and her condition remained very serious.
Man Saves Maltese Pup Who Was Dying on the Road (PHOTOS)
But her devoted new daddy refused to give up on her.
Man Saves Maltese Pup Who Was Dying on the Road (PHOTOS)
David and his family have set up a Surgery for Miracle campaign page on, to help with their new dog’s surgery costs, while a Facebook page called “Miracle’s Journey” has also been launched to help spread awareness of her story.
Man Saves Maltese Pup Who Was Dying on the Road (PHOTOS)
Can’t you just feel the love in this photograph?
Man Saves Maltese Pup Who Was Dying on the Road (PHOTOS)
Miracle’s well-wishers have been showering her with homemade gifts and get-well tokens.
Man Saves Maltese Pup Who Was Dying on the Road (PHOTOS)
She seems to be enjoying the attention!
Man Saves Maltese Pup Who Was Dying on the Road (PHOTOS)
Her GofundMe campaign has now raised $19,775 – exceeding its target of $18,500! However, every cent matters when it comes to saving this brave dog’s life, so if you can donate, please do. A Paypal option is also available:
Man Saves Maltese Pup Who Was Dying on the Road (PHOTOS)
Good luck, sweet Miracle, and get well soon! All images: Miracle’s Journey/Facebook

Severe thunderstorm, Denver. Heroic neighbor saves abandoned dog.
Denver, CO July 7, 2011- Went to shut my front window because water was coming in when I saw that somebody left this dog tied to a tree. It had been nearly ten minutes since the rain and hail started. Thank goodness my neighbor acted on behalf of this innocent babe. =(

After Surviving Being Kept as a Pet, Rescued Orangutan Bujing Enjoys Some Play Time! 
We love this brilliant video of Bujing enjoy a feast of fruity treats before having a play fight with Mac!

When Bujing was rescued in October 2014 our team of vets were very alarmed at his condition. He was extremely thin and severely malnourished. He has made amazing progress since his rescue and although he still looks thinner than most of the other rescued orangutans of his age, it is clear he is enjoying the abundance of amazing fruits available at our rescue and rehabilitation centre!

Make a donation to send some fruits to Bujing and the other orangutans at our centre:

Summer Of Freedom - 38 Beagles Rescued!
38 Beagles Rescued in a multi-state rescue!

These 5 Stories of Humans Going Above and Beyond to Help Animals Will Make Your Day. There’s a lot of bad news out there about animals. Every day it seems a new story of abuse or neglect pops up, and those are only the stories covered by the news.

Around 63 percent of households in the U.S. have domestic pets but nearly one million animals are killed or abused in their homes every year.  And billions of farm animals are subjected to extreme cruelty and abuse every year. As an animal lover, these numbers can be overwhelming, and the stories attached to each one are devastating.  There is hope out there, though.

For every person who is cruel to animals, there are many others who treat them with care and compassion. While all of the negative news can be discouraging, we should never forget how much power we all have to help animals. All it takes is one kind action to inspire hundreds of others. So Green Monsters, check out these positive stories of people helping animals in need and then get out there and pass the compassion along — it is, after all, contagious.

1. Postman Saves Chicks People Helping Animals
People Helping Animals
A box of chicks was left at the post office to be returned to the sender, but postal workers heard them chirping.  The box contained 16 chicks who were sent from Wisconsin to New York, a trip that is an ordeal under the best of circumstances.  15 of these 16 chicks were still alive after this harrowing journey.  While chicks dying during shipping is common in the hatchery industry, this postal worker did not accept this fate for these individuals.
People Helping Animals
 The chicks were likely destined for a backyard hobby farmer.  They may have been sent to the wrong place or just never picked up.  At this age, young chicks require temperature controlled conditions and care, something that certainly can’t be accomplished when shipped through the mail in a box.  Luckily, the postal worker took them home to care for them and found them a home at Farm Sanctuary. Image source: Farm Sanctuary

2. Teen Saves Pig People Helping Animals
People Helping Animals
Sixteen-year-old Bruno Barba participated in his high school’s Future Farmers of America Program (FFA) where he met and raised Lola the pig.  Bruno bonded with Lola immediately and feel in love with  her playful personality. Soon he came to describe her as his “best friend.” When the time came, he refused to allow his friend to be slaughtered, which is the usual practice, and instead found her a home at Farm Sanctuary in Orland, California.  She now lives just six hours from Bruno and is enjoying life on the sanctuary.  Following this experience Bruno and his mother have both also decided to become vegan and encouraged other FFA participants to find sanctuary homes for the animals they raise.

3. Cops Brave the Subway to Rescue Kitten People Helping Animals
People Helping Animals
Recently, a kitten was saved from the Manhattan subway track during the busy rush hour.  The cat, George, was startled by the noise of the train and broke free from his human companion and ran onto the tracks. Luckily, riders got the E train to stop before hitting the cat, allowing police officers Brian Kenny and Gus Vargas to climb onto the tracks and rescue the cat who was very close to the dangerous, electrified third rail.  Thanks to their brave efforts, the cat was then returned to his companion unscathed.  The officers said the cat looked at them when he was safe and they felt like George hugged them in thanks for the rescue.

4. People Save Great White Shark
Most people are terrified of sharks, especially great white sharks, but this story turns that stereotype around.  In the peak of the summer season, a great white shark washed onto a beach in Massachusetts.  People immediately went to the shark and started trying to help by throwing water on the animal, even cheering as it became clear the shark was still alive.

Eventually, they tied a rope to the shark’s tail and used a boat to get the shark back in the water.  Unfortunately, the shark stayed near the shore and wasn’t breathing.  The rescuers, including professional researchers, took the shark to open water.  The shark eventually revived and showed how people are changing the way they look at sharks.

5. Man Values Raccoon Over His Own Job People Helping Animals - Todd Sutton
People Helping Animals
A construction site had  trouble with a raccoon, so they decided to trap him.  One of the  carpenters, Todd Sutton, found the raccoon inside the trap and decided to take the animal with the intention of setting it free in the wild rather than turning it over to animal control.

Unfortunately, Sutton was fired for this kind act and accused of stealing the cage.  He ultimately released the raccoon and returned the cage, showing more concern for the raccoon’s safety and happiness than his own job.

These small acts of kindness may only save a few animals, but they show hope of a shifting attitude toward all animals.  Hopefully, more and more of these heart warming stories will make the news.  Do these stories give you hope for the future? Image Source:  Thomas Vlerick/Flickr

The Story of Mittens the Kitten.
Vlog #23 - Our kids adopted this little kitten while we were on vacation and somehow he ended up in the car with us on the way home, what happened next was surprisingly touching.

Animals Rescuing Other Animals
Dog rescued by police officer after being swept away by river.
Colombian police officer risks his life to rescue a dog from a flash-flood swollen river in Salgar. Report by Claire Mewse.

Watch this puppy go from sickly to sensational!

Rescued Piglet has a Blast With Her Dog BFF

This little pig and her puppy friend seem to really love each other.

Little Squeak, the pig, plays with Ruby the dog and their kitty friend (although kitty doesn’t seem to be as crazy about Little Squeak as Ruby is). The affection and fun they portray in their interaction in the video is typical of how pigs interact with other animals, including each other, if given the chance. Unfortunately, so many piglets like Little Squeak are only born to be raised, killed and consumed for their meat.

These animals are compassionate, intelligent and loving creatures. They are quite complex emotionally, mentally and socially, and in loving environments, they are always up for meeting new friends, having fun and taking care of their own (whether that involves another pig or not).

Babies like Little Squeak don’t get to live the kind of lives that she is living, although they all deserve to. So share this video and show the world how wonderful and amazing piggies can be!

Cow Destined for Slaughterhouse in France Refused to Give Up – and Now She’s Free!
Good news, Green Monsters! A French cow has been spared a trip to the slaughterhouse after the success of a 30,000-strong petition calling for her to be saved.

As she was being taken to her death in Saint-Romain-de-Popey, Rhône, the cow escaped by knocking down a barrier and metal grill which had enclosed her, before running into the courtyard of a local carpentry firm. This feisty girl was determined to put up a fight for her life! She required five doses of tranquillizer – and the presence of nine gendarmes – to finally calm down. The presence of these chemicals in her system rendered her inedible for a month, so her slaughter was postponed.

Her story caught the attention of Belgian animal lover Jasmine Cerfontaine, who gave her the name of “Marguerite” and started the petition that ultimately led to her release. Farmer André Bergéon agreed to sell Marguerite to French animal activist, Stéphane Lamart,saying, “He understood that my cow has a difficult personality and can’t go to a petting farm. … So I told him I’d take a euro for every signature on the petition and there were 10,000 signatures at that point.” He eventually sold her for €5,500 (approx. $6,072).

According to Christophe Buseniers, vice president of the Association Stéphane Lamart, Marguerite will now be transferred to a teaching farm in the Loir-et-Cher area, and “will live there for the rest of her life. This episode demonstrates just how much animals understand. At the abattoir, they don’t want to be killed.”

Marguerite has since been renamed “Cornette.”

French animal rights group L214 Éthique et Animaux have pointed out the irony of cheering on Marguerite/Cornette’s fight for life while ignoring the plight of countless other cows just like her. Spokesperson Brigitte Gothière said, “Why this cow and not the others? Thousands of cows are killed very day and some of the same people who are campaigning for this cow’s life, eat other dead cows every day. It just highlights the paradox that thinking, empathizing people eat meat, because logically speaking, no one who loves animals should eat meat. It’s ironic and sad that one cow gets media attention when thousands of others are killed in abattoirs every day and no one says anything.”

You can help donate for the cost of Cornette’s future care by clicking here.
11 Piglets Saved After Farmers Have a Change of Heart
PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)

Neglected, Homeless Dog Gets is Transformed by Kind Rescuers.
Animal shelters across the world are full of passionate people who try their best to do right by every animal that enters their doors. However, most of these shelters are so full that every dog or cat can’t possibly be seen to properly.

Eddie was one such dog. He was found walking around the streets of Ulsan South Korea by animal control. When Eddie was taken in, workers found that he was acting strangely, but they didn’t have the time to check him out immediately due to the massive volume of animals they had.

This is Eddie when they found him.
Eddie in Ulsan Pound 
It was only later during Eddie’s bath time that the staff was able to figure out what was wrong. Apparently Eddie had a ring of plastic stuck around his neck that was caught under all his fur. The plastic was so tight that it was cutting off circulation to his head and caused fluid to pool in his face.

His face was so swollen! Poor guy…
Eddie's Poor Face
After the plastic was removed, Eddie was finally smiling. But he still had so much matted, tangled fur that it made keeping clean difficult. All this little guy needed was a shave and a good meal, and he was soon happy and cute as can be. His winning smile got him into a foster home right away where he was socialized and  taught how to sit and stay in Korean.

Have you ever seen such a  magnetic smile?
Cute smile!
In spring of 2015, Eddie left his foster family and was adopted by his current guardians. He’s now living the good life with a family that loves him and treats him well. He understands both English and Korean!

He’s also really good at math homework.
Eddie is a living example of the best case scenario of a shelter dog. Sadly, most dogs don’t end up like Eddie. Millions of dogs end up either euthanized or mistreated. You can help reduce the number of homeless pets in the world by always having your pets fixed, not buying dogs from pet stores, and most importantly, not adopting a pet unless you’re ready for a lifelong commitment!

Spread the word and maybe we’ll see the day where all stray animals end up like Eddie. 
All image source: Imgur

An Abused Horse Survives the Horse Racing Industry and Gets a Happy Ending.

In today’s world, there seems to be a shift in attitude towards using animals for entertainment purposes. SeaWorld is a prime example. More and more compassionate individuals are speaking up for the voiceless – standing tall and trying to make a difference in a never-ending fight against animal cruelty. What about the massive, profit-driven industries such as horse racing? Have we become too complacent, too accepting of this form of “entertainment”? Horses are exploited, worn out and ultimately discarded when no longer useful. Some are fortunate enough to find themselves in loving retirement homes; most end up in the slaughter pipeline after their careers are over – a shameful “reward” for so many dedicated years of service. Others simply disappear, their past forgotten. This is the story of one such horse.

Background on the Racing Industry
No matter what city you are in, you are likely to come across a race track – whether it is thoroughbred racing or harness racing. It is a money-making business and a large one at that. Horses that are deemed “worthy” of entering the racing world do so at a very young age. They begin training despite the fact that their skeletal systems are still growing. They are driven hard and forced to work only to satisfy human nature’s greed. Drugs including painkillers and steroids are administered on a regular basis to mask any injuries, simply prolonging suffering. Often the horse will continue to race despite serious injuries. It is estimated that three thoroughbred horses die on the track every day.

They spend the majority of their lives in stalls, in training or racing on the track. Once their winning days are over and they no longer bring a profit to their owners, they will make a trip to the proverbial farm – the slaughter plant. Roughly 10,000 race horses are sent to slaughter every year, making a long journey to either Canada or Mexico. Is this a life deserving of such a majestic creature?

Chances’ Story
chances 2
On June 4, 2005, a standardbred filly was brought into this world. Soon to enter the racing industry, she was given a track name and a freeze brand on the right side of her neck. She began her racing career as a two-year-old in June of 2007. She was taught to be a harness racer, pulling a small sulky at high speeds. She would continue to race until 2011. She won well over $300,000 in her years of racing. She would run her last race on October 23, 2011 – a race that she lost. This would end her career as she was no longer profitable to her owners. It was a matter of days before she would be leaving on a truck heading for unthinkable horrors.

Fate intervened and thanks to a number of compassionate individuals, including her former trainer, she would be spared a trip to the slaughter plant. She was pulled directly from the barns at the race track and loaded on a trailer heading to a new life. She was made to disappear. With this new-found freedom, she was given a new name – Chances.

Learning to be a Horse
Chances had never been given the opportunity to be a horse. She had spent the majority of her life in stalls and on tracks. Upon her arrival at her new home and sanctuary, she was confused and unsure of her surroundings. There was no stall to live in, no strict training approaches, only loving and understanding people. Chances did not even know how to graze and interact with other horses.

It would take nearly two years for Chances to find her way in her new environment. She arrived scared, untrusting and ready to protect herself at all costs. Over time, she realized that she was safe and protected. Today, Chances lives in a small herd with four other rescue mares. They are inseparable, sharing an unbreakable bond. She has learned to act like a horse and to accept human kindness.

Evidence of her past still hangs on. Her hind legs are marked with the scars from procedures used to numb injuries. At 10 years old, Chances suffers from arthritis – a result of being pushed too hard at a young age.  To most, Chances is “dead,” her past erased and forgotten. Only her veterinarian recognized her, a happy ending as it was assumed Chances had been sent to slaughter. Instead, she was given a new life, a new chance at being a horse, living in peace and comfort.

What You Can Do
Chances received the happy ending that all race horses deserve. You can help by educating yourself and others about the horse racing industry and advocating on behalf of these animals. Do not support race tracks or horse racing events in any way.  You can learn more by reaching out to your local equine rescues and sanctuaries, especially those working hard to provide new lives for race horses.

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”

- Mahatma Gandhi

All image source: Penny Lane Sanctuary

The Rescue of These 4 Adorable Kittens Will Melt Your Heart! 

Here’s a rescue story that will bring a smile to your face, Green Monsters. Four kittens were recently saved and nursed back to health by the Orwell Veterinary Group (OVG), after they were sadly abandoned in a trash can in Ipswich, England. The kittens were found by two men who immediately decided to bring them to OVG.

Zoe Ormes, one of the veterinarians responsible for their care, said, “They were brought in on Thursday, June 25 at around 10p.m. They came into our out of hours service. They were only a couple of days old. The vet who was on call took them home and gave them kitten milk every two hours. The day after we drew up a rota with different staff members taking them home each day.”

As the above video demonstrates, they are possibly the most huggable creatures alive! And it looks like they are now going from strength to strength. A recent update to the OVG Facebook page said, “They are now much more active and starting to play. They are lapping milk and food for the first time this week and using a litter tray. They have really stolen our hearts here at the hospital and we will be soon looking to get them settled in to their new homes.”

Baby Elephant Who Was Trapped in a Well is Saved by Dedicated Wildlife Workers.

The incredible David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT), who dedicate themselves to saving vulnerable animals in Nairobi, Kenya, have pulled off another inspiring rescue: this time, that of Godoma, a terrified baby elephant who was found trapped down a well.

On the morning of Aug. 14, a group of Conservancy Scouts from the Taita Hills Sanctuary found her down the well, where she had obviously been through a life-threatening struggle in her efforts to free herself. The scouts helped her out of the well, but it soon became clear that they would not be able to simply release her into the wild. She was still milk dependent, only around two months old, and according to the scouts, looked like a “desperate vulnerable figure” as she wandered on a nearby plain.

She was kept under observation for most of the day, with her rescuers hoping that her mother and herd would come back to retrieve her. However, with no sign of any elephant herd nearby, and with the baby suffering for lack of milk, the Taita Hills staff contacted the DSWT elephant keepers from Voi.
Baby Elephant Who Was Trapped Down a Well in Kenya is Saved by Dedicated Wildlife Workers
Baby Elephant Who Was Trapped Down a Well in Kenya is Saved by Dedicated Wildlife Workers

The DSWT team said: “(Taita Hills Sanctuary) is situated an hour and a half’s drive from our Voi rehabilitation unit and the keepers wasted no time getting to the site with much-needed milk formula and some daylight in hand. Simultaneously a rescue aircraft was mobilized from Nairobi and our Nursery Keepers prepared the necessary rescue equipment.”

At the Taita airfield, the two rescue teams met and carefully prepared the frightened elephant calf for her flight. She arrived at DSWT’s Nairobi Nursery that night.
Baby Elephant Who Was Trapped Down a Well in Kenya is Saved by Dedicated Wildlife Workers
Baby Elephant Who Was Trapped Down a Well in Kenya is Saved by Dedicated Wildlife Workers

Although the poor elephant initially cried for much of the night, obviously “missing her lost family enormously,” her carers saw to it that “with the reassuring company of the rest of the Nursery orphans along with loving tender attention from her keepers, she eventually settled. We have called her Godoma, the name of the valley close to where she was rescued.”

They are now hoping to keep all of Godoma’s well-wishers updated on her progress via their Facebook page. Let’s hope she manages to make a full recovery from her ordeal!

Baby Elephant Who Was Trapped Down a Well in Kenya is Saved by Dedicated Wildlife Workers
Baby Elephant Who Was Trapped Down a Well in Kenya is Saved by Dedicated Wildlife Workers
Good luck, little one!

All image source: David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust/Facebo